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Ezreal Build Guide by Doki000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doki000

Ezreal (Mini Guide) BUILD ONLY

Doki000 Last updated on October 14, 2013
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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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I was lazy

i just puted the build, cuz i am to lazy to make the rest i know thats the bad thing but you have other guides.

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I take Flash and Barrier. Despite Ezreal's blink i take flash to reposition my self in teamfights, make and easy escape or catch an enemy to get an easy kill. It can happend that my Arcane Shift is on cooldown or not enough mana to cast it when i am in sticky situations s flash save my life. Barrier gives me a nice protection for a short duration, its extremely usefull an i recommend to take it every time when playing adc.


Marks: Takeing 8x damage marks allows you easier last hits and damage for your Mystic Shot And 1x crit mark will bring you lot of damage if your lucky, its good for laneing, it can also reverse the fight in your use!

Seals: 9x armor seals,its obvius you are laneing agains another ad.

Glyphs: 5x armor glyphs are interesting thing here, but why did i chose them. Its simple, you are laneing agains ad and his supp wont do a lot of damage as his carry. It wont give you a lot of armor but it saved me a lot of times. 4x scaling mana regen will bring you some extra utility, since you are spaming your q a lot!

QUINTESSENCES: I decide to take 2x lifesteal quints cause it gives you a nice sustain if you combinate it with the Doran's Blade. and 1x Damage quint is for your Q and last hit potentional.


Going 21 in offense and 9 in defense, tipical adc's masteries since all your utility that is needed is puted in the runes!

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Tips and Tricks

-Your Mystic Shot hits only the first enemy unit it encounters, can be used to check the bushes!

-When starting a fight or harrasing your opponent go Auto attack him then cast a spell and auto attack him again (CASTING A SPELL IN BEETWEEN ATTACKS). it will increase the damage by a lot.

-Your passive increases your attack speed whenever you successefully land a spell. its good for pushing minions/tower.

-Your Arcane Shift can detect an invisible unit

-With your Arcane Shift you are able to jump over the wall

-Dont Arcane Shift in the Dragon or Baron pit, cause you will start to take his agro!

-Cast your Essence Flux on enemy adc to lower his attack speed.

-Your Trueshot Barrage is great damage tool early game, its also good for sniping.Use it on the start of the teamfight in order to get 5 stacks on your passive. Use it when enemys line up. Its also great for checking Baron/Drake. Cast your Trueshot Barrage from the bush or some place where enemys cant see you, cause they may juke!