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Ezreal Build Guide by AsianFishy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsianFishy

Ezreal - The Amazing AD Carry

AsianFishy Last updated on November 26, 2011
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I've given up on this guide. Ezreal guides are all the same, and its pretty sad to see all the downvotes from other ezreal players. Anyways, I quit playing him so whatever.

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Welcome to AsianFishy's Ezreal Guide! This is my second guide on Mobafire.
Again, my guides are not meant to teach you how to play, but simply how to build if you are having problems with that.
This guide isn't as in-depth as I want it to be as of now, so bare with me. I am really busy with school and thought that a short guide would help out the community.

Ezreal is a dual-layered champion, excelling in both AD and AP ratios. Some choose to build him AP, but in this build I will show you how Ezreal can function as the AD Carry. Please don't vote down just because you do not like AD Carry Ezreal.

Ezreal's damage output revolves around skill shotting and destructive combos.

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Why Ezreal as an AD Carry?
Does it even make sense to build Ezreal AD? All his skills scale with AP!
-This is true, but think of it this way. Each AP Carry champion has one aspect that is vital: the ability to nuke. Ezreal's damage is a moderate sustain, neither nuking nor very low. Because Ezreal's main damage comes from two skills that are scaled with AD, many choose him as a Ranged Carry. With this build, Ezreal will dish out more damage than most of the AD Carries out there on League.

As well, Ezreal does very well in lane.

Honestly, if you look at the current meta of high level players (Tanky character top, AP Carry mid, support+AD Carry bottom, Jungler), you will see that Ezreal fits nowhere else! Ezreal does not even match with AP Carries. This is the only spot he fits in and he fits here well.

If you still aren't persuaded that Ezreal is a good AD Carry then there is nothing else I can do. Many chinese teams use Ezreal as a ranged carry and some US and EU players do as well.

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Greater Mark of Desolation is standard for an AD champion in lane. A great item for late game when the other team starts getting tanky.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration-4 of these. You need the extra mana to sustain in late game and in mid game.

Greater Seal of Armor-5 of these. Honestly with the current meta, you need the armor against the other ranged carry at bottom lane.

For Seals:
-If you are not playing standard meta teams, grab 9 Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regenerations. This way you will have extra mana.
-If you have a Soraka supporting you, grab 9 Greater Seal of Armors.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist-Standard for Ranged Carries. Helps a lot with the late game in case you are getting sniped by AP Carries. No other runes fit better in this spot.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation-Standard for Ranged Carries as well. You need the extra armor penetration for late game, and this is where you can get it.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed-If you do not own armor penetration marks, use these. But I strongly suggest using armor penetration marks.

Greater Seal of Vitality-This is the only suggestion I can think of. Please take one of the top two or both. This is for someone who doesn't own the others or needs extra health.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction-More DPS as you progress through the game. Definitely good runes.

Greater Quintessence of Vitality-For that extra health if you can't sustain. I still recommend armor penetration though.

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21-0-9 for maximum damage output. This is a typical Ranged Carry mastery build.

If you prefer 9-0-21 for Ezreal, that works too. Lower cooldowns and faster movement speeds also works.

I have nothing else to say, masteries are self-explanatory. If you have any questions PM me.

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Doran's Blade-I guess people might not understand why this is such a great item to stack, but honestly it is amazing. Ranged carries may only need one or two slots for those big items and B.F. Swords. These Blades give you extra health, while adding to your early damage output.

The Brutalizer is an amazing item. Cooldowns for more DPS from skills, armor penetration for nasty tanks, and damage for early/mid game.

Sheen-More spam! Works well because of the mana it gives along with it's amazing passive.

Berserker's Greaves-For more DPS and attacks per second. I prefer these boots over anything.

Phage-For the slow and the health! A great item to have.

The Bloodthirster-This item is VITAL for damage output into mid/late game. Rushing anything else will put you in the backdraw of the game. The 100 attack damage it gives with the stacks is great for mid game, along with the lifesteal to stay in the fights.

Trinity Force-Grab this after Bloodthirster, because it gives you attack speed, sustain, and damage. Overall a great item for many champions, especially Ezreal. If you prefer this item first, your mid game will be more about sustain rather than damage.

Last Whisper-This item is vital for late game, because of the armor penetration that is so needed when the enemy starts stacking armor. It gives you extra damage and armor penetration, a must have.

Youmuu's Ghostblade-A great item to have. Extra attack speed for fights or grabbing baron, along with the armor penetration.

Banshee's Veil-Well of course you are going to get focused late game. This item will block one skill/spell, which is amazing. It also gives more sustain in case you get into some trouble, along with the magic resist for the ranged mages that can pick you off.

((Will add other alternatives and bad items later))

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Skill Sequence

Mystic Shot of course is your main DPS skill. Max it out before anything else.

Arcane Shift should be maxed out after this. This is simply because the extra cooldown will help a lot in mid game.

Essence Flux should not be taken until you max out everything else! Why? This skill sucks! Yea.....well it sucks for AD Carry Ezreal at least. It only scales with AP, and it costs too much mana to be useful. Even though it gives a slight attack speed boost, it is barely noticeable. I won't stop you from getting this, but once you start playing more Ezreal I think you will understand that this skill isn't as important as the other ones.

Trueshot Barrage should be taken at Level 6, 11, and 16. This skill scales with both AD and AP, so works well with AD Carry Ezreal. A great skill to take out minion waves if they are pushing to a tower, or picking off an almost-dead champion, or helping out a team fight even if you are not there.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash.

Ghost in case you are being chased by some scary champion. It works well and I prefer it on my Ranged Carries.

Flash because you can double flash to trick people! It is a great spell on any champion, and is better than any skill out there.

((Will add alternatives later))

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Baron Steal with Ezreal

Just thought it would be cool to add my Baron Steal with Ezreal before I upload a real video of the mechanics of Ezreal and some other stuff. Hope you enjoy :P

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Hope you liked my 2nd guide! Feel free to check out my other guides. I hope you enjoyed this build and it strives to make you a better Ezreal player! Good luck summoner!