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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vidocco

Ezreal, The Prodigal Sniper

Vidocco Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, this is my first build, so, if there is any mistakes, I'm sorry, tell me and I'll correct them.

Hi! I play Ez as an AD champ, thats why my intention is to max the damage and armor penetration so that my Q deals loads of damage. The main difference between this build and other AD build is the lack of Manamune, fact that I'll explain after in the item section.

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Pros / Cons


    Lots of damage with your Q and R.
    Decent damage with your W and E.
    Heal with all your abilities.
    Good chaser/escaper.
    Cooldown reduction makes your abilities easy to spam.

    Little Mana.
    Very vulnerable to stuns/slows.
    First one on enemy's focusing list.

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Well, for runes I take:

Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation
Armor penetration Quints and Marks to maximize the damage done by auto-attacks and your Q. At the end of the game you should have more or less 45 armor pen.

Dodge seals for survivability, which along with masteries will give you 7% dodge. This becomes handy for escaping or chasing. It also works quite well along with ninja tabi if the enemy team is AD heavy.

Cooldown reduction glyphs to make your Q spammeable and your ult have 63 sec cooldown. Along with Youmu's and Ionian boots it gives you nearly 40% cooldown reduction.

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The masteries page is also a difference respect other AD builds. Most take crit chance and crit damage, but i thought: Hey, 2% crit chance isn't worth it, so i take AP to increase the damage done by other abilities. You are still a caster so you shouldn't focus on getting crit chance (but still some of the items this build has give you some).

I get 9 points into defence to increase a little durability in late game by getting armor and magic resist, and increasing dodge chance by 2%. I didn't get the increased speed when dodge because you already have 2 flashes, which should be enough to run away from enemies.

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The item secuence is this one:

First get regrowth pendant and a mana potion to stay in lane as long as posible.
First trip to base you should upgrade regrowth pendant to Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's stone for the increased health and mana regen for early game and the 5 gold (that's always fine). In this trip you should also buy Ionian Boots.
When you have around 1400 gold head back to base and get brutalizer.
Then the order goes as follows:

-> -> -> -> -> -> B.F. Sword -> Sell Philosopher's Stone -> -> ->

Now, why didn't I take Manamune?
The answer is simple, Manamune grants you 1350 more mana and 12 more AD, yes it sound useful, but thinking about it, by taking clarity you don't need the extra mana so, I thought that 20% more lifesteal and 25% spellvamp could be useful for Ez. With Hextech Gunblade you loose 12 mana but get 75 extra AP which makes your W and E deal 350 damage, and also makes all your abilities heal, which on a caster is always good. If you see your going to die just cast your ult forward towards enemy base and see how your life increases. Also Hextech Gunblade gives you a slow that works great for last hitting or chasing.

With this item build you have 70% lifesteal and 20% spellvamp, which makes it easy for ganking and great for 1 v 1. Your strategy should just be teleporting from one place to another and casting q and w constantly, if you see the enemy runs away just cast your ult that should always be ready in case of emergency.

Other useful items depending on the situation:

    If you see you dont last long enough switch hextech gunblade for
frozen malet and Ionan boots for ninja tabi.
If the enemy team has fast running champs such as zilean, rammus, teemo or miss fortune get frozen malet or rylai's crystal scepter (which will improve your W and E damage and make them slow down enemies).
If the enemy team is heavy on tanks then get the Black Cleaver to reduce their armor and max your Q.

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Summoner Spells

Well, for summoner spells I take:

Flash: it's really useful for ez because of that double flash that makes it possible to escape throught the jungle without getting killed or, chase fast enemies such as the stated above, for last hitting with your Q or to diving in and out of towers and area Ults such as: Maokai, Pantheon, Gangplank or Nunu.
Clarity: As I dont take Manamune, in order to have more mana during game and not having to base every now and then, I take clarity. Other possibility is focusing on getting the blue buff constantly and getting other useful spells such as the stated below.

