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Ezreal Build Guide by kaennish

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaennish

Ezreal - The Tanky Sniper (Dominate Pub Matches)

kaennish Last updated on November 27, 2012
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my guide/build on Ezreal, the Prodigal Sorcerer. First off to most this build looks kind of dumb, which is understandable saying its very unique when compared to the other guides here on MobaFire. Most guides here being pure damage, glass cannon, builds. I prefer a more tanky Ezreal. Because regardless of how good/smart you play, there will be times that you get bursted down. Ezreal is just too squishy. Read the entire guide, try out the build once or twice. I'm confident after you do you will love tanky Ezreal and if you do, please come back to comment/rate my guide.

Also, to start the guide off on a good note... Heres a screenshot from a game I played solotop.Dominated shaco top, and everytime the jungle tryn tried to gank, he got it too!

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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Pros and Cons


+ Great range and harass.
+ Extremely fun to play.
+ Very hard to kill. (Tankiness + Mobility = Profit)
+ Amazing damage, despite the tankiness :)
+ Awesome mobility due to your E Arcane Shift
+ Infinite range ultimate :) Trueshot Barrage
+ Great early game damage. (Making him very viable in Twisted Treeline)

- Usually squishy. (Not with my build though :D)
- No crown control (CC) at all.
- Mana problems early game. (Buy a few mana potions if needed)
- Three out of Four spells are skillshots.

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I go 29/0/1 with my masteries. Getting both Weapon Expertise and Arcane Knowledge because you are a hybrid champion. Doing both magic and physical damage, regardless of AD or AP build. Summoner's Insight and Summoner's Wrath are to buff your summoner spells. Vampirism will help your early game sustain, which is always great. Other than that masteries are pretty obvious bonuses to physical damage.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

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Summoner Spells

Flash is great for many things. Closing Gaps, Positioning, escaping, travelling over walls. You name it. It's the versatility of the skill that makes it the best summoner spell, in my opinion of course. Also, Flash + Arcane Shift = double teleport GTFO instantly :D

This spell has its ups and downs. First of all the ups :) It's an amazing slow, it lowers their damage output, mainly ADs, and increases your damage output. (If masteried, which it should be if your following my masteries) Now the downs, or should I say down. It has a really short range... Meaning you have to actually get close to use it, which isn't very appealing as Ezreal. But with my build you'll be tanky and it shouldn't really be an issue. Plus, your Exhausting them. So it really doesn't matter how close you are. You have the upper hand.

Some people don't like Exhaust on Ezreal. If you want, you can trade it out for this. It's really just preference. Play a few games with each, and then decide which one you like :)

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Ability Explanation

  • Rising Spell Force: Great passive for an AD character. When you cast and land a spell you gain 10% attack speed for 6 seconds. Which can stack up to 5 times, for a maximum of 50% attack speed just from your passive. This skill syncs up amazingly with Madred's Bloodrazor and Wit's End. With this stacked up to 5 you should be able to go toe to toe with almost any champion and come out on top. (At least once you get Wit's End if your following the build)
  • Mystic Shot (Q): This will be your main source of damage as AD Ezreal. The low mana cost means you can spam this ability almost all game, and use it to farm. Be careful early game though, you'll go oom quick spamming abilities. It has great range, making it your best skill for harassing. Also when you cast and land it, all your skills CD's (cooldowns) go down by 1 second. (Including Mystic Shot) Meaning you should try to squeeze in your other moves before using this one. The most important thing to remember about this skill? SPAM IT! The more you spam this, the lower your other cooldowns are. Meaning the more you can spam them, and the more damage you will do.
  • Essence Flux (W): This spell doesn't have very good range, and does poor damage as AD. But it's still an amazing ability. Whenever you hit an enemy with Essence Flux their attack speed is reduced. And whenever you hit and ally with Essence Flux their attack speed is increased. With that in mind, you shouldn't be using this ability as a source for damage, but instead as a buff/debuff to change teamfights. Try and hit EVERYONE (Enemies and Allies).
  • Arcane Shift (E): This is my favorite skill on Ezreal. Its essentially a flash, that does damage to the closest enemy to you. (Whether that be a creep, minion, pet, or champion.) Use this to chase, close gaps, escape, or travel over walls. But be very careful. It has a fairly large cooldown so after you use it, your escape mechanism will be unusable for a while. I mainly use this for positioning, to land my skillshots, or to escape, going over walls is the best way to escape.
  • Trueshot Barrage (R): Probably Ezreal's coolest ability. This thing will change the outcome of teamfights. It has infinite range, meaning you can shoot it acrossed the map. Also it will do damage to anyone in its path, doing less damage to each consecutive target :( The uses of this ability are endless. You can use it to help out a teammate that you can't get to in time. Or to snipe down an enemy that would otherwise escape. My favorite use it to wait for a teamfight to start and make sure to hit all the enemies you can. Instantly giving your team a huge advantage. The most important thing to note about this ability is, MAKE SURE NOT TO KILLSTEAL. It may be very tempting to do, but try to avoid it. This will just piss of your teammates. Making them less likely to help you out. KS'ing could cause you to lose a game due to lack of teamwork.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Max your ultimate whenever you can (6/11/16) because it does amazing AoE (Area of Effect) damage. It's your most useful ability. (Uses already explained) Mystic Shot is your main skill as AD Ezreal doing most of your damage its pretty obvious why this is maxed at lvl 9. Arcane Shift is next. It's cooldown goes down as you skill it up, making its skill ups very very usefull. Essence Flux is maxed last. It's only real use is the debuff. Which is very helpful don't get me wrong, it just doesn't help YOU out very much at all. (It's an AP skill, and your building AD)

