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Zyra Build Guide by TGP4Ryan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TGP4Ryan

Feeling Kinda Thorny - (S3) Zyra Jungle Guide

TGP4Ryan Last updated on December 18, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Zyra is a champion who I have always loved simply because of her connection with nature. It also helped that her back story and her character are different then what League is used to. For example, can you really think of any other tournament viable minion users you know in league? If you said Heimerdinger you are completely correct. Other then Heimerdinger of course there are a really none. Then Zyra was released and all the TF2 Engi fans cried out in simultaneous exultation. Finally their LoL Engi had arrived, oh happy day. They put her in the mid lane, knowing her ability to do a surprising amount of damage over time would win fights there and then stashed her bot lane using her safe poke to harass the enemy, yet was her true potential being squandered? With the new jungle creep targeting system, Riot opened up the doors to the unstoppable jungle Zyra. Using your plants and burst you can quickly clear the jungle and take back what was your's to begin with.

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Q = deadly bloom
W = Rampant Growth
E = Grasping Roots
R = Stranglethorns
CC = Crowd Control
Re = Recall
Blue = Blue Golem Camp
Red = Red Lizard Camp

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Video Examples

A few example videos of Jungle Zyra will be placed here when i get the chance to edit them and upload them. Thanks for the patience.

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In a nutshell, Jungle Zyra works because she can use her strong burst potential with her Q ability, deadly bloom, to deal high damage to an entire jungle camp. Then combining her deadly bloom with her seeds ( Rampant Growth) to create plant minions which will take the aggro of the Jungle Minions from you while you can still be bursting down the camp.

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All sections are still under-construction, images and videos will be added at a later date.

So here is the meat and potatoes of this guide, the main part which your probably will all read so i will do my best to keep it short.

Jungling with Zyra is a simple as letting the computer do all the work for you. You are probably now confused, and ready to rage quit this guide but I implore you to stay and read on for just a moment. When you think about Zyra as a jungler what methods do you see that could allow her to sustain herself where junglers like Warwick and Fiddlesticks with natural/lots of life-steal prosper and dominate. Some of you might say that her burst can be devastating to players or to creeps, which is very true, but not the main factor which allows her to jungle. Some of you might say the utility offered by her long rage AOE snare and her slowing dps plants allow her to concentrate on ganking and facilitating kills and assists in the other lanes. Although she is very good at this, that is also not the main reason for her prosperity in the jungle. What allows her to clear the jungle quickly and efficiently is that fact that she can use her minion plants to tank the jungle creeps as she bursts the creeps down with her abilities.

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Currently Testing

taking an earlier rylais before the upgraded haunting guise. Allows for more tankiness and utility

taking a super early rylais before deathcap for the needed tankiness.

taking upgraded haunting guise before deathcap for needed tankiness.

taking mastery points out of armor and into life regen and +30 base health.
- 12/18/2012 - made this switch for more early game health and health regen over a little bit of extra armor.

Alacrity vs homeguard (situational?)
- 12/18/2012 - If you get early tier 3 boots alacrity for better ganks otherwise homeguard.

]Mostly farming vs mostly ganking (Situational, effect late game scaling)
- 12/18/2012 - She is a very strong ganker especially early game when lanes dont have wards yet and she can camp and "aim" her stun. Use that to your advantage. even if you fall behind her mid game clear times are insane and u can easily catch up.

Earlier tier 3 boot upgrades.
- 12/18/2012 - personal preference, although i dont take them until after Deathcap unless i so happen to have just the amount needed for the upgrade left over after a purchase.