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Ezreal Build Guide by Frostflamez

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frostflamez

Ezreal AD carry Dominance

Frostflamez Last updated on April 16, 2012
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Hello, welcome to My AD carry Ezreal guide. This is my second guide in total. I hope you enjoy and learn some new tricks.

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Rising Spell Force : Ezreal's passive will increase your attack speed by 10% each time you hit an enemy with a spell, which stacks 5 times, so you need to make sure you keep refreshing the buff before it goes off.
Mystic Shot : This spell is Ezreal's best spell. It does great damage scales of you attack damage, has a short cooldown, and lowers the cooldown of all of Ezreal's spells if it hits a target
Essence Flux : This spell is the most USELESS spell Ezreal has as an AD carry, so I max it last, and I don't even take a point in it until everything else is maxed out.
Arcane Shift : This spell is very important to pick up. It is a free Flash, so you can take Ghost instead. You need to aim it so if you're using to start a fight, teleport to the enemy close since it shoots an extra shot to the closest target.
Trueshot Barrage : This spell is amazing. It can be used as an fight starter,a spell to finish off enemies, and even a spell to clear minions when there are too many.

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Pros Vs Cons

Very powerful early Game
Lots of poke and harass
Has a built in Flash

Not as strong as other AD carries

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I use the Geater Mark of Strength since it gives him a ton of early damage and poke, and his Mystic Shot which has a low cooldown scales from attack damage which will increase your overall damage by a lot.
I use the Greater Seal of Resilience since it gives a lot of armor which is very important ofr survival, especially when you're laning against insane AD carry and sustain support combos such as Caitlyn and Soraka.
Greater Glyph of Replenishment I use the Greater Glyph of Replenishment since it allows you to spam Mystic Shot which is basically 60% of your total damage since it has a short cooldown and does a lot of damage. When you spam spells, your passive Rising Spell Force will stack and make you dominate.
I use the Greater Quintessence of Strength since it gives a lot of Attack Damage which makes your Mystic Shot's overall damage which has a short cooldown, increase by a lot.

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I take an Offense 21/0/9 build to get the most attack damage and mana regeneration. Some of you may take Havoc instead of Vampirism , but the lifesteal you get from it will overtake having a little bit more damage, since you'll have more lane sustain, and will especially help when you don't have a sustain support such as Janna

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My items were chosen to get the most damage possible while still being tanky enough to stay alive. To start out, get a Doran's Blade, to get a lot of damage early game, otherwise take a Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion.

I personally like the Berserker's Greaves more because of the attack speed, but if you would like to spam more spells, you should take the Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

You should pick up this item early on, so you can have good damage, attack speed, and be able to penetrate through armor. Once your enemies start getting lots of armor, sell The Black Cleaver for Last Whisper.

You should pick this item up pretty early in the game, especially if you are not laning with a sustain support since it will give you lots of damage and sustain in lane.

You should pick up this item around mid game. You should've bought the Sheen right after buying your Berseker's Greaves or Ionian Boots of Lucidity to give you more poke in lane.

You should pick up this item between mid and late game. It will dominate and destroy your enemies because of it's passive making you do 150% critical damage.

This is your last and final item. It will allow you to not die and be useless in team fights which happens to most AD carries.

These items should be picked up after you get your The Bloodthirster since they will be your "pretend" Infinity Edge. They should also be picked up after you buy the Infinity Edge.

Sight Ward
You should be placing these items around the map, throughout the game.
Here are the locations where they should be placed.

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Other Viable Items

This item is great if your enemies are stacking health, since it deals 4% of their total health.

This is item is an alternate of the 2 Doran's Blade. It is a bit pricy, so it should only be bought if you need the extra lane sustain early on.

This item is an alternate of the Guardian Angel. It gives you good health, extra damage, and makes all your auto attacks slow the enemy, which replaces the Trinity Force's 35% chance.

This item is alright. It will give you that protective barrier which will help with spells like Requiem, and the damage increase depending on the less health you have won't be very effective since you're squishy. It can be a good item if you have Shen or Soraka, or anyone else who can save you when you're about to die.

This item is a good alternate for a Guardian Angel. It will save if you're out of place. For example, if you're in front of your tank and you get hit by a stun, you will most likely die, but if you have the item it will negate the effect and save you. Though it can save you, since you're the AD carry and are squishy, you will either way be focused down quickly, so I prefer the Guardian Angel over it.

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Skill Sequence

My choice in skill sequence was chosen to get the best damage and mobility out of Ezreal. I take Mystic Shot first and max it first since it it your best skill you will using. My 2nd skill is Arcane Shift since it is an extra Flash, so I max it 2nd. I take Trueshot Barrage anytime I can since it is great. Essence Flux is pretty much useless for AD Ezreal so I grab it at the very end.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ghost and Ignite since it will allow you to chase and finish off targets. You don't need Flash since you have Arcane Shift. Heal is also a great choice if you do not have a sustain support, but I like the ability to move quicker and walk through units better. Exhaust can be traded for Ghost if you'd like, but personally I don't think it is as good, especially since it has been nerfed.

