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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by DiggeryKoth

Evelynn, The Sneaky Little Nuke

Evelynn, The Sneaky Little Nuke

Updated on May 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DiggeryKoth Build Guide By DiggeryKoth 4 2 6,031 Views 4 Comments
4 2 6,031 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DiggeryKoth Evelynn Build Guide By DiggeryKoth Updated on May 19, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Introduction To My Guide

Hello, and welcome to my first guide on how to play a nuke/burst Evelynn! In the guide you will learn the way I play and some tip ans tricks that have got me to carry some of my teams to victory!
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Rune Setup

My runes are common on most ability power focused champions, and fit well on Evelynn

  • Helps tremendously in early game, and can help you last hit minions with Hate Spike, making farming easier, meaning you can get your items faster and start killing.
  • Works nice to help you survive some harasser damage, along with trade off damage, and works well with Shadow Walk to reduce minion damage to all but laughable to you.
  • Scales into late game to reduce a bit of caster damage and aid in ganks that may be a bit risky, such as Malzahar.
  • Just adds that little extra punch to some of your early trade offs, and again helps your last hitting, making farming a breeze.
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My masteries are picked to focus on making each AP point count, and help with some early game mana issues if you get a little too happy with Hate Spike. Going 24/0/6 with my picks really add up to a smartly picked tree when looking at it carefully.

Note: Working with these masteries give a boost to and AP point you get, making starting with a Doran's Ring a viable option due to giving a bonus to the 15 AP points on the item.
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Summoner Spells: The Good, the Bad, and the WHY!?

The Good!

This are really the three that you should focus on: Flash will give you that quick jump to or from an enemy that can mean the different between a kill on your part, or saving your life. Ignite can secure that kill on the pesky Kennen that tries to flee, or make Heal useless on a retreating Soraka. Ghost Will serve as the same purpose as Flash, only it's a matter or preference.

The Bad!

I can understand someone taking Surge to give a nice boost of damage, or Exhaust to catch up to a faster opponent. But you are better off not using these spells, since they can be replaced by a better, more versatile spell.

The WHY!?

No. Just no. Please, do not use these. Or you will get a Ravage tonight in your sleep.
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Pros / Cons


  • Massive nuke is played right
  • Can secretly follow enemies
  • Can gank with huge success
  • Great map control
  • Can even solo a fed and tanky Mordekaiser


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Ability breakdown

This is actually a pretty nice passive. It allows you to stay in a lane even at level 1 and farm farm farm! Meaning you get last hits, and that means lots of gold to spend on those shiny new items even faster!

This is your Q, and is the first pick you should get. Some of you may ask "Diggery, why not Shadow Walk so we can go and surprise the enemy?" Well the answer is simple: For one, you will die if you just charge in and de-stealth behind two enemy, thinking your auto-attacks will kill them. And second, you want to farm up gold as fast as you can, and this will make is so much easier.

One of the only two abilities in the game that lets the player to stealth for up to 50 seconds, and boy is that a great ability! Grab this third as your W and use it to get in and out of situations unseen. Even after the nerf (this used to have a stun, but not anymore) it is still a great ability.

This is what makes you a great nuke! With a 1.0 AP acale, you can deal insane damage to start a gank, assist a team member, or finish off a enemy before he can recall, then Shadow Walk away as he lays on the ground wondering what just hit him.

This is indeed one of those abilities that can be used at any given point in time to your advantage. With a passive that heals you for a set amount for every champion kill or assist, a move speed buff to help you chase or escape, and an attack speed bonus to help a fight end in your favor. Not to mention, in gets a full cool down refresh with every champ assist or kill, you can use it time and time again!
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Proof this guide works!

A defeat, but still shows the guide works.

I know it isn't much to show, but I hope it at least shows you that this guide works.
I could have done a lot better, but the teamwork was... to put it nicely, lacking.
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Now, onto farming.

Get a OR plus a few to start out with and enter your lane.

When farming you want to focus doing this right away! Start by staying behind your minions, and using brush to get in close. Use Hate Spike to poke the enemy and get the last hits on minions. Since Hate Spike has low damage at level 1, try auto attack the minion, then follow with Hate Spike right after to better the odds off dealing the last hit. Do this until you have enough for your Mobility Boots. After this, you should be able to start your ganking.
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by now you should have your Mobility Boots, and at least one point in Hate Spike, Shadow Walk, and Ravage.

Find a lane that has a enemy pushing too far, low on health or MIA. If none of these are happening, ask your team to help you set up a gank. If all else fail, farm some more in your lane.

Now, let's say mid has a Twisted Fate giving your Annie some trouble. run to mid lane, but activate Shadow Walk in the brush and stay there until you can see that you are fully in stealth mode. Get behind the enemy, and make sure your mid lane team-mate starts to move in range for an attack. Open with Ravage, followed by spamming Hate Spike and auto-attacking, your team-mate should be attacking now too, and the enemy is likely low of HP, and running back. Keep this up until he is near his turret, and toss ignite of him, and make sure to use Hate Spike until he is out of range, then retreat. He should be dead, and likely leaving you with a kill.

Keep this up until laneing phase is over, and you should be headed to the top of your teams scoreboard.

Tips: Try to be in Shadow Walk as much as you can, to keep minimal risk of you being seen.

If the enemy buying Vision Wards, get an Oracle's Elixir and take them out as soon as possible, but don't waste too much gold on them.

A key part in the guide is your Mejai's Soulstealer. Don't go for an attack on an enemy and risk losing stacks unless you know you have a high chance of killing them and making it out alive.

Always spam Hate Spike in a fight in order to proc Sheen or Lich Bane for maximum damage. And remember to always open a fight from Shadow Walk with Ravage.
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The two items that will ruin your day.


These two items will make Shadow Walk worthless, by making you visible if you get to close. If you see anyone with a pink eye over their head, stay away from them if they have any allies near them. They can both see you if you get in range of the one champion with Oracle's Elixir and they WILL attack you, likely not in a place where you can escape very easy.

To counter, follow the champion with the pink eye from a safe distance, and when he is alone (and in a safe place you to attack) follow your combo of Shadow Walking up to him, and opening with Ravage for your Hate Spike and auto-attack barrage.

To counter a Vision Ward, it's a bit more simple. I'm sure you know of the vision ward placement from either a team-mate, or seeing it yourself. Either way, it's an easy counter. Get an Oracle's Elixir and find the Vision Ward and take it down with three attacks. Just make sure to enemies are around you because they will see you for the four or so seconds it takes you to walk up to it and take it down.
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Other little fun things you can do.

  • Scouting: You can use your Shadow Walk to scout down a lane, or in the jungle to find enemies that may be setting up a gank, wondering around or about to recall. Depending on the situation, you can get a kill from this, warn your team about this, or re-position your team to fit the purpose.
  • Surprise attacks: You can watch an enemies HP and when it gets low (let's say it was in a team fight, and your team is winning by a good amount), Shadow Walk away from the team fight, and once fully stealthed, run back at the enemy with low HP. Chances are he is recalling in a bush nearby, and you can walk up to him, Ravage, proc Lich Bane, auto-attack, and walk away with a free kill.
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The End.

And that, just about wraps up my guide, people. I had a lot of fun making this, and sharing my idea of playing Evelynn. I hope this guide can help some people get better with her, and step up your game. Thank you everyone, and don't forget to vote and comment. Any and all feedback will be helpful, and thanks again!
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