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Ezreal Build Guide by ShailsTDSPT

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShailsTDSPT

Ezreal - The Prodigal Safari Explorer

ShailsTDSPT Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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PS: I copied this guide from the old one because I archived the other one by accident.

Welcome, to the Summoner's Ri- *gets hit by a lawsuit the size of a truck* OKAY OKAY! I get it! No references...

*cleans up throat* Welcome, to my guide to Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer. In this guide I will teach you how to play a form of Ezreal - Ezreal, the Prodigal Safari Explorer.

Now I know what you are thinking: "LOL EZREAL AINT A JUNGLER BRO HE DIES SO FAST AT JUNGLING" STOP IT RIGHT THERE! You see the Fizz Patch? The one that got all the new crazy masteries and the jungle creeps exp buff and damage nerf? That made pretty much every champ able of jungling. Cool huh? You can bet it is.

Ezreal can be played as an AD Carry, AP Carry and Hybrid. Thanks to this patch he can now be a jungler as well. He doesn't have the BEST sustain, nor the BEST time, but after level 6 the enemy will never see your ult coming and you can put up some sick ganks on squishy targets.

But use this build with caution - NEVER EVER take Ezreal into the jungle in Ranked. I'm serious. If you are there you want to play to win and if you want to jungle take some top tier junglers.

Also I don't like the term "Jungle" from now on it's "Safari".

PS: Build is still being highly experimented. You can go through the jungle without dieing but don't forget this is kind of a "Beta" of the guide.

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Your Safari Tools

Rising Spell Force - A pretty good passive. When pushing towers make sure you spam your Q and E on minions to get this OVER NINE THOUSA- *lawsuited* I am getting a little broke here... Also spam your Q in the jungle for the life steal this will give off your Auto Attacks.

Mystic Shot - This Q is the principal ability of ANY Ezreal. It has got an 1:1 ratio with Attack Damage and procs on hit effects. This includes things like Sheen and the Red Buff. Use it to check bushes. Use it to check buffs. Use it to check baron. Use it to check EVERYTHING. Never facecheck.

Essence Flux - Useless till late game, where pushing starts. Don't take this till level 6, and when you take it, make sure you use it to boost your allies' attack speed more than for damage.

Arcane Shift - Better Flash in a can. You got ganked? E! Facechecked the wrong bush? E! Need to tower dive? E! Only way of escaping is going over to Baron and you on low hp? DO NOT E!

Trueshot Barrage - The fact that it's a global ult is enough for me to call Ezreal OP. Especially with it's damage. When ganking, open with this from the bush. You see a teamfight but you can't reach it in time? Use this. Need to steal a buff? Use it. BIG Minion wave? Use it (it has got a low cooldown anyways)

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Your Safari Runes

Greater Mark of Attack Damage - We are playing Ezreal as an AD Champion so some AD is always welcome (especially when getting life steal off creeps)

Greater Seal of Armor - Armor is pretty much mandatory when going on a Safari. Plus this will help you surviving an enemy jungler going ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELO- *lawsuit*.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction - Cooldown Reduction. I am not a big fan of it on Ezreal BUT in this case, its awesome. This will make your Ult come back faster to Gank and use your Q more frequently in the safari.

Greater Quintessence of Health - A pretty good Quint for Safari. It might not seem like much but, in total, this health will save your life tons of times (those where you escape with 5 hp from an invading jungler, failed counter safari or failed gank) and give you more survivability in the Safari.

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Your Safari Masteries

I use 21/9/0 when playing Ezreal on the Safari.

In Offense, I take things like Attack Speed (normal on AD carries), cooldown reduction, enhanced damage versus minions, cooldown reduction, etc. because pretty much everything is good on the Safari. What isn't good while going on a safari is good generally (Magic Pen? On my ult? Shut up and take my mone- *lawsuited times two*

On defense I take armor, reduced damage from creeps, reflected damage against creeps, HP and the enhanced Smite.

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Your Safari Equipment

Vampiric Scepter - This lifesteal is what allows you to survive the jungle. Any other jungling items at start, in my experience, will kill you. I Garente- *lawsuit* if this keeps up I will be broke before the end of the guide!

Wriggle's Lantern - This item is OP. It is, in my opinion, an item ALL AD Carries and AD
Sustain Solo tops should take. It can be replaced by The Bloodthirster later in the game anyways. Plus, FREE WARD!

Berserker's Greaves - Attack Speed? I'M AN AD CHAMPION! OF COURSE I WANT THIS ******* THING! However Ionian Boots of Lucidity are also acceptable if you so wish.

Sheen - Mystic Shot triggers on hit effects. 'Nuff said.

