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Graves Build Guide by goropod

Top Feelin' Lucky? [Top Graves!]

Top Feelin' Lucky? [Top Graves!]

Updated on April 13, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author goropod Build Guide By goropod 89,975 Views 1 Comments
89,975 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author goropod Graves Build Guide By goropod Updated on April 13, 2024
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Hello everyone and welcome to my Basic graves Guide!

My name is goro and I've been on league since S1-beta.

Graves is one of my favorite champs because of how strong he is especially vs melee
top laners.

I'll be guiding you on how to kick *** top lane in this guide!

Basic Build

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So basically what you want to do is start farming and play it very aggressive (harassing) as you almost have a

high 1v1 winning chance vs many top champs, aim your Q well and you shall dominate as Graves.

push aggressively! a gank can put you down and cost you the lane so keep that in mind.

In case of annoying top laner (Ex:Yasuo,Panth) try to lane freeze as much as possible,

Q from a far and play safe until you have a gank or hit 6.
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By the middle of game you will be solid enough to compete in top, you should be roaming now and use your TP wisely (for a bot gank or save to defend your top if over-pushed).
Try to put some pressure on the mid-laner and the enemy jungler.

Now if you're behind in lane try to have a positive farm and work on your build
because that's what you really need in mid/late game!
Also, an important note: Whenever you're stuck in a bad situation try to E or R away it can help you escape a lot.
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So team fights are starting to happen what should you do?

NEVER frontline when their team is grouped as 5 you're still not that much of a hero! it all depends on how much you're fed and how many kills does their team have so always
be careful!

ALWAYS aim for the carries, as you can take them out easily.
Keep running while trading, make sure to ult when they are low, your ult has a huge range so don't hesitate!
Use your E for a third bullet: While in team fights use the combo *Auto-E-Auto-Auto* as it gives you the opportunity to re position, not only that but deal more damage!

What to do if their team is ahead?

Make sure to play safe, stay behind your teammates.
Don't engage or get yourself killed, try to use your abilities from a distance and use your ult to deal the most damage you can. Build Ga if you can as it will help you survive or even flip the game to your side!
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Split Pushing

Whenever you get the chance to split push or shove a lane out, do it.
Split pushing lets you put so much pressure on the enemy team that it pretty much wins games.
First of all in order to split push your team and the enemy team have to be occupied with something other than defending their turrets or they could even be on the other side of the map.
By split pushing you are allowing your minions to go closer and closer to their base. after you split push a lane to the inner turrets, you come across a mechanic called the Gates.
The gates are inhibitors. By opening the Gates, you are destroying the enemies inhibitors and letting super minions flow through enemy creep waves and stacking up to become a massive horde of minions that will eventually help you put pressure against the enemy base and win the game. Opening the gates wins games almost every time! so I highly recommend trying to do it whenever it's possible.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author goropod
goropod Graves Guide
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Feelin' Lucky? [Top Graves!]

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