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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ezreal Build Guide by xSpacee

AD Carry Ezreal AD Carry [5.20]

AD Carry Ezreal AD Carry [5.20]

Updated on October 20, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xSpacee Build Guide By xSpacee 102,774 Views 1 Comments
102,774 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xSpacee Ezreal Build Guide By xSpacee Updated on October 20, 2015
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Welcome to my Ezreal AD Carry guide! This is my first guide and feedback is greatly appreciated! Im currently an ADC main and Ezreal has helped me a lot along the way. Now, on with the guide...

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Summoner Spells

Always needed no matter what. Some people don't run flash on Ezreal since he has Arcane Shift, but it is always better to take flash as a back up. With two escapes you can play extra aggressive.
The recommended summoner to go with Flash. The speed boost is nice utility to get you or another player on your team out of danger. The heal is more viable then barrier also duo to being able to heal another person. This could easily save your support in lane if he makes a mistake.
Another viable summoner to run on ADCs. I would personally only recommend running barrier if your support has Heal. Taking heal on supports isn't as strong as running Exhaust or Ignite and most supports won't take heal.
Ignite can be run on Ezreal but it dramatically drops his survivability and doesn't provide as much utility as Heal does. Supports also take Ignite a lot of the time so you will not need to have it.

Overall I would suggest going for the best sustain and utility.

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Pretty common rune setup for Ezreal.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage help with CSing and harass in lane.
Greater Seal of Armor will mitigate damage taken from their ADC in lane.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed Attack speed is very strong with ADC's right now and three AS quints should always be used.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist This will reduce damage taken from their support.
Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration Increases mana regeneration to allow Ezreal to fire off more Q's for poke and CSing. If you want to take mana regeneration glyphs take 4 of them, so you don't take away too much magic resist from your runes.

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Pros / Cons


+ High mobility
+ Great kiting
+ Powerful poke
+ Very fun to play
+ Strong escape
Ezreal is a very strong pick in solo queue. His Arcane Shift is one of the best escapes any ADC has. He has extremely strong poke with his Mystic Shot. His passive Rising Spell Force increases DPS dramatically. The amazing mid game Ezreal has upon completion of Trinity Force makes up for his lackluster early game.

+ Lacking early game
+ Not a hyper carry
+ Must be mechanically skilled for maximum damage
+ Hard to master
Ezreal's bad early game can cause him to fall behind which will hurt his mid game. Later on Ezreal can not stand up to hyper carries such as Vayne, Twitch, Tristana, or Kog'Maw. Using Mystic Shot and Essence Flux in-between auto attacks them will lead to maximum damage, and this is hard to do without canceling auto attacks. Ezreal's different play style compared to other AD carries makes him harder to learn and to master.

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Passive that increases attack speed and will overall increase your damage output greatly. Using Trueshot Barrage will automatically get this passive to max stack which will increase attack speed by 50%.

Mystic shot is Ezreal's primary source of poke, and his most important skill. Mystic shot applies on hit affects which is why it is benefited by Trinity Force. It greatly helps farming early game and assists in CSing under turret.

Early in the game this ability is useless since the lack of AD scaling and high mana costs. Mid to late game Essence Flux enhances attack speed of your team and is used for spellblade procs off of Trinity Force.

Mainly used to re-position in teamfights or to chase down an enemy. Also used to dodge pulls and cc such as Thresh hooks and Blitzcrank pulls.

Ezreal's Ultimate ability. Extremely strong in mid game, and a potent wave clear ability. Use to clear waves that are pushing your towers and wave-clearing enemy minion waves while sieging. Also for sniping low health enemy targets.

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Early Game

Early game is Ezreal's weakest point in the game. At this stage you want to farm up the best you can whilst avoiding damage from the enemy ADC or Support. Remember you can use Arcane Shift to get out of sticky situations or jungle ganks. Also be sure to use your Mystic Shot to CS and last hit under your turret if you get pushed up. Mystic Shot can be cast to poke down the enemy laners and is good for zoning if you somehow manage to get ahead. If you are able to survive this phase without getting too far behind you will have a truly devastating mid game.

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Mid Game

This the strongest point in the game for Ezreal. Mid game is when your team starts to group to take turrets and the very important dragon. Securing dragons in the mid game leads to an easy late game. Be sure to group with your team to take these objectives because you are probably the strongest player on your team in this phase. Be sure to use your power spike to take bot turret and roam mid to take their turret if it isn't gone already.

Note: Be sure to sell your Stealth Ward for a Scrying Orb. This item lets you view areas in the fog of war around you. Make sure to always buy this item, as it can prevent being caught out if it is used correctly

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Late Game

By now is when Ezreal starts to become weaker compared to ADCs such as Vayne, Tristana, and Twitch. Getting caught out in the late game could lead to massive disadvantages or even losing the game. Put good use to your Scrying Orb to avoid being caught out. Stay grouped with your team whenever you can, and stay safe. Focus on objectives and ending the game above all else.

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Ezreal has his own self peels because of Arcane Shift and his fantastic mobility. In teamfights, stay behind your teammates and deal as much damage as possible. Get an early Trueshot Barrage off to get full procs of your Rising Spell Force passive. DO NOT GET GREEDY FOR LOW HEALTH TARGETS. Your life is much more important then an enemies, you are the ADC. The #1 tip I could give to anyone is DO NOT SACRIFICE POSITIONING FOR A KILL. Greed is not necessary and will NOT help you win a team fight whatsoever. Mid game fights can lead to snowballing and lost objectives, think about every reward and consequence before jumping in. Stay safe, late game the AD carry is the most important member on the team and is the one dealing all the damage, if you die early the team fight is most definitely lost, and will lead to losing the game.

Do not engage at the very beginning of the team fight. Wait for your enemies to burn their CC and ultimates. This makes it much easier to kite and will help you remain much safer. Use Arcane Shift only to re-position and not for damage.

Mystic Shot and Essence Flux are fantastic for getting spellblade procs out of Trinity Force. Cast those abilities between auto attacks for maximum damage output. Essence Flux is also cast on allies to increase attack speed, use when necessary.
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Hope you guys enjoyed my first guide! Remember to leave any feedback and suggestions you have, it is greatly appreciated! Good luck on the rift!
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