Infinity Edge - This item is awesome. It has the biggest base AD in the whole game, increases your crit chance and makes your crits deal 250% damage! What is not to like?

After Core Items (This part is temporary till I get around adding all of my options):

The Bloodthirster - If you can farm it and you don't die that much, this is a pretty good item to replace the Lantern.

Last Whisper - If they have armor. If not, forget it.

Trinity Force - Damn good item. Ezreal benefits of all the stats on this item to a certain degree.

Thornmail - If their AD Cary is fed.

Banshee's Veil - If their AP carry is fed.

Guardian Angel - If neither are fed and you want a safety measure so you don't lose that bloodthirster on an emergency.

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How to go on a Safari with Ezreal

So I have put up a rough Step by Step guide on going on Safari with Ezreal.

Step One - Listen to this:

Step Two - Put the following Lyrics on your head:

We are going on a Safari!
See the Dragon from my Shift
Hope we do not get that Shaco ****
It's Safari Time!

Many nice surprises
Are waiting in the Jungle
Newbie oh Newbie
We are going on a Safari!

I'll show you the Golems
The Wraiths and the Wolves
So if you don't wanna come
I will go there anyway

We are going on a Safari!
See the Dragon from my Shift
Hope we do not get that Shaco ****
It's Safari Time!

Holiday! We wanna have a Gank!
Holiday! It's Safari Time!

Visiting their jungle
Playing with their buffs
The buffs, the buffs
We see them on a Safari!

I'll show you the Golems
The Wraiths and the Wolves
So if you don't wanna come
I will go there anyway!

We are going on a Safari!
See the Dragon from my Shift
Hope we do not get that Shaco ****
It's Safari Time!

Holiday! We wanna have a Gank!
Holiday! It's Safari Time!

We are going on a Safari! (It's Safari time!)
Hope we do not get that Shaco **** (Oh no not the boxes...)

It's Safari Time!

We are going on a Safari!
See the Dragon from my Shift
Hope we do not get that Shaco ****
It's Safari Time!

Step Three - Understand Ezreal is a man. More than you will ever be.

Step Four - Understand Ezreal is not gay and more straight than you will ever be.

Step Five - Buy Frosted Ezreal.

Step Six - Stare at the awesomeness.

Step Seven - See Above.

Step Eight - See Above.

Step Nice - See Above.

Step Ten - Man up and show other summoners the awesomeness that Ezreal is.

Now, without jokes (the facts that Ezreal is a man, straight and awesome are not jokes).

Ezreal uses a safari route used by other champions like Lee Sin and Udyr : Wraiths - Wolves - Golems - Base - Blue Golem - Wolves - Wraiths - Red Lizard - Golems

For the Fast and the Furi- *gets lawsuited again* leave me alone for Jarvan's sake... For the ones in an hurry here is the explanation:

Smite the Big Wraith, kill the small ones, Ignite the Big Wolf, kill the small ones, Smite one golem, kill the other, go base, Smite the blue buff, kill the small lizards, kill the wolves, kill the wraiths, smite the red lizard, kill the small lizards, kill the golems, do whatever you want.

For the ones that didn't have the brilliant idea of picking Ezreal and now reading this guide in an hurry:

Smite the Big Wraith and kill the rest of the wraiths. Ignite and kill the Big Wolf. We ignite for two reasons - help take him down faster and get the effect of the enhanced ignite. Plus it will be up at the time of ganking. Make sure you hit him with your Mystic Shot before you do anything else, so the small ones don't block it. Kill the wolves and go to the golems. Begin fighting one and Smite it. Finish the second one and go base to buy a Cloth Armor and 2 Health Potion.

Go to the Blue Golem. Start attacking him with Auto Attacks so he gets in front of the lizards. Now unload all you have on him. As soon as his first hit (not the lizard's) connects, pop the one Health Potion. Smite him when hes almost dead so no one steals it. Kill his comrades and go to the Wolves. When approaching the Wraiths click on the center of their camp before you can see them. You should stand in-between them. Initiate the fight with the Big Wraith with your Mystic Shot. Kill the damn Wraiths and go for Red Lizard. Repeat the same thing you did with the Blue Golem. Kill the Golems, go base, buy a Long Sword, 2 Sight Ward and go ganking! (OR go on a safari till level 6 THEN gank)

Soon I will include a video on the Safari Route.

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Thank you for reading this guide. Please do not vote on it yet (don't care if it's a positive vote) since it is not yet that complete and is still going through heavy testing. Hope you enjoy your time on the Safari while playing Ezreal, *Phreak like pause* the Prodigal Explor- *lawsuit*

I am broke. After being lawsuited eight times im broke *gets lawsuited for mentioning the lawsuits* okay i'm going to prison...