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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aspiredeon

Evelynn The Silent Killer

Aspiredeon Last updated on June 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Aright so this is my 1st build ever and not expecting much except for maybe a comment or two. Now this build is all taking down the enemies carries. This guide is not for beginner's as this guide is about getting behind the enemies and taking them out silently.

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Some of my matches

Aspiredeon win 2/3/15
Aspiredeon win 13/4/15
Aspiredeon lose 12/17/15
Aspiredeon win 12/2/7
Aspiredeon win 6/2/16
Aspiredeon win 13/8/26

Most of the time if you are doing your job right the enemy team will end up surrendering as you can see from the majority of my builds being incomplete.

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Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Seal of Replenishment

Since Evelynn is a very Squishy champ you are going to want at least a little bit of survivability, getting the extra 78 health from the Quintessennce of Fortitude at the start of the game will make you just a little less squishy. Also if you dont want to be OOM all the time the Seal of Replenishment will help a great deal early game.

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Pros / Cons

Extremely Fast
Great Ganker
stun while invisible
lots of assists
Great Late Game
Extremely Squishy
not as powerful(not maxing damage 1st)
Due to maxing Your stun for ganking you are a poor farmer
Not So Great Early Game

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All of these items are going to help you do what your supposed to do as an assassin. Getting behind the enemies and taking out there carry's. With a mixture of movement speed totaling almost 600 and a combined attack speed with ult up to 2.3 dealing over 800 damage what's not to love.

You are going to wanna start by buying and X3. After this you are going to lane until you are level 4-5 and, than you want to go back to base and grab . After you grab these you should be ready to start ganking for your team.

After you have earned enough gold return to base to grab your 1st
and return to lane or continue ganking. Once you get enough gold for a you should return to base for this will help you with keeping up with enemies and getting more crits.

After you finish up your 2nd you are going to want to get one this will help you survive while you build up for . Once you have these you will complete the build by getting two . Now if you are having trouble because the enemy team has no real carries and are built beefy. you can get rid of the because you are already getting enough move speed from the two to keep up with other champs and buy

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Summoner Spells

Top Choices
These spells are great for Evelynn in every way. Exhaust mixed with the stun just makes an even better gank, Exhaust will keep them in range for you and your team to dish out the damage or put some distance between them and a teammate in chase. Ghost is a great spell for Evelynn when used during her ult plus the Phantom Dancers will give her tremendous amounts of speed to chase down any enemy or even for making a quick get away.


Some of the alternatives can come in handy in this play style. Smite is great even if your not jungling , it's uses could be for sneaking up on the enemy team and making a quick steal on baron, dragon, or any other buff. Ignite is good for a first blood or for those that just enjoy having ignite to ks everyone. Flash can be used if you think ghost isn't enough for a getaway. Teleport is also great with Evelynn since she can make an easy gank by Teleporting while invisible. Cleanse.... Need I say more

Do Not Use

These spells will be put to better use on other champs

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Since you are a carry on your team you are going to want to take offensive masteries while taking utility as well. taking advanced Ghost and Exhaust in both branches. Your going to want to take one point in utility master to get the longer buff duration.

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Evelynn is great for singling out champs and allowing your team to take advantage of the situation and get ahead in any team fight.

Evelynn's passive is great for being able to damage enemy champs and take 50% reduced damage from minions attacks. this allows you to be a little more aggressive to champs and able to start the gank in the middle of their minion waves while taking minimum damage.

Playing Evelynn as an ad carry makes this ability kinda useless but it still does have it's aoe damage for a little more damage or to just help you farm early game. Hate Spikes is also usefull for stunning more than one champ at a time so even though your doing very little damage this could be the better choice for your stun in team fights. Other than that this ability is useless with ad Evelynn.

Shadow walk is your #1 ability, it is great for ganking and getting away in almost every situation. It's great for scouting jungle without fear of being ganked, the reason that you are maxing this ability 1st is because you want to make sure that the person is not going to be able to escape. thus the reason for maxing the stun 1st.

Ravage is a very high damaging ability that lowers the enemies Def and mag res which is great for team fights and taking down enemies fast. Even without building ap Ravage will still do massive damage and allow you and your team to do even more damage.

Evelynn's Ult is a great way to chase down enemy champs or get away from a gank while going invisible. This ult has about a 66 second cd but is refreshed when an enemy is slain and you are recovered 350/500/650 health. Also with this ult giving you 100% attack speed and 30% movement speed this allows you to quickly take down a champ and still manage to escape, also this ult has no cost and can be cast while invisible

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If you have any further questions just message me, or even if you have something that could improve my build that would be great. Now don't forget this is my 1st Build and I'm not the greatest on details. I hope you enjoyed my build, and again any feedback would be greatly Appreciated.