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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeAt

Ezreal - Mix It Up A Bit

HeAt Last updated on March 23, 2010
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Hey, HeAt here, same name in-game on LoL US. Well Ezreal is the most complicated character i have played so far, and yet again i will set this up DEWO style, with pictures for the people who need them! haha :)

Well, there are many, many ways to go about ezreal, my way is not only the ability to kill people, but the greatest support character midgame. Here I will explain gameplay and you tell me :)

P.S. The runebuild of crit damage already gets your crits to just under what the infinity edge adds! how crazy is that!

Summoner Spells:

Exhaust: (known to be replaced with flash): You already have a flash, and if you are smart you will use it properly, combining your flash with exhaust and other things mentioned later makes resistance.. futile. to say the least.

Ignite: Ezreal is a very good chaser, so while he is chasing and the person is at 400 health or so, if you are running low on mana (TRUST ME, IF YOU PLAY EZREAL YOU KNOW IT HAPPENS) you can use these 3 skills, in order. Arcane Shift > Ignite > Mystic shot (use mystic shot as they run away)
Well, i have gotten enough kills in my 15 games with him using this strategy.. it also helps early game in your mid lane..



Meki Pendant:
then: 1 of each >,
Try to get solo mid, it makes all the difference in the world.

While you are soloing, no matter who you are against, you have more range than them. So, use that to your advantage. You have the meki pendant healing you for 7 mana/5 secs, and you can get 1 last hit every 7 secs or so. Well what i do is use mystic shot to last hit creeps. -hit, hit, mystic *on to the next one*-
that 100 creep kills by level 6 or whatever amount you can get REALLY makes a difference. Stay at mid until level 6 then go back, but at level 5 or so, i would harass the enemy with Mystic Shot, then shift > shot > ignite. Chances are if you hit them with your shift too, they will drop. IF they don't they are usually stupid and hang by the turret, then you just go around that convenient treeline, and flash around the corner so you get closer, then snipe him/her as he recalls (woohoo wakeup call)!

Then at level 6 you go back. If you farmed well and even got a couple kills, you should have enough for your Chalice, your sheenand maybe, MAYBE part of your boots if not all of it, even get the boots of speed if you can. The boots you should get is either the boots of swiftness, or the boots of mobility if you are impatient and need to get around faster
*when using your ult from across the map, remember that it DOES hit neutral creeps, and may do no damage when it hits depending on where it's shot from*

Mid Game:

After the previous, go and start helping people gank, if you get a couple kills on the first gank, or assists, it is likely you will have flux for the next gank. I get Mystic shot and the shift first because it helps more with surprise ganking. In addition to that, after you use your Arcane Shift, Sheen is activated for your mystic shot. Go figure.

Next time back you should have enough for Phageand Zeal(if not the whole triforce). This makes the game alot different, now not only does your shot do more damage after you shift, but also after you flux (yes i have pulled this off) Shift > Shot (the shot slows due to phage) > Flux > run next to the person > Shot (if that doesnt kill them then ignite definitely would, or your ult)

Triforce changes your game, now your crits have time to shine, you are moving a bit faster, and since your mystic shot is considered physical, well, it can crit too! really? YES! and it can slow?! oh man thats pretty lethal wouldnt you say?

Add a phantom dancer to that, and you have a high crit chance, good movement speed, and WHAT, attack speed is lethal too (Stacks with your passive)

After your triforce i would work on either the Guinsoo's Rageblade(if you still want a mix) or the Infinity Edge. Well if you go with the rageblade, you get a really good AP buff, that is more support if somebody is already carrying. Usually rageblade stacks itself in team fights, that is good because you will be able to heal alot more effectively. Using infinity edge, you are hitting almost 300% crits (which at this point with a fully stacked rageblade is welll.. ALOT.

Late game is all up to you, i would get rageblade regardless, but it is game dependant, you could go with a black cleaver for armor penetration on your ult, or anything else you want (as said, mix it up a bit)
*note that with your masteries: at the start of the game you already have 150% Crit DMG*

EDIT: If the game goes over 50 mins or so, i would ditch the rageblade for a SoTo and the chalice for a soul shrowd. and pick up a health and agility and even a power elixer. The soto fully stacked gets your crit damage up to 340% and that is the cap.. Gg
- HeAt