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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Barbarion24

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barbarion24

Fiddlesticks: The Bringer of Death

Barbarion24 Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Sorry, This Guide Is Incomplete And Under Revision At The Moment =/

I hope to finish it by the end of the week. Please come back soon and check out the final edition. Thanks! :D

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Intro to Fiddlesticks: The Bringer of Death

Well, this is my first guide and I decided to cover my favorite champion Fiddlesticks. He is an easy to build and easy to use champion who can be an amazing 1v1 fighter and extremely effective in larger team fights. I do not have much experience jungling with Fiddle, so unfortunately that topic and build will not be discussed in this guide. However, I am working on brining a jungling build to the page as soon as possible. Please feel free to leave suggestions or questions about the page in the comments, I always appreciate some constructive criticism. Thanks!

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Pros and Cons


  • Great 1v1 champion
  • Can stay in lane for a long time (thanks to Drain)
  • Fairly easy to build
  • Can deal massive magic damage and win team fights


  • Little mana
  • Long cooldown on ultimate
  • Not a good farmer
  • Not much defense

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Fiddle's Abilities And Why To Level In This Order

Fiddlesticks possesses am amazing array of abilities to crush enemies. Skill sequence is CRITICAL to Fiddle's early game success. While many have disagreed with my sequence, I have had great success with it and its a great way to get the early edge and crush other champions.

PASSIVE: A free 10 magic penetration right off the bat?! I'll Take it! This ability is amazing to start with. Because Fiddle's abilities are only able to use 45% of his AP, magic penetration is a main focus for him. This is extremely helpful early game.

Starting with the ability Dark Wind is MUST for Fiddlesticks. With it, you can harass enemies and keep them at a distance. In an early engagement scenario, the silence effect and damage will cripple your enemies, and while they run away will be their demise as it rebounds off other minions and champions in the area. You want to level this ability as fast as possible to continue harassing enemies and killing them as they flee from your wrath.

Following Dark Wind, Drain is essential to Fiddle's survival and is the secret to his success. As your AP (Ability Power) increases to does the amount of life you drain and the damage the enemy receives. This is the skill which wins 1v1 fights. This is the second skill you will want to level up as quickly as possible. Some people believe that this should be your fist priority and choice of skill, however, in early game because you possess low AP, it is not as effective or devastating as it is in mid and late game.

Terrify is an amazing piece of Fiddle's arsenal. It can be used to interrupt enemy champion casts as well as a way to keep an enemy from fleeing. I do not find it very important to level up early, however, because its use is mainly as an interrupt to the enemy's spell's and their attack sequence. Using this effectively can sometimes win fights.

Crowstorm is the big gun in Fiddle's arsenal. Though it has a short cast time, it deals massive AOE (Area of Effect) damage to any nearby champions and minions. This will turn the tide in team fights and catch a fleeing enemy with its ability to "jump" forward. The most effective way to use Crowstorm when not in a team fight scenario is to hide among the bushes and jump an enemy, taking them by suprise and dealing massive amounts of damage. Crowstorm should be used to kill weakened champions or kill fleeing champions. Sometimes, initiating with Crowstorm in a team fight will push the enemy champions back and allow your allies to take the offensive. Even while Crowstorm is active, you can cast other abilities. This is a huge plus which should be taken advantage of.

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Effective Ability Sequences In Combat Situations

Now familiar with his abilities and knowing which order to level them, the focus turns to how we must use these abilities in effective combinations to demolish our enemies! Of course, the sequence of ability use is situational, however, it is always good to have a plan and then deviate from it accordingly.

When engaging in a 1v1 against a melee champion in the open such as , my approach is:

Dark Wind ---> Drain ---> Terrify ---> Drain

Dark Wind will not only damage, but silence whatever ability the enemy champion was going to use to initiate the fight which gives you control of the first few seconds. Following with Drain will deal great damage while they recover from silence and launch their first attacks, you are already sucking their health away, replacing that which you have initially lost. Now, when using Terrify, you want to use it either to interrupt an enemy ability as I mentioned earlier, or simply to get the champion off your back while you resume using Drain and recovering health. This is an extremely effective combat sequence which takes command of the fight, forcing the enemy to be controlled by you instead of the other way around. It is an aggressive and dictative sequence rather than a responsive one.

