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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by spartan622

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League of Legends Build Guide Author spartan622

Fiddle support: Surprise!

spartan622 Last updated on September 8, 2014
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Welcome! Help me help you

This is my first guide on Mobafire so helpful feedback as to how I can make this guide better or even build changes are very much welcome.

Why fiddlesticks support?

Fiddlesticks has some beautiful spells available to him. A 2.25 second fear!!! A multi-person resetting silence. And and OH MY GOD damage AOE ult. Unfortunately for this little guy He often falls short of other mid laners by late game. The change in how his fear works was also a slight nerf to jungle fiddle though it is still viable. Support fiddle allows the awesome CC of fiddle still to have a massive effect in team fights (Vi jumps on your carry and your carry is most likely dead, but wait, you have a 2.25 second fear and a silence. Vi is dead and its 4 v 5) without your team necessarily depending on you to do massive consistent damage. Also, dark wind allows you to do massive poke in lane without fear of retaliation so you do an excellent job of zoning the other bot lane and letting your adc farm.

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Pros / Cons


  • Awesome poke and SILENCE with dark wind
  • Great sustain with drain
  • 2.25 second fear
  • AOE ult that does massive DOT
  • Rank 3 drain with 35% CDR can be used continuously
  • Confuses the hell out of the other team in draft

  • weak to all ins early b/c of low lvl fear
  • Has to stand still you use drain
  • ult requires channeling out of sight
  • ult has very long cool-down
  • squishy early (making their all ins dangerous)

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9
The 7 flat magic pen from these plus the 10 from Dread provide 17 flat magic pen. That means your spells will be working against 13 MR instead of 30.
The formula for damage reduction on magic is:
So with 20 MR your enemy gets (30- Dread 100/120=83% or a 17% reduction in damage.
With 13 MR your enemy gets 100/113=88% or a 12% reduction in damage.
With these runes and masteries and the spell thief's edge you will have 38 AP. Dark winds has a .45 AP ratio so at level 3 dark winds (which you will have before first back) you do 105(+17)=122 dmg after reductions that's 101 with 20 mr vs 107 with 13 mr. 6 extra damage per time the crow hits (up to 3 hits per spell) may not sound like a lot but if your spamming dark wind like you should be then it will add up.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9
11 AP at the beginning of the game is not something you want to pass up.

Greater Seal of Armor x9
You are up against a physical damage lane and as shown above, a little bit of resistance goes a long way. at level 4 that's a 22% reduction without armor runes and a 28% reduction with them.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3
15 AP right off the bat. That's hard to pass up on a poke champ like fiddle.

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Fleet of Foot
The extra speed helps you to get in range to use crow storm and then get out before the silence wears of.

Mana regen so you can use dark wind more often to harass in lane.

Summoner's Insight
More flash = more plays

Free gold, although it's not much we will take all we can get.

More free gold for doing nothing but standing near your farming allies.

The extra mana pot at the begining is huge, plus this allows us to take Bandit .

Expanded Mind
More mana again for more Dark Wind.

It's like a bonus on spell thief. More gold makes fiddle happy and he gets it for doing what he's already doing anyways.

CDR for faster spamming of spell and allows Crowstorm to come up a little sooner.

You've come this far there is no reason not to spend the 1 point for 5% movement speed out of combat. This helps you get back to the front sooner, place wards, and help out in mid if you have to.

More CRD for spamming

Expose Weakness
You have 2 spells that can hit their entire team. 1% extra damage isn't huge but every little bit helps.

Mental Force
I take this because the other options in the level are almost useless on support fiddlesticks and because I want to be able to take Arcane Mastery.

Arcane Mastery
6 extra AP at level 1 is really nice. That is 3 extra damage per hit with a crow for free.

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Necessary Builds

Frost Queen's Claim Gives you the gold you need early, extra damage, mana regen,and an AEO slow. This is the best support item for a poke based support.

Sightstone Vision wins games. Vision wins games. VISION WINS GAMES! Knowing where the enemy is and if they are intending to sneak dragon/baron is huge in this game. Your team needs vision and a Sightstone pays for itself after 11 uses.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives us a large amount of health, 100 AP, and a 15% slow (Which doesn't seem like much, but when most people generally have about the same movement speed 15% is huge is helping you escape/catch people).

Zhonya's Hourglass gives us armor, 120 AP, and an awesome active that is great for ulting into their team and then coming out alive. Your team will thank you for having this and being able to do massive AEO damage and cause chaos in the enemy's ranks.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity CDR is awesome for Fiddlesticks. Spamming his CC in the late game turns team fights really easily. A 2.25 second fear is almost a guaranteed kill in the late game, so being able to do that to multiple targets in one fight is ridiculous. I get these most of the time.

