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Shaco Build Guide by xTNPxKilljoYx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xTNPxKilljoYx

Fear the Boxes | AP Shaco

xTNPxKilljoYx Last updated on September 17, 2011
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Hello this is my first build/guide on Mobafire and I am going to be showing you how to play Shaco succesfully as AP in 3v3 and 5v5.

Please read the full guide before deciding to upvote or downvote it.

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Why AP Shaco??

Why AP Shaco? The answer is quite simple, great ratio's and ******ed good damage. For example your Two-Shiv poison is a 1:1 ratio so when you have a high ap this is hitting for insane damage!!! (Also Applies with your ult). Also if your playing as AD Shaco (if not fed) all you can really do is Hit a guy with deceive throw your dagger and then back away because your not a beefy champion like Garen or Olaf and you will be appearing on te right side of the kill calls. But as AP your dagger is doing much more damage then it would as AD Shaco and anybody who goes near atleast 3 of your boxes will be punished (Including some tanks!) So why this makes In my opinion AP Shaco much better than an ad Shaco.

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Shaco's Abilities

is an alright move but is not one of Shaco's main moves in this build...Although It can be used in many different ways to help you like getting away, getting into the battle, hoping a wall, ganking and it saves you from needing flash. So overall Deceive Is a very helpful Skill.

Now this is your main and priamry move for AP Shaco and takes down enemy champions very quickly when you have multiple down. Jack in the Boxes are just like a team...there better together so try to keep them close together to quickly take down and enemy. Yu would be very suprised how quickly these babies can take down an enemy.

This is your other move that you will use alot and with its massive 1:1 AP ratio it will do crazy amounts of damage when you have more AP. Its slow is also very helpful on taking down an enemy.

This is a pretty good ultimate and can be used to juke an enemy into attacking it and with a good ap ratio they will take insane damage when it dies. When you use Hallucinate you will be stealthed for about a half a second and if well timed you can avoid a Requiem or a tick of a a DoT like Ignite. So overall this is a pretty decent Ultimate.

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Pros / Cons


-Alot of damage in short periods of time.
-Can take out multiple targets with just boxes
-Not oftenly played as AP so your unique
-Fun to play
-Boxes can take out a fed carry
-If your around your boxes in a team fight it will put the battle strongly in your favor
-You don't need to be fed to kick ***.


-A bit of a squishy champion.
-Is very reliant on your boxes to help you in early stages/to get fed.
-Can be Mana reliant at low levels.
-Have to switch up your box placements so people don't find out where your puting them.
-Harder to farm as AP Shaco.

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The rune choices are quite explanitory. You will want Magic Pen Marks for your boxes and Two-Shiv Poison. Health Seals is obvious because its always great to have and can help you greatly in getting first blood. Ability Power Quintessences and Glyphs are also helpful for you throwing knives and your devilish boxes.

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I tend to go the normal 9-0-21 because like any other caster you will want the magic pen and cooldown reduction.

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Okay to start your going to grab a for the bonus health and ap which is very helpful early game. Next your going to go for size=64] for the bonus magic pen for your boxes. After that your going to rush a , which works great with your boxes and Two shiv poison often leading them to takeing alot more damage from your boxes. After this your going to go for for the increased Ability power. Then your going to grab a which is a super helpful item, that I always use to take down a guy while im at low health by baiting him into the bush then useing the Hourglass to take him out with your Jack In The Box (Always makes them rage). By this point th game should be near ending or ended but if the game continues I follow up with a which works amazingly when used before your Two-Shiv Poison. If the game continues still then grab a for the increased Magic Pen and your build will be complete.

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Summoner Spells

My used summoner spells/my recomended summoner spells.

- for early kills and last hitting those pesky runners.

- is great for keeping your enemies in your boxes causing them to take crazy damage.

Other Possible Summoner Spells:

- Setting one of your boxes in a strategic spot that you can quickly teleport back to.

- If you really find you are having mana issues on Shaco you can get this but It's not the best.

Summoner spells NOT to get:

- You shouldn't really need heal and I find it would be a waste of a summoner spell.

- You would only use this if you were planning to jungle on Shaco but in this guide that is not the case.

- Leave it for the tanks or others.

- You shouldn't be dieing. So No.

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Where to put your boxes.

The places to put your Jack In The Box changes as you take out turrets and which lane you are. For example if you are on the bot lane you will probably put your boxes in one of the bushes or a spot you see them going to quite frequently. Also make sure to put your boxes away from the minions so they don't set off on the minions. Try in your best effort to not let your enemies see you place your boxes as they will avoid that location. Later in team fights your best bet is to put your boxes in a often spot for team fights like around Baron or Dragon.

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Your best friends!!!!

This Chapter is about champions you are going to love to lane with.

Champions you will Love to lane with:

Blitzcrank - Blitzcrank is by far the best laning partner because he can pull an enemy into your boxes and basically ensuring there death unless they are Jesse Perring.

Rammus - Is very helpul for is taunt to pull your enemy into the bush

Shen - For the very same reason as Rammus

Singed - Helpful for tossing your enemies back towards you and your mini WMD's

Caitlyn - If Caitlyn is to put one of her traps near in the same bush / area as your traps your enemy is most ceratin to die.

Maokai - Helpful for his root and putting little spalings near your Boxes.

Champions that will not help you as much or are completly useless for you.

Soraka - Although she is a great baby sitter, playing as AP Shaco you won't need her quite as much.

Janna - Close to the same as Soraka although she is helpful Shac does not really beed a support.

Garen - You won't want someone who's gunna scare them away from your traps.

As I coninue to play I will add more champions that help you or don't.

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Thank you Very Much for reading my guide and I hope you will enjoy playing as AP Shaco as much as I do!!!! Good Luck and See You On The Fields Of Justice Summoners!

Please Comment Below and give me some contructive critism and all the Jazz...Its my first guide..I need it!