When suprising an enemy champion from the bushes or entering a large team fight my approach is:

Crowstorm ---> Terrify ---> Drain ---> Dark Wind

While initiating fights with Crowstorm is not always a effective method, sometimes it can be a great way to initiate and end a fight quickly, earning you some quick cash and experience. Crowstorm should NEVER be used in the middle of a fight because it can be easily interrupted, in which case you have just wasted your ultimate and allowed the enemy champion to begin controlling the fight.

It is always a good idea to experiment and come up with a version which you feel confident and comfortable with. The above are merely suggestions to get started with which I use and have found to be effective.

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Summoner Spells

My Summoner Spells

Exhaust is a must have for Fiddle. It reduces the target's (auto/basic) attack by 70%, (ability/item) damage by 35%, and slows movement speed by 40%! It can be used to weaken an enemy champion in the middle of a fight, keep them in range of your Crowstorm, and also to slow a fleeing champion so you may finish them off. Best.Summoner.Spell.Ever.

or Now, Ghost can be interchanged with Flash, however, I prefer Ghost because it lasts longer and can be used to run from a fight, or chase down a fleeing enemy. While Flash can be used to surprise enemies it does not cover the distance which one using the Ghost summoner spell is able to, therefore, I prefer Ghost. Its a matter of preference.

Other Good Choices

These are other summoner spells I think work well with Fiddlesticks.

Teleport allows for quicker movement around the map when it is up. It can be used to turn a 2v2 into a 3v2 victory and grabbing kills.

Surge increases ability power by 10-78 and attack speed by 35%. The ability power increase is not all that impressive and the attack speed is of no use to Fiddle, however, it is not a bad choice.

Ignite deals 420 + (lvl x 25) damage to enemy champions. This can be a great help fighting enemy tanks or simply getting that killing blow. This is my second choice summoner spell.

Replenishes 160 + (lvl x 30) mana, allowing for longer laning and you'll be ready for a fight with enemy champions. A great choice for Fiddle.

Stay Away From!!!

Fiddle already has the means to heal himself, why waste a summoner spell?!?!

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With my masteries I have carefully deliberated and decided on the mastery selection below. I believe those chosen best benefit Fiddle in his quest to satiate his bloodlust.


From the offensive mastery tree the ability power from Mental Force , cooldown reduction from Sorcery , and magic penetration from Arcane Knowledge are obvious choices for Fiddle. Continuing down the tree, i placed 3 points in Havoc , 4 points in Blast , followed by 4 points in Archmage and my final offensive mastery point in Executioner . Skipping over the defensive mastery tree, in the utility mastery tree, I went for the max increased mana from Expanded Mind and put 1 point in Good Hands (who likes being dead??) to advance down the tree to Meditation for the mana regeneration which is critical for Fiddle because he has so little mana and uses it quite rapidly in combat, especially in the earlier portions of the game. By placing 1 points in Swiftness I increased Fiddle's movement speed and proceeded to place my last mastery point in Transmutation for the spell vamp.

All together this is an offensively stressed build, however, I think the best one to completely destroy your opponents.

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Runes and Statistics

Runes are meant to stress a champions strong points and give them the edge in combat. This means realize which stats need to be focused upon to allow Fiddle to dish out maximum damage against other champions. As far as specific stats are concerned, the order of importance is thus:

  • Magic Penetration
  • Ability Power
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Mana Regeneration
  • Mana
  • Health

Some people ask why I value magic penetration above ability power, because isn't it ability power which lets you deal more magical damage?

While this is true, an understanding of how magic penetration works will reveal that because Fiddle's abilities only allow for a percentage of his total ability power to be used to increase the damage an ability does, possessing magic penetration will increase magical damage dealt more dramatically than simply possessing more ability power.

So how does Magic Penetration work?

