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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ezreal Build Guide by MMX1Pikashockz

AD Carry Ezreal - The Sniping Explorer

AD Carry Ezreal - The Sniping Explorer

Updated on November 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MMX1Pikashockz Build Guide By MMX1Pikashockz 15,867 Views 0 Comments
15,867 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MMX1Pikashockz Ezreal Build Guide By MMX1Pikashockz Updated on November 24, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None



  • Good poke with the use of Mystic Shot.
  • Can provide himself or his team an Attack Speed buff
  • Farms well all game.
  • Mystic Shot lowers all CDs if it hits a target
  • Has great mobility with the use of Arcane Shift


  • If behind, is almost useless till late game.
  • Highly skillshot based.
  • Easy to learn, hard to use.
  • Squishy like most ADCs.
  • When countered, has major trouble in the laning phase.

Ezreal is a primary AD Carry with large AP Scaling ratios. He can be built in a matter of ways. Using his E which is Arcane Shift he can escape from most dangers, including pulls from Blitzcrank, snares from Morgana, and ults from Jarvan. In the current meta when I pick him, I'm going for a pick on the safer side. If played right in teamfights, he can bring a major advantage due to Trueshot Barrage having the ability to hit multiple targets.
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Runes & Masteries

From how I've played Ezreal, he can work with multiple type of runes. If you're more of an aggressive player, I'd recommend changing out the ability quint for either an Attack Damage Quint or Attack Speed Quint. If you have more trouble early and can sacrifice a bit more HP late change out your scaling health for plain health. Your amount of armor penetration over attack damage is just a preference, as some players prefer items with armor penetration.
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Matchups [Unfinished Here]


You pretty much outdo her in every way, and if she ults just E out of the way and you've won that fight. Only problem you'll really have is if she waits till the jungler forces you to E then uses her Ultimate.


Caitlyn outranges you, will outfarm you if she zones you correctly, and can kill you to send you behind pretty early within the game. If you hit level 6 before her, with your supports help you should be able to go all in. If she escapes and hits level 6 while you're low, watch out for her Ultimate.


Her damage early game is horrible, giving you the advantage. She won't be doing much against you without major help from her support until mid game. She has lots of mobility while farming though, so you'll have trouble harassing her while farming. This lane will most likely be whoever has the most farm.

TROUBLE: 3.5/5

You have the advantage at your early levels, but once he starts leveling up he will push you under tower. The early levels can help you get enough farm to get Vampiric Scepter which should help you sustain till you get ganks.
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Items & Situational Items

Item Sequence

Essence Reaver 3100
Berserker's Greaves 1100
Bloodthirster 3400
Trinity Force 3333
Last Whisper 1450
Guardian Angel 3200
Pretty average item build for Ezreal. Berserker Greaves as a common boot for AD Carries, Essence Reaver for mana sustain, Bloodthirster for lifesteal, Trinity Force for its passive, Last Whisper for armor penetration, and Guardian Angel for those moments when you are unpositioned or when you jump into the team for that one kill that can delay the game.
Randuin's Omen is basically used on Ezreal if the majority of the enemy team is auto based. When you're hit it slows the enemy's autos making it the perfect trading tool if its auto based. If you're aggressive and want to slow the enemy down due to them escaping Frozen Mallet would be a better choice due to you not having to be close to slow them.

Sword of the Occult is an excellent choice if you're fed, its pretty much useful if you're not. To put it in perspective, its the Mejai's Soulstealer of the AD World. If you get this item, at about 20 stacks you will be unstoppable as you'll be around full build.

I've seen Youmuu's Ghostblade built countless times before. The attack damage and cooldown reduction is decent but where this item really shines is its passive for +20 armor penetration. Against someone like Nasus who normally builds full tank because of his Q, this could help with damage against him.

Zephyr for Ezreal is for the unlucky at using your E to dodge CC or against a click to hit champion? 35% shorter time against CC can really help considering if you're unable to auto you'll only be getting your Q damage in which is still high but can lose you a trade or even get you killed.