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  • : This item syncs up amazingly with your Q Mystic Shot. Mystic Shot will both PROC and USE Trinity Force's passive effect. Increasing it's AD scaling by A LOT. Basically once you get this item, your Q always crits :D Not only does it sync up with your Q perfectly, but it has a lot of stats. AND THEY'RE ALL GOOD FOR Ezreal! Being a hybrid character of course. My favorite stat would have to be the health. Making you tankier, barely...
  • : My favorite boots for Ezreal. This CDR + your passive reduction built into your Mystic Shot will mean a lot of ability spamming.
  • : With AD and Magic Resistance, this item makes you more tanky. But keeps your damage high. Also, this item has a passive effect where the lower your health is, the higher your AD is. (Similar to Tryndamere's Q Bloodlust) But the best part about this item is, if you take any magic damage while at or lower than 30% health, you'll recieve a shield that absorbs magic damage. This is kind of an insurance card for effects like Karthus's ultimate Requiem.
  • : This item has Attack Damage and Attack Speed. Increasing your damage by a decent amount. But it also has Armor, keeping up that tankiness I keep suggesting at. The best part about this item is the passive. Your basic attacks (right clicks) will deal 4% of the targets health in damage, meaning tanks are no longer tanks :) (I wish) This goes amazingly with your passive Rising Spell Force which gives you loads of Attack speed. The more attacks the better with a passive like that, amirite?
  • : This item gives Attack Speed and Magic Resistance. Making you do more damage, and have better survivability. Also it has a passive, your right clicks increase your magic resistance by 5 for 5 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. Also it causes your basic attacks (right clicks) to deal 42 bonus magic damage. Just like with Madred's Bloodrazor this syncs up with your passive. Making your right clicks do phenominal DPS. Once you get this item, you should be able to go toe to toe with almost any champion. (Mass attack speed + 2 passive right click effects + tankiness = Ezreal a fighter? wha?)
    : Great item that follows my build quite nicely through having both Attack Damage and Health. Armor and Magic Resistance can be countered through penetration items like Last Whisper or Void Staff whereas health is a little harder to counter, and it helps you be more tanky against all forms of damage. INCLUDING TRUE DAMAGE. Also, this item has a very nice passive that causes your basic attacks (right clicks) to slow your target. Which is very helpful to not only you, but your entire team.

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Situational Items

  • : Awesome offensive item. Decent amount of Attack Damage and an amazing amount of Armor Penetration. Grab this instead of Frozen Mallet if the enemy is stacking armor to try and counter you. This item combined with Madred's Bloodrazor and Wit's End is an amazing counter to armor, if it becomes a problem. The only negative to this item is it doesn't help you in any defensive way. Keep that in mind, if your being focused I wouldn't recommend getting this. I see it more as a late game item to grab if armor is becoming an issue.
  • : I've always seen this as a great Ezreal item. It gives Armor and Magic Resistance, making you more all around tanky. Also when you die with this item, you don't actually die. You come back to life with 750 health. This is when you waste your Flash and Arcane Shift to quickly escape death. (This WILL piss your enemies off) Chances are, with my build. You won't get focused down. Unlike most Ezreals. But if you do with this item, it will be a big mistake on the enemies part.
  • : As mentioned above, health is lacking from my usual build. And health is a vital part to any tanky build because it is useful against all types of damage, including true damage! This item doesn't sync up with the rest of my build all that well because it doesn't increase damage, its just a tank item. I wouldn't recommend this item for my build, I'd put this in a build that includes an Atma's Impaler that way it does benefit you offensively and defensively.

I'm sure there are many good situational Ezreal items I could add here, but I'm only putting up the ones I would ever grab using this build. If you think I missed one, leave a comment! I read them all.

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Farming as AD Ezreal is pretty easy. Try not to passively right click too much, focus more on last hits. You don't want to push your lane and be in your enemies territory where they can gank you easier. If needed, you can use your Q Mystic Shot to help last hit. I wouldn't recommend this at low levels due to mana problems, but mid/late game. Go crazy. As for jungling, I don't think Ezreal is a very good jungler, but an early blue buff can be devestating if your jungler will let you have it. Red buff is very very nice on Ezreal also, because your Q Mystic Shot will apply the slow/DoT (damage over time) effect. Talk to your jungler about getting buffs, and if he/she is fine with you getting them. AWESOME! If not, oh well. You really don't need them. They're a luxury, not a necessity. As for Twisted Treeline, nobody can really CALL the jungle, because there is only one that both teams have to fight over. Both the green and white buff are great for you. So try and get them, especially saying that means the enemy cant get them :D

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Your role in teamfights is quite simple really. You want to stay back a decent distance, but if you can't don't sweat it. With my build your tanky enough to take some hits. Try and land your W Essence Flux on EVERYONE, teammates and enemies, due to the buff/debuff. Use your ultimate Trueshot Barrage whenever the enemy team is bunched up together to do MASSIVE damage to them all. Giving your team a huge advantage. Other than that, focus down the squishies and win the game.

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Thats about all I can think of, my style of Ezreal is kind of unique, which is partially what makes it so awesome. Please leave some feedback and point out any mistakes I may have. Whether they be with spelling or BBcode or whatever else I might have f*cked up on.

Godspeed everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.