In order to give a comprehensible answer, how magic/armor penetration work must be addressed first. Every champion possesses a visible health bar called "true health", armor and magic resistance are two invisible bars of "health" which base their numbers off of the amount of "true health" the champion has and the amount of armor/magic resistance the champion's items, masteries, and runes grant them. According to how much magic resistance the enemy champion possesses, the percentage of magic penetration (such as the 10% magic penetration Arcane Knowledge grants) and flat rate of magic penetration (such as the 20 magic penetration granted by Sorcerer's Shoes) are taken from the opponent's magic resistance. Based on the amount of magic resistance taken from the opponent, the percentage of magic resistance left is taken from the "true health" of the opposing champion. This effect can also act negatively, so that if the magic penetration of the attacker exceeds the magic resistance of the defender, a greater percentage of magical damage is dealt tot he defender's "true health"

My Runes


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

I know, I have quite the odd assortment of Runes....and none of them are ability power!!! There is a reason for this. While ability power may be the second most important stat, in-game items provide more than enough ability power for Fiddle to manage any opposing champion out there. However, the items which I use in my Fiddle build (as will be discussed later) possess few cooldown reduction or mana regen effects. So, lets go over the Runes one by one, shall we?

This Rune provides Fiddle with a great amount of magic penetration, as expressed above, is his most important stat.

This Rune helps to provide Fiddle with the mana regeneration he lacks from in-game items.

This Rune helps Fiddle to be more effective in combat by reducing cooldowns and thereby increasing the amount of damage her is able to put out in a shorter period of time. The less time it takes for Crowstorm to proc the happy I am!

This Rune greatly emphasizes the stress placed upon the importance of magic penetration for Fiddle.

Obviously, according to how you want to play Fiddle, you can change up the runes. This is just a core build that will maximize damage output.

Other Rune Options

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Finally, we arrive at my item selection and progression through a given match

*One of the most important points I always stress is to be able to adjust your build accordingly with your opponents while retaining focus on core items or stats.*

Core Items and Advisable Options

Doran's Ring

Doran's Ring is a common item to start the game with for many casters. The early health, ability power, and mana regeneration are a must for Fiddle. There are few other items I would consider before this one.

Other Options

While the crystal grants Fiddle more mana and builds into catalyst the protector, I prefer the multitude of stats given by Doran's Ring. The crystal grants less early game survivability to Fiddle than does the ring. SPACE Whereas Sapphire Crystal grants straight mana, Meki Pendant grants straight mana regeneration. While it is most certainly needed, again, Doran's Ring provides more early game survivability. The pendant does build into any of the items I am seeking to buy either, making it somewhat of a waste.

Sorcerer's Shoes

These shoes grant Fiddle both mobility and magic penetration. Both of these are important, especially in the early game, for Fiddle. It is essential that, with Fiddle's weak defense, he is able to kite and get away when he has to, as well as chasing down enemies.

Other Options

While these boots grant an increase in mobility, sacrificing the +20 magic penetration is not worth it.
I have seen this item used instead of the Sorcerer's Shoes to increase mana and mana regeneration, allowing them to lane longer, however, the sacrifice of mobility and ability to damage your opponents more severely will make you a squishier and easier target. However, it does build into Archangel's Staff.

The Rod of Ages

This item is amazing because it grants Fiddle some much needed mana and health, as well as ability power. The passive effect of Rod of Ages which stacks up +18 Health, +20 Mana, and +2 Ability Power every minute (Capping after 10 stacks) is a fantastic bonus to the already impressive +450 Health, +525 Mana, and +60 Ability Power. This is a core item for my build and makes Fiddle very effective in combat as he transitions into mid game.

Other Options

If you got Tear of the Goddess earlier, it builds right into this fantastic item. While the +400 Mana and +45 Ability Power are not as impressive as the stats of the Rod of Ages, its passive, which grants ability power equal to 3% of your mana, and increases you mana each time you use an ability (capping at 1,000), it is indeed an impressive item, however, it does not hold up the the Rod of Ages as for its usefulness to Fiddle.
This item vastly increases Fiddle's health with +500 Health as well as an impressive +80 Ability Power. Its passive also slows a targeted opponent's speed by 35%, increasing the effectiveness of Drain and Crowstorm.However, it lacks the mana increase seen in the Rod of Ages and after its passive effects reaches maximum stacks, they possess equal AP. IIn my opinion, the Rod of Ages has the slight edge.

Rabadon's Deathcap

This item is a must-have for Fiddle! It has a ridiculous +140 Ability Power AND its passive increases your ability power by 30%! Once you attain this item, the world will crumble before you as enemies fall at your command. This item is key to success.

Other Options


Void Staff

The Void Staff is a great item which provides a great amount of ability power (+70 AP) along with a drastic +40% magic penetration effect. This item plays to all of Fiddle's strong points and greatly increases the amount of damage he is able to put out.
Other Options