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When killing creeps, you need to make sure you're last hitting with your auto attacks. When I just started playing Ezreal I would use Mystic Shot to farm, but it is not worth it. Ezreal has limited mana and you should save it for harassing and ganks. When you're farming, make sure not too over push without any wards up. When you have a choice of killing a minion or avoiding Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker, avoid the shot even if you have a high urge to kill the minion.

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In a gank scenario, let the enemies push. When they push hard enough, and whoever is ganking has the perfect chance, start with Mystic Shot if the person who's ganking has some sort of stun or knock-up, otherwise lead with Arcane Shift. After that, use Essence Flux, and try to make it pass through you allies since it'll will give them increased attack speed. Then, keep on poking them with Mystic Shot, and use Arcane Shift and Essence Flux every time they are up. Try and finish them off with Ignite, and if not snipe them with Trueshot Barrage.

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Team Fight

In a team fight, lead with Essence Flux, and make sure it passes through your allies since it gives them an attack speed buff. Then you can decide whethr you want to use Trueshot Barrage or save it for the end. Make sure you're positioned correctly, meaning behind your tank and other melee champions, if not use Arcane Shift to move, and use it to escape from enemies. Basically the only thing you have to do after that is, spam Mystic Shot, but try not to hit the tank, but instead the squishies

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Ally and Enemy Combos


Ezreal and Soraka
This is probably the best combo since you'll have endless heals and endless mana.

Ezreal and Sona
This combo is pretty good. You will get heals, but not as much as you would get with Soraka, but you will have more poke on the enemies.

Ezreal and Taric
This combo is good. You will have a tanky support with a great lead. You will get good heals and an amazing stun when you need it, plus exceptional damage.

Ezreal and Janna
This is an ok combo. You get absorbs, but you won't get any heals. You will get a good knockup,but her ultimate can save you in many instances.

Ezreal and Karma
I've never done a match with Karma as my support, but I've seen matches. You will get heals every once in a while. You will also get speed buffs, and absorbs which is a pretty good package.

Ezreal and Alistar
This is a great combo. You will have constant heals, knockups, stuns, and insane tank powers in your hands making it a good choice to have him by your side.

Ezreal and Leona
This is an alright combo. You won't get any sustain, but you will get a lot of stuns, tankyness, and power to annoy the enemies.

Ezreal and Lulu
This is a pretty good combo. You will get lots of additional damage and harass to you. You will not get heals, but you will receive tons of buffs to help you stay aggressive,


If Soraka is support, you may as well try not to harass and just farm because it will so hard to poke down her or the AD carry since there is so many heals going around.

If Sona is support, try not to be poked down. You can harass, but some of it will be healed up.

If Janna is support, you can harass, but avoid the tornadoes since they will lead to you taking lots of damage.

If Karma is support, try and stay safe because she has heals, slows, and aoe damage that does a lot. You can harass, but stay careful.

If Alistar is support, get ready to have trouble. He will heal and soak up a lot of the damage you to throw at him. Try not to stay close to a wall or stay next to him, or you will get stunned and probably end up giving the enemies a kill.

If Leona is support, you can harass a lot, but you need to avoid her spells or you'll die.

If Lulu is support, just realize that she will be very aggressive so you need to be careful on where you stand and how you react.

If Caitlyn is the AD carry, get ready to have trouble. You will need to be able to avoid her skills and traps. You also need to watch when her passive comes since it does a lot of damage if you're hit by it.

If Vayne is the AD carry, you will have a pretty easy match. Vayne isn't too strong early game. Just try not to be poked down by her Tumble, and don't stay near walls or you'll get stunned.

If Ashe is the AD carry, you will have an equal match. Ashe is decently strong, but if she catches you low on health and with Arcane Shift on cooldown you will die, since she has lots of slows.

If Corki is the AD carry, you will need to stay aware. He will be shooting things at you often, so you need to avoid them, if you can do that, he'll be easy to beat.

Miss Fortune
If Miss Fortune is the AD carry, try not to get poked down by Double Up. Make sure to stay out of Make it Rain. When chasing or being chased by her, be aware she moves faster if she has not been hit for a while, so try and hit her with Mystic Shot to keep her at normal speed.

If Kog'Maw is the AD carry, avoid everything thrown at you. His ultimate can be seen before it lands, so move out of it. His Bio-Arcane Barrage will tear you up if you have a lot of health since every auto attack will do a percentage of your total health. You shouldn't be building health with Ezreal, but just in case realize he does more damage, the more health you have. Move out of his passive when he dies, or you may die yourself.

If Tristana is the AD carry, try and harass when she does. She is not that powerful but has a high capability of harass. You should also realize that she can leap.

If Urgot is the AD carry, avoid his spells. He will be shooting spells everywhere. You need to be aware of his ultimate, because if you get caught by it, you will probably die.

If Twitch is the AD carry, just keep on poking him. He will go in and out of stealth trying to kill you, but will never be as strong.

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Overall, Ezreal is a great and fun AD carry. He's not an ordinary AD carry that stands there and shoots, instead he's like a sniper using only skill shots. So next time you go Champion Shopping, consider buying Ezreal.