Frozen Mallet is built on Ezreal for the aggressive players. This includes 30 attack damage, 700 health, and a passive that lets you slow your target by attacking them. The aggressive Ezreal player will love this item due to being able to hit a Q, slow them, and then pressing E to get into a fight.

The Black Cleaver is the true tank disposer if paired with Last Whisper. Its passive stacks can stack up to 25% armor penetration, which doesn't even take into account its low but useful +10 armor penetration. If against a tanky team, this could be useful.

Guardian Angel really is only useful if you're dying within teamfights, or if you need to delay the game. If you're dying with the enemy only being a few health left, this is a perfect item for you. Otherwise, I'd look at the others.

An auto attack based teams nightmare is Thornmail, not only will you doing extra damage to them BUT the damage they did before it takes your armor account will be sent in 30% magic damage. If anything, they'll be building armor to counter you but the magic damage will be doing more than expected.

Nobody is ever expecting an AD Carry to pick up Zhonya's Hourglass, due to its AP. Ezreal on the other hand, has an ultimate that scales on AP that is recharged by your Q so you can constantly be keeping the enemy on their toes with your ultimate. If you're looking for an advantage in teamfights and you know you can find a good time to ult pick this up.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


One of the best passives an AD Carry can have. Its even better for Ezreal considering this applies for any skill hitting a target. Ezreal's Q, W, and E and R can all hit targets so before engaging you can land a Q and W then already have two of the five stacks it has and late game build up all five stacks just using Q before you even go in building up to 50% attack speed.


The bread and butter of Ezreal's kit. This is his main damage, the source of his cooldown reduction, and a primary farming tool. Mystic Shot applies on hit effects. Lifesteal, Item Passives, and anything else will be activated by Mystic Shot. If Mystic Shot hits a target, it reduces all cooldowns by 1 second.


Ezreal's Mobility comes from this skill. It's commonly used as an escape but it can also be an aggressive move. Upon activation, it hits the nearest target with magic damage.


The main thing low health targets have to watch out for when playing against an Ezreal. Your ult is global and can be shot anywhere and any direction. Thought the cooldown seems medium, don't be scared to use it as your Q reduces cooldowns by 1 every time it hits. If farming, this can result in your Ultimate being less than 40 second cooldowns. If used correctly, your ult can change teamfights or even steal baron and dragon.
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Early game isn't a problem unless your against someone like Lucian, Graves, or Caitlyn. Remember to poke with your Q and to E out of any early fight if you cannot win. I generally recall once I have enough gold to buy Vampiric Scepter and boots, and still have my potion in hand unless I was desperate. When you hit 6, this is when you should be looking at the map more than you should have been before. When you hit 6, you have an ultimate to get assist gold for teammates who missed kills, or just to help out with an engage. Keeping an eye on the map has gotten me a lot of kills, and even gotten me a few barons and dragons. When objectives become the goal, remember to keep vision on the ward and kill the scuttler before the enemy if you can fight them as they most likely will come to get it.

Going into mid game, you should have a dragon or two. If you don't, get the dragon calls as the enemy team is most likely stacking the dragon buff. If a team gets about 4 or 5 stacks while its not close to late game, they will try to fight you. If you're this team, remember to ult for your 5 stacks on your passive while you guys are engaging. Your passive can mean everything, especially in a mid game fight. In mid game, if you're ever out of position, remember to E to safety then flash in the direction they're not chasing you from.

Late game is when your last and situational items really come into play. If you picked Zhonya's, your ult is your teams hero in battle and should always be saved for getting that perfect ult in fights or Baron steals that do more than smite. The more AP you build, the more useful your ult becomes and the more it should be savored as you never know what they're doing late game unless you have vision. If you got Guardians Angels or Thornmail, you'll have an advantage in teamfights if they're jumping through your team to you. Especially if you have GA, after they activate your GA there's a team to kill them. If you chose Thornmail, if there was auto attacks you had done more damage than you were doing with your skills probably having helped your team in a bigger way than expected.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MMX1Pikashockz
MMX1Pikashockz Ezreal Guide
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Ezreal - The Sniping Explorer

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