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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by chasesan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chasesan

Fiddlesticks - Ohm Nom Nom

chasesan Last updated on September 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Oh hello there. I am Chase, better known as BitTwiddler in LoL, and this is my first guide here on MobaFire. As the name suggests, yes, I am a programmer by trade.

Rune and mastery setup is only suggestions, as I am only level 13. But who cares about me, onto Fiddlesticks.

A funny little scarecrow guy, how tough could he be? Pretty tough. You can eat their health and heal faster then they can remove yours. Everyone (but them) wins!

Based on leppycon, guide somewhat. Basically I discovered a lot of passive overlap that was wasting gold on needless and such.

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Pros / Cons


  • Fun to yell, "No, don't run! Don't run!" after your opponents.
  • You will likely never run low on health.
  • Difficult for to easily gank.
  • You could jungle (if you want).


  • Lacks Cho'Gaths 'nom' munching sound.
  • Enemies run away from you.
  • Enemies will only come near you in large numbers. (annoying)
  • Needs an okay early game.

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Runes & Masteries

Runes and Masteries are pretty straight forward.

I personally really love Seal of Armor, it helps so much early game, especially if your character is somewhat squishy (like Fiddle, Annie, Katarina, etc).

Everything else is just boosting the spell penetration.

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I get Amplifying Tome and Mana Potion right out the door. The tome gives you just that little bit more power you need early on, it is also a component of the Hextech Revolver, making it much less of a throw away item. The potion on the other hand keeps you in the fight longer, and fiddle loves to burn mana.

Boots of Speed are a given, and really needed to chase down that cowardly Cho'Gath, or bravely run away from that cowardly Cho'Gath if things get turned around (unlikely).

Usually about this time you are more then sen enough to just farm enemy champions until you can afford your Spirit Visage. Which is a very useful item, especially for fiddle. Boosts his spell vamp a good deal.

Not long after this fiddle needs a new pair of shoes, so make him happy and give him a boost to his Magic Penetration with some Sorcerer's Shoes.

Hextech Revolver is green and gives you some nice spell vamp. This later gets changed into a Will of the Ancients to help out your entire team. Fiddle needs to be a team player after all.

Next move onto the Abyssal Mask, which helps his health drain really damage the enemy. Very scary.

Last but not least to win the round in style one or more Rabadon's Deathcap's do the job nicely.

I say one or more because by the time I get this the game is usually won as fiddle had drained the life out of every opponent he meets very quickly. So unsure where to go from here.

If you dislike running out of mana, a single Meki Pendant or even a Tear of the Goddess can be a great help. However straying to far down that path will delay the main build.

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The sequence I set up above will help you get enemies dead as fast as you can. Which is really the whole point of the game. Feel free to mix it up, you're not required to follow it to the T.

"All the better to eat you with!" This makes enemies weaker so fiddle can drain them faster.

Basically a stun, this is your bread. Just makes your enemies wonder around rather then running away from you, which is very helpful when you need their health more then they do.

This is your butter with fiddle, and he will get quite fat on it. Just point and click and watch the enemies life slip away before your very eyes. Not as potent early on, so you might want to supplement it with Terrify and Dark Wind.

Dark Wind
Silences them. Keeps them from stunning, poking, knocking, scaring, blasting (etc) you. Bounces between many so useful for a crowd, just avoid the minions unless you plan to farm them, which it is also useful for!

Wait a few seconds and then pop over there, only passive drain with this (thanks to your Hextech Revolver/ Will of the Ancients), but still a tasty meal as it very quickly drains enemy health in a large area. Make sure to Terrify ones who are running away. I suppose you can chase them too, if you want to work off all the extra pounds you put on by eating all your enemies.

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Summoner Spells

Usually on fiddle I almost always at top health. With Clarity it gains me some much needed mana, and Teleport is useful for helping lanes that are struggling or if someone needs help.

Other useful spells would be Ignite to help in early game if you just don't have quite enough to finish the job. Flash is useful once braver enemies try gang up on you. Ghost if you need more speed then your boots can give you.

Other spells are mostly situational and are suited towards your particular play style.

Most useless spell for this fiddle is likely Heal... because fiddle can just eat a minion if he is low on health, plenty of them just laying around.

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In short, ohm nom nom nom.

Drain your enemies health and heal yours faster then they can take yours away is the name of the game.

Praises, Criticism, and other such things go in the comments.