Boots of Mobility - Alacrity if you need to get around the map to win the vision war then these are the boots for you. I do not normally take these but if your team is badly losing the vision war and you need to be able to get to objectives and then back to your team quickly these can come in handy. I always take the Alacrity enhancement with Mobos so that in combat I'm no slower than everyone else.

Sorcerer's Shoes give even more penetration. In fact, If the enemy carry bought no MR items then you will be dealing 101% damage with your spells (That's more true damage!). Fiddlesticks will have a decent amount of AP by late game (300+) so these aren't a bad choice. I take these if my team needs damage more than crowd control.

Last item

Rabadon's Deathcap is a very large boost in AP. It makes all of my spells hurt a lot more. I usually get his because I like to be able to contribute to the team fights as well as my Drain Will keep me alive in the middle of their team.

Liandry's Torment
This item is for when you are getting sieged or when you are sieging. It gives a nice amount of health as well as AP and more Magic pen (If you get this you will be doing MORE THAN TRUE DAMAGE! to ranged champs that don't buy mr) But what you buy this item for is the passive. Whenever you hit an enemy with a spell (cough cough Dark Wind) it will do the normal up front damage but then burn for an additional 12% of their current health over the next 3 seconds! On a seige the enemy simply can't stick around if they get hit by about 2-3 of those.

Will of the Ancients is an item that I have never actually tried on Fiddlesticks. In theory this would make your Drain ridiculous. If someone has tried this let me know how it worked out.

Spirit Visage provides added hp, mr, and provides a large buff to our Drain. Viable if their APC is raining on your parade.

Banshee's Veil also provides hp and a lot of mr and also a decent amount of hp regen to fight off poke comps. I buy this if Annie is Flash Summon: Tibbers stunning me to hell.

Abyssal Mask is picked for a lot of the same reasons Rabadon's Deathcap is. Rabadon's Deathcap is superior with overall damage but Abyssal Mask has the unique advantage of making your short ranged damage ( Crowstorm anyone?) ignore more mr than their carries have (meaning it will do considerably more than true damage) and giving you a good amount of mr. This is a hybrid between an offensive and defensive item.

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Dread is great early (and even late if the enemy builds no magic resist) because it allows you to do about 7% more damage. This is next to useless against champions that actually build mr though.

Terrify. To quote Zedera, "One of the most Terrifying abilities out there." He's punny but he's also right. Terrify is ridiculously OP. It's basically a 2.25 second stun and if you have any team behind you at all the feared person will be dead by the time it ends. Riot plz don't nerf, this is why I play Fiddlesticks.

Drain is Fiddlesticks single target damage ability. It does a good amount of damage over time assuming you can keep the target in range (Since you cant move or take any actions this may require your teammates help. A Terrify can keep them in range for a while. It can be used a lot like Master Yi's Meditate in that it will keep your hp nice and topped off and if you find yourself in a situation where you just need to survive for a few more seconds you can use it and at higher levels it is very tough for an enemy to kill you without hard CC.

Dark Wind This your bread and butter early game. I always level it up first because it gives great harass to BOTH the enemy laners at the same time as well as silencing them so that I don't have to fear retaliation. Does a significant amount of damage at all parts of the game. You won't be nuking any one person down with it but if 2 champs are right next to each other with no minions around then ouch! Also, if an enemy flashed away this has great range if you can use it right as it has an initial 750 range and then can bounce an additional 400 per target.

Crowstorm is an absolutely devastating ult. With 300 Ap you will do 450 damage per second to each enemy near you! So on a squishy that has no mr (remember we have a lot of mr pen) you would do 2300 damage to them over the course of the ult. Basically the ult alone would kill many people but combine that with a fear and a drain and it is a recipe for disaster for the enemy team. The only draw back is that it take 1.5 seconds to channel this baby and if you start in front of the other team you can bet they are gonna get out as fast as they can. That is why it's best to start channeling Crowstorm behind a wall or in a bush. Remember you will be jumping into their team so this spell goes great with Zhonya's Hourglass.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a much on any champion without access to an easy dash or blink. Flash allows you to reposistion when using Crowstorm to hit the most people, escape from fights when low, and even get position on the correct side of someone so that you can Terrify them towards your team. Flash is a must.

Heal is very useful to have on Fiddlesticks because he doesn't have any other sustain for his carry (he has plenty for himself). A good Heal can be used to bait in the turn around turret dives, prevent bleeding from killing you or your teammate, or even give you enough hp to survive that pesky Karthus or Jinx Ult. I really like heal on any support that doesn't have a build it heal or buys a Face of the Mountain.

Sometimes the other team will have multiple assassins and you simply can't Terrify them all off of your carry. If no one else took it, then in this situation it would be wise to take Exhaust. If you Exhaust an AD assassin (or any AD for that matter) their damage output goes out the window for the duration of that Exhaust. This is especially potent on people like Yasuo who jump into the middle of your team and expect to do big bursts of damage. I will take this when the enemy team has potent assassins.

Ignite is a spell used for lane pressure more than anything else. Usually I take Ignite when I really want to dominate the lane early. Since I am Fiddlesticks this is exactly the opposite of how I want to play the lane. Therefore I will never take this spells with Fiddlesticks, not because it is a bad spell, but because it contradicts my goals in the laneing phase.

No. No. Never!

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Playing support Fiddle

It just occurred to me that I wrote this whole guide and failed to include how to play support fiddle. My apologies to those of you who have already read this guide. This is how I play support Fiddlesticks.

Early game (laning)

Poke with Dark Wind every chance you get! It his 750 range and its a point and click ability. The silence will stop large amounts of retaliation but beware of Blitzcrank grabs, because your crow is a very slow projectile so your enemy will be able to take some action before it lands. If you are up against someone with a skill shot with similar range like like Jinx or Morgana or Lux just stand behind minions. If you are up against someone like Lucian with a skill shot that passes through minions it might be wise to bait out the skill shot and dodge it before you Dark Wind. Your goal with all this poke is to force the enemy off of their farm and if you can, out of experience range. This will allow your ADC to farm with no worries and will hopefully keep the enemy ADC behind.

Brush control

Brush control is very big with Fiddleticks. With brush control you can jump out, Terrify then Dark Wind the closest target, then run away before they even have a chance to so much as auto attack you. They will be afraid of half the lane if you do this enough. This is why I recommend selling the Warding Totem and buying the Sweeping Lens as soon as you have a Sightstone of Sight Ward to place in the lane bush. Don't let them see if your in the bush!

Mid Game

By this point, if your ADC has a healthy lead, you should be able to roam a little bit. Ward buffs and dragon, clear some wards. If their mid lane is overextended show your mid laner some love and Terrify him from behind. Always remember though, keep an eye on your bot lane and if your ADC starts having a hard time farming go back and remind the other team why they were cowering under their turret. Be communicating with pings and letting your team know what's going on. Remember, 3 people on the team spend a lot of their concentration on farming and putting pressure on the opponent directly across from them. You and the jungler have a luxury of not having to concentrate on farming so you should be able to pay attention to the map and when you can snag key objectives like dragon or when someone backed so you can rotate and take a turret.

Mid-Late Game

Picks and warding and rotation. Your fear should be a pretty high ranked at this point so you are great at initiating from brush on lone targets. As any support you should be warding and keeping your team safe, as well as watching for pushed minion waves for easy turrets.

Late game

Stay close to your team. They need your CC and their damage is a handy thing to have on your side. Since Dark Wind is so slow moving you can target an enemy during a siege below a turret and run out of turret range before it actually lands therefore never drawing turret aggro.

Team fights

In team fights you have 2 options that depend on what your team needs and how previous team fights have gone. They are:
  1. If your carries are having trouble with making it past the first 5 seconds of a team fight, stay in the between your front line and your carries. Throw a dark wind and have a ball with auto attacking but SAVE YOUR FEAR for when and enemy jumps on one of your carries. Fear them and keep your carries alive.
  2. If there is no effective assassin on their team taking down your carries but the other team has a good team fight and you have time to set up, Crowstorm into the enemy team from fog of war, then Terrify the biggest threat and Dark Wind to silence everyone else. Be sure not to start the Dark Wind on the person you Terrifyed because that would just be wasting CC. At this point you have 2 choices. Drain the feared carry if you think the hp you are getting from your drain will be enough to keep you alive (You get a lot of hp from this so you might wanna try it before you just write it off) or, if you think that even with the drain you will be blown up too fast, use Zhonya's Hourglass and let Crowstorm and your team do work while you sit safely in unsuitability.

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Fear for dayz

Fiddlesticks Is a great poke champ early with really good CC and a decent amount of damage. With this build he will also have 2300-2700 hp as well as over 100 armor so he wont be instantly vaporized in team fights. I really enjoy Fiddlesticks support for his lane bullying and because he will usually have a good amount of damage on his team since he is not taking up the mid lane.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you enjoy Fiddle support as much as I do. This is my first guide so helpful feedback is very much appreciated. I seek to make this the best guide that I can so any way that you think it can be improved please let me know.

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Future goals

Future goals of this guide

  • Make it more ascetically pleasing, It's kind of bland atm
  • Add a synergy section, since I am support It would be nice to say who I go well with
  • Add a matchup section, seperate sections for ADCs and Supports?
  • Listen to requests by the viewers