Other useful Spells:
Exhaust: Useful for running away and for killing as part of your ability combo.(if you get it put a point into it so you get the armor and magic resist reduction).
Ignite: No need for an explanation. (if you get it put a point into it so you get the extra AP).
Heal: To increase the duration in lane, but it wouldn't be necessary if you bought the philosopher's stone early on.
Cleanse: I observed that ezreal has nothing to do against stuns and slows, so if you see you get killed this way a lot, definetly get this spell.
Ghost: Again, a useful spell for chasing a escaping. (Dont need to put a point on it, you are already fast enough with flash, Arcane shift and ghost). Actually I just realized Youmuu's Blade active ability, therefore this spell isn't THAT useful but still, it can work quite well because it synergizes with the item for chasing or escaping.

Clairvoyance: Your abilities triger when they hit a target, if you want to know if someone is in the bush, just shoot there.
Smite: You are not a jungler.

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Ability Combo

If you get normal build along with normal spells it should be:

-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
E -> W -> Q -> Q -> Q -> E -> W -> Q -> Q -> Q
(casting your W before your Q is to reduce enemies attack speed and therefore the damage you recieve, if the target is not AD based, then dont worry).

If they are running away but still in range, then:

-> ->
D -> E -> Q
(this order is important because it should get your E to hit the target, if you do it the wrong way round you will deal less damage).

If you got Frozen mallet and they are running away you have 3 possibilities depending on how far away they are or if they have ghost or not:

Autoattack -> ->
1. Autoattack -> E -> Q (escaping but still close)
-> -> ->
2. Q -> D -> E -> Q (Far away)
-> -> ->
3. D -> Q -> E -> Q (Running Fast)

If you got rylais cristal scepter and they are running focus on landing first your E or your W. It should look like this:

-> ->
1. W -> E -> Q
-> -> ->
2. W -> D -> Q -> E

If you got Exhaust, land it as soon as possible to maximize your damage output:

-> -> -> -> -> (when he starts to run away) -> -> ->
F -> W -> Q -> Q -> Q -> (when he starts to run away) D -> Q -> E -> Q.

If you want to have some fun the just last exhaust, let them advance a little and cast your ult.

Your R isn't part of your combo because the combo is intended to be really fast. Ezreal's Ult takes time to channel, making you recieve more damage and moves slow. The best use for the ult with this build is for sniping or to heal yourself.

When you need to heal the combo is this one:

E -> Q -> D -> R (in the direction of your enemy and as many minions as possible).

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Arrangements for Patch v1.0.0.116


Well, since the latest patch ez has passed through a slight change. Now he is a bit more Hybrid of a hybrid champ, so I've been thinking of a slight change:

Before, I said that the object that had to be changed depending on how the game was going was Hextech Gunblade because the build was intended to maximize AD. Well, after a couple of days thinking, the best possibility to maximize damage for ALL spells, is changing for a hybrid type item. In my opinion the best possibility is:

- Another Hextech Gunblade. Why? Well, if the maths are right it would give you a total of 90% Life Steal and 50% Spell Vamp, whilst increasing damage for spells:
Increased from 769 to 829.
Increase from 350 to 406
Increased from 350 to 410
Increased from 1166 to 1264

- Why still not taking Guinsoo's Rageblade? Well, gives you double AD and only 20 less AP (with all the stacks Guinsoo's passive can give). Doing some maths I found out that this only increases you W and your E by 10 more damage whilst reducing you Q and your R by 50. Also, you are loosing a valuable 20% more Lifesteal and 25% more SpellVamp, which also comes in handy.

- Significant more damage.
- Big increase of healing for all abilties.

- Loosing 15% Cooldown reduction from makes your abilities increase a more or less 2 seconds each. Therefore it reduces you "spammability" quite a lot.
- Loosing 20 Armor Penetration makes you get to a global of 25 only with your runes. But I don't know how much this will affect your damage.