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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Neji15

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neji15

Fiddlesticks: SURPRISE! Party Build

Neji15 Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi mobafirerers. This is my first guide so be nice with the voting. :) I play fiddlesticks all the time and I tend to win maybe like....70%-80% of my games with him. Since I'm so succesful with him, I thought I would show everyone this build so everyone can have as much fun trolling as I do.

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Pros + Cons

Dark wind deals a ton of damage early game to enemy champions
Crowstorm (Ult) and your Terrify (fear) allows him to be one of the best gankers in the game
Has amazing survivability with a Rod of Ages and Rylai's build. Almost 3000 HP!!! (It's actually more than 3000, the Total Health at the top doesn't include the RoA passive.

Great farming capability (Last hit with dark wind)
Great laning presence, with the heal on your drain and the mana regen from Doran's Ring , you can stay in lane long enough until you can go back for a Blasting wand and normal boots .
Chicks want your caw (lol) and imagining the looks on enemy faces when you ult.

Getting too reckless and greedy with your ult may cause you to die a few times (Dont ult a low level champ right next to their tower when your flash is on me I've tried lol)
Since I dont up my fear until lvl 4 in this build to get max damage from Dark Wind , getting ganked by a jungler (really early) while overextending could kill you.

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Pretty self explanatory. Magic Pen marks and Quints means major damage from Dark Wind . CDR seals so you can cast more efficiently, AP Glyphs for that extra oomph at the very beginning, you'll basically start with 25 AP (at level ONE!) with Doran's ring and the runes. And don't forget his passive, Dread , which will make enemies take even more early game damage because of their lowered MR (Magic Resist).

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Pretty standard 9/0/21 masteries. Better cooldowns for all your spells means more flashes and faster Teleporting to throw more surprise parties :) and you'll be able to use dark wind more often while laning. Also an AP boost from Archmage's savvy in the offense category for more early game AP. Jungle buffs last longer because of maxed utility mastery. The experience boost from awareness is also a big pro to the 9/0/21 build.

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Start game, I always take a Doran's ring and I take mid 99% of the time. This guide is centered around fast global ults , which is the reason why I get teleport , and I go mid to level up faster.

Always try to zone your opponent while you're laning. Make sure to get as many last hits with your auto and dark wind as possible. It's extremely important to have ready when there are around 2-3 enemy minions left, and that you use so that it can bounce off the enemy champion as much as possible. Up until you get your Crowstorm and high level drain , Dark Wind will be your main source of damage. This will allow you to farm pretty well, and when you have around 1200 gold, use one last time ( if you have enough mana), and go back to base, get a blasting wand (to build into Rod of Ages), boots of speed , and 1 or 2 health pots and run back to your lane.

Next time you go back, try to get catalyst Catalyst the Protector and rush RoA asap, as it's passive makes it get stronger over time.

Next time you go back, finish your Rod of Ages get your Sorcerer's shoes if you have enough gold.

Next we start to build Rylai's , starting with Blasting Wand ,Giant's Belt comes second.

After Rylai's you should be making really fast money because of your survivaility due to your HP being almost 3000, and your high level Dark Wind for farming. This will allow you to build Rabadon's fast.

After Rabaddon's, I recommend either getting Morello's Tome (CDR is important, 20% from one item!) or a second Rabadon's for an Ultimate that deals tons of damage. TONS, like trips and quadra kill tons. Make sure you /l after any pentakills. Makes it MUCH more satisfying trolololol.

Basically, if you want MORE ultimates, get Morello's Evil Tome.

If you want STRONGER ultimates but longer Cooldowns, get Rabaddon's first.

Situational: If the enemies have tons of magic resist (MR), an Abyssal Scepter , partnered along with your Passive Dread and high Magic Penetration would guarantee you tons of damage, even against teams with a lot of Magic Resist.

If the enemy team is SUPER SUPER loaded with magic resist, I suggest replacing the second Rabadon's with Void Staff , for the magic penetration.

