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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by thataznkid95

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thataznkid95

Everybody's Favorite Doctor (jungle)

thataznkid95 Last updated on March 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all thataznkid95 here bringing you another guide, this time Dr. Mundo. To start off with I'll like to inform you that I like to keep all my guides short and to the point, with that said, lets get to it. Dr. Mundo is a tanky DPS, with his greatest strength lies in building health and getting away with it.

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I take a simple 0/21/9 approach for Dr. Mundo with a point in Tenacious and Defender instead of grabbing Perseverance.

Simple, you do not reap it's benefits unless you're excruciatingly low ( somewhere around 10% hp). I'd rather take the extra tenacity and resistance that can make the difference.

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I always start off with Hunter's Machete and 5 pots and as the game progresses I end up selling it because it doesnt build into anything cost efficient later.

Core Items

In season 3 this seems to have become a stable in jungling. Your role as a jungler is to roam as much as possible and put pressure on the map. these boots helps with that.

CDR, Health, and cheap. This item is very versatile if your team needs a more supportive jungler then it can become a Locket of the Iron Solari or go for a great defensive item like Spirit Visage.

Warmog's Armor, Sunfire Cape, Frozen Mallet, Randuin's Omen, Spirit of the Ancient Golem what can't this great item do? Because of how Dr. Mundo scales he can get away with rushing 3 Giant's Belt. With 1000 it becomes one of the most cost efficient items in game and rushing 3 puts Dr. Mundo ahead of the game rather than rushing 1 end game item.

Highly Recommended

Stable, nothing much to it other than you cant play Dr. Mundo without it.

Building armor never hurts (unless of course the other team is all ap). Sunfire Cape allows you to deal extra damage on top of Burning Agony and it also gives health so why not? Randuin's Omen has an amazing passive that works incredibly well with Dr. Mundo. It offers him the utility to slow a squishy down in team fights so he can just murder the hell out of the squishies.

Ever since the season 3 changes to this item it has been even better for Dr. Mundo. Upon resurrection you restore 30% hp. Dr. Mundo is a walking meat of Hp with this item you might as well be invincible.


The main purpose of these are if your team needs a more supportive jungler instead of straight up tank. Runic Bulwark and Locket of the Iron Solari both do the same thing: offer great aura and stats to himself and others making your team that much more survivable. Twin Shadows offers your team more utility and opens opportunities for ganks and chasing, though I wouldnt recommend getting this item unless you're in serious need of MR.


Mercury's Treads for against fed AP and/or CC heavy teams. Spirit of the Ancient Golem if you're falling behind (serves as a proxy shortcut). I would consider getting Boots of Swiftness later on in the game as roaming loses it's purpose, though games usually dont last long enough to consider selling (its a tactical decision).

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Dr. Mundo can start either red or blue. He is an incredibly fast jungler which offers the option of counter jungling if it suits your play style.

This is route I usually take Wraiths>Lizard(smitless if possible)>ancient golem>>gank

otherwise Wraiths>Lizard>golems>wraiths>wolves>ancient golem.

Of course you dont have to follow this path, if you see any of your lanes being extremely pushed against you should consider whether you can help that lane or not.

Since you're jungling you wont receive as much gold as everybody else therefore you should always grab a camp in between each gank. Keeping time of your team's buff's is your job. It isn't too hard: buffs 5mins, drag 6mins, and baron 7mins.

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Counter Jungling


High risk, high reward is your mindset here. Depending on what division you're in depends on whether you will need a ward or not (silver 1+). Knowing which buff your opponent start is important because this will determine which one side you will start. If the opponent starts at blue you can start red (ask for a smitless leash and let your team know you're invading(usually your mid would accompany you after you get your buff)) and just walk in, lure the buff into the brush, kill it, and leave.

Buffs appear at 1:55 with this you can estimate when they will roughly finish which tends to be around 2:15ish which you can then time for the next respond 7:15. quite simple eh? Usually I would ward the brush and smite steal it before the jungler gives it to somebody.

Counter jungling doesnt always have to be that complicated. Just taking the big Wraith, Wolf, or Golem is enough. However keep in mind that just taking 1 camp doesnt do much, you have to consistantly keep it up for it to actually have an effect.

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Team Fights

Preferably you would want a team that can initiate in other ways besides having you running into the team balls deep(get kited for days). As tanky as Dr. Mundo can be he cant tank forever. In fights you should always go for their carries. This will force attention and damage onto you and not your team. Although Dr. Mundo doesnt do a great job at this, if need be, he might have to play the roll of babysitting your own carries, making sure they dont die. Using you Exhaust offensively to nullify enemy's damage or defensively to protect your carries is also very important, and can lead to a victory or loss.