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Ezreal Build Guide by Eddie123

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eddie123

Ezreal - Blue Build!

Eddie123 Last updated on April 30, 2013
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Good day, welcome to the Blue build Ezreal guide. In this guide we shall be exploring the uniqueness of the blue build and the strengths of this build on Ezreal.

Ezreal is an extremely mobile champion that has a very versatile play style, he is excellent at duelling due to his passive and low cool downs and his built in flash ability, Arcane Shift. If played well Ezreal can dominate and zone/push his enemies while being relatively safe as long as his Arcane Shift is off Cool down.

This is my first guide so feel free to leave feedback on how to improve and what not, if this receives good feedback I will continues making guides, but with more detail and explanation :)

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Blue Build?

Why should you choose the blue build over a standard damage build? That is a good question and I will tell you why.

The Blue Build is an excellent build that combines Cdr with damage and a bit of tankyness. This build shines once you have your core items as the CD on your Mystic shot is ridiculously low and it deals crazy damage, plus the utility and ability to kite that this build brings is insane. Bruisers and tanks cannot reach you if you constantly kite and spam your Q and you will be able to chunk their whole team down with the help of Ice Borne Gauntlet.

Lets look into some Pros and Cons this build offers.

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Pros / Cons

Built in flash
Very unique skill set
Great attack speed buff passive
Exceptional damage Mid, Late game
Great ability to kite
Very low cool downs

No cc
High skill cap
Punished hard for misuse of Arcane shift
Cannot win most early game fights (Explained in more detail further on)
Relying on life steal quints until you get BOTRK is harsh

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Early game

Your main focus with this build early game is too farm up well and only poke/harass the enemy, since the first item you will be building is Spirit Of The Elder Lizard, you will most likely lack the burst damage that the opposing adc has. However you do have excellent poke and farming due to the cdr passive and the unique passive that burns the target 6-40 (Based on level) true damage over 3 seconds.

On your first back you are aiming to pick up two Long Swords and basic boots (Also Spirit Stone if you have enough for it) After you have built your Spirit Of The Elder Lizard aim for getting Tear Of The Goddess and charge it up like crazy in preparation for your Manamune.

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Mid Game

This is where the blue build starts to shine. By now you should have Iceborne Gauntlet or at least one of the components for it (Sheen or Glacial Shroud) due to the very high cdr of this build your ability to shoot Mystic shot after Mystic shot into the enemy is phenomenal.

And remember every time you land your Mystic shot it reduces every CD by 1 second, so by landing as many Mystic shots as you can is vital as it will increase your damage output immensely.

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Late Game

By now you have your full build. Positioning is vital in this stage of the game as death timers are very long and can decide games. You want to place yourself behind your tanks and supports but close enough to be able to constantly land and harass with your Mystic shot.

When a team fight does break out always be aware of what abilities you have up (Arcane shift) and if you can use it offensively or if you have to use it defensively, remember the more Mystic shots you land the better (Remember to fire your W through your team to give them extra attack speed)

Always try and land your ult on as many players as possible as this will proc your passive (Rising Spell Force) and maximise your damage potential.