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Skill Sequence

As you can pretty much tell, this guide is centered a lot around Dark Wind, because frankly I LOVE this skill. It's great for farming, it has a silence, and it is the reason for many of my kills. I prioritize it over drain and terrify. I remember one time when 2 champions with relatively low health were running away from me, and I flashed and managed to pop dark wind on one of them. Since they were running away together, it kept bouncing off both of them and I got a really easy double kill. R > E > W > Q
Priorities/Sequence (Picture Form)
> > >

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Summoner Spells

Teleport (I'll say why in the next section) , and Flash . Flash for chasing and to get in range for that fear , running away, and for using right after you pop your ult to get closer to enemies.

Below I'm going to take about alternative spells. Although I think Teleport and Flash are absolutely NECESSARY

Alternative spells:

Ignite: Good for 1v1's and to get first blood, but we want our early game kills from ulting in your ally lanes.

Ghost: Good to use during your ult to gain ground, but I feel that flash has more of a surprise element to it and is more efficent.

Spells to NOT use :

Exhaust: Just use your fear.

Heal: LOL you have a drain. It gives you 75% of the damage you deal.

Smite: Check the jungle fiddle build if you want jungle fiddle,although he can't take dragon at level 4 anymore :(

Cleanse: Not a good substitute for Flash and Teleport. Enemy team will probably use all their CC before you pop in there, kick ***, and take names.

Fortify: Make Taric do it.

Clarity: Doran's ring has you covered, and late game you'll already have RoA, Rylai's and most likely blue buff.

Rally: .....LOL

CV: Make Taric do it.

Revive: No.

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Surprise!!! (The best part of my guide) :D

At the beginning of the game, BEG your teammates to ward Sight Ward their bushes around the time you turn level 6.
The Usual scenario: Your teammates are getting pushed hard, your Ult and Teleport are ready to go. Teammates managed to ward their bushes. While you're mid laning and you're preparing to gank, make sure you go a bit behind your turret so that your enemy thinks you're RECALLING. This is CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL This is Surprise Party Fiddle.

So here we are, Ashe or Anivia (or whoever) thinks you recalled. Teleport to the ward Sight Ward your teammates set, wait until the enemies get in a vulnerable position, and begin to channel your ult. LULULULUCAWCAW!!! but, you're NOT done yet. If you're a little far from the enemies, and you probably will be, FLASH to get closer to the enemies. You can flash WHILE you're ulting . After that, pick the squishiest one, or the one with low health, and fear them, DARK WIND , then drain . At this point, you're either 1-0 or 2-0. This is the deciding moment in the game which will decide whether you're gonna wreck or be average. If you get an assist, or nothing at all, it's OK. Just try again when your Ult is ready to go. This is why fiddlesticks needs Teleport and the cooldowns from the 9/0/21 masteries. He's a ganking machine.

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Your team is about to go in an all out 5v5 BRAWL. What should fiddlesticks be doing when the battle is about to begin?

Ultimate is READY:

Position yourself so that you are close to the teamfight, but not in it.

Wait until your tank(s) initiate and pop your ultimate so that you are right in the middle of the fight. If you're not too close after popping the ult, use flash for better positioning.

CAST DARK WIND IMMEDIATELY. (Smartcast if you can)

Fear the squishiest person, or the hardest hitter (Xin Zhao, Trynd, Ashe, Leblanc)

Use your drain on them.

R > E > Q > W

Ultimate is NOT ready (which shouldn't happen too often because you have CDR)

Stay behind your tankiest people.

Cast your dark wind to silence most of the enemy team so that can't use their skills.

Use your fear on the squishiest person or the hardest hitter.

Use your drain to finish the job.

E > Q > W

Succesful teamfight is succesful.

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I'm not sure if this build is just run of the mill or unusual, but I felt like I needed to prove that it works anyway. I was able to win 4 games in a row (one of them ranked) with this same build.

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Surprise Party Fiddlesticks SKIN (Show your support pleeeease)

Yes. With the streamers and the blowy things and all that.(By the way, I did not make this and don't own it in any way. I'm just endorsing it and REALLY want it to happen.)

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Thank you so much for reading my guide, again this is my first. Please give it the grade you think it deserves and tell me what's good or needs improvement if you like and rate it! Thanks again!!!
Oh, and this is a reason why I love fiddlesticks (narrated by HotshotGG himself) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL