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Fiora Build Guide by Kevo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kevo

Fiora AS DPS!!! [Dominion]

Kevo Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Everyone, this is my first guide :) It'll be on Fiora. As you all know she is mainly DPS. Okay guys, I've tried the whole DPS look with maximum damage output and crit, and it just doesn't work that way.
You'll notice that with AS, You'll be ripping enemies to shred in seconds and also be sticking in team fights a lot longer.

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    Added Summoner Spell Options
    Updated Skill Explanation
    Added More Item's
    Added Changelog
    Updated Enemies to Fear
    Added GamePlay
    New Item Sequence

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Pros / Cons


    Very Fast Attack Speed
    Great Ultimate
    1v1 Win Win situation
    Great Late Game Champion

    Item Dependent
    Requires Skill and "Juking"

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Greater Mark of Alacrity - Personally the more Attack Speed the Better :) or trade them out with Greater Mark of Desolation for armor pen

Greater Seal of Defense Greater Seal of Defense or - and that's just all for survival and trust me, You will Thank me for surviving and Hitting a QUADRA KILL!!

Glyph of Resilience - Same concept of Yellow, QUADRA KILL!!

Greater Quintessence of Defense Quintessence of Defense - More survival

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21/6/3 is the Key - You have attack speed, Crit, and Armor and all the needs to win a fight and more :)
Also, you also have mostly Attack Speed, Crit, and Lifesteal. All of these should help you win battles with ease.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - your "Burst of Speed" Isn't really a Burst of speed..... this is used to kill and run, plus it's my favorite Summoner Spell. The usefullness of Flash can make or break, and with your need to escape certain fights and finish off opponents is a must have skill.

Ghost - This is another favorite of mine, usually i use this just because i need Kill Ahri than ghost over to kill Brand. I use this skill early, mid, and late game so you'll be wanting this skill to be up All the time.


Exhaust - If they Run, YOU KILL THEM WITH THIS!!!, and if they try to kill you, you STOP THEM WITH THIS... Pretty self-explanatory

Ignite - Honestly this spell is useless once you start to notice the fact that your picking off kills already and this spell just doesn't seem to help you as much as Ghost and Blink does, though some people do beg to differ but I honestly don't see any usefullness late game

Revive - This skill is very Underestimated, and I like it and i don't like it, It's the matter of preference and to see if you want to be alive to help those situations. Usually if if my team is wiped out, i don't want to revive to get into a 1v2 or 3 fight. So i find this skill very weird to be used

Promote - No point in using this because you'll be killing most of the time and not killing minions. Some do use Fiora to go bot, but that's your choice if you want to use it. I don't like this kill for her.

Heal - This skill is a life savor, and a "Why did i get this skill?" The heal it grants is enough to last you a few hits, but with late game, it's usefullness isn't welcomed at all

Surge - The attack speed and ability grant is overkill for her, and it's not meant for her. Though some people do say its good and bad, I don't find any late game properties in this skill.

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Skill Explanation and Sequence

Q > W > E....

it saves my life here and there, it's not really that useful until late game when you have Massive LifeSteal with Massive Attack Speed

Q Lunge - Level 1 does the job, and honestly it's a great Hunting skill, and it gets better when you can use it twice! but it is at 15 second cd in the beginning so don't pick fights if you can't win. Only use this skill to join in fights, and always Choose the Squishy ones :) and finish them off with it :)

W Riposte - THE BREAD AND BUTTER!!!!!! You seriously get CRAZY DMG, and you get to negate and hurt a basic attack??? This skill, if used to bait another Champion that has a bit more health, can Equal an Easy kill once your cool downs are gone. If me and the champion are at the same health and i know I;m gonna die lets say... I'll juke with this and end him with Lunge and Burst of Speed. There is skill to using this and try to use it when you know they will try to run and hit at the same time :) or use when you in a group fight so all of them paying attention to you will get hurt within

E Burst of Speed - This is an awesome skill that just keeps stacking Attack Speed; Movement Speed as you attack, and it's similar to Master Yi's Ultimate, but this time it's just an easier version and it's pretty nice to keep using it again and again.

W Blade Waltz - This skill is pretty ridiculous, in terms of the damage output which i believe is 500 at lv 3, and this skill can really make or break the capture or defence of a tower.

Use your ultimate wisely, here's a tip for your ultimate use

    Try not to use on 1 champion
    Best way to use it when there's 2!!!! CHAMPIONS!!!! together
    You can use it on 2 or more, but prepared to get squished....

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Purchase the Items in the Order you See.

Prospector's Blade - I really like this item in early game, because of the nice boost of health/dmg/lifesteal. This is a Needed item early game and don't get anything else besides Prospector's Blade and Boots

Berserker's Greaves - Best Boot to get, I have experimented with Boots of Swift, and with Summoner Spells/Trinity and your Lunge, you don't really need speed... you need ATTACK SPEED!

Trinity Force - I would get Phage First, Zeal, then finish Trinity Force, and honestly this item has its survival needs that it gives you, and You Can't Go Wrong With Either One. It gives you a nice added crit, health, mana, dmg, etc. Overall a great item. I go with Phage first only because of the bonus health/slow and these survival needs are a nice early game bonus.

Sanguine Blade - This item MUST be obtained after getting Ionic spark or Trinity Force, and Trust me, this item... after you easily hit the Champion 8X, The Heal and your Passive plus the damage just stacks and its AWESOME!

PICK ANY THREE - Situational

After this point, you can chose either 1 of the 3 items but i suggest you still go after the other two, because depending on the situation than that's the item you get

The Black Cleaver - This item is for the Armor Stacking Champions that you'll learn to hate.... you'll obliterate them with this :)

Kitae's Bloodrazor - This item adds attack speed and a bit of attack, but the main thing is that it literally OWNS TANKS! you kill them faster, and you kill other squishy Faster!

Phantom Dancer - This item is great, It's Cheap and your gonna crit so fast you'll be going after the next Champion :) I usually get this, when i want to kill them 1v1 faster


Ionic Spark - You could switch this Trinity out. This item does awesome damage early game and the attack speed helps so much late game, but I wanted to add this in to those Armor Stackers. It's also more of a fun/unique way to play Fiora. Give it a try :)

Executioner's Calling - You can also get this item after Sanguine Blade to have the Lifesteal Stack, I've seen it done and with the added crit, it's a nice and cheap way to have Fiora last longer in fights. Though i feel that if you had to get both items, Your not skill level isn't on par with many fights you get into to have her survive so much. I seem to survive just fine with Sanguine Blade...

Rejected Items

Frozen Mallet - This item is horrible on her... What are you thinking?!?!!? you want to trade all attack damage outputs for some slow and health? She is squishy already and now you will a hard time finishing champions when you need to. I find Trinity to be the perfect item that gives a little in many ways.

Entropy - You get a nice damage boost plus the active skill, that just doesn't seem to benefit you at all. I mean the damage is nice, but the fact that your trading items that has fast killing potential to now chase an enemy when you should have killed him ASAP!

Guinsoo's Rageblade - Don't even think about getting this... the AP boost is pathetic and she's AD.

Infinity Edge - Alot of Fiora players use this item and it's ****... The damage and crit is nice, but your gonna get killed way to fast to even have a chance at critting your opponent. And because your switching out attack speed for it, your not hitting fast enough to deal the crit/damage.

Last Whisper - Great item, but I find The Black Cleaver's Synergy to be better for Fiora and her skill play.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - This items unneeded boost is not for her and for the price...

Malady - What made you think that Malady would help? I mean yeah its nice that your shredding magic resist... but The Black Cleaver is way better :)

Wit's End - By the time an AP caster see's you. Their casting will obliterate you, so no point in raising your magic resist if you already gonna get nuked to death.

Nashor's Tooth - Kinda pointless items and not meant for you >.<

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So far, When you play, your role is to Prey and Attack. Since your output of DMG is so much, They'll kill you first so be patient.

Early Game
In Early Game, your goal is to wait for your team to initiate the fight. Once initiated start going after the squishy champions or casters. Remember to never Fight Caster until they start casting their skills. Focus on your Three Skills and start utilizing it against melee attackers and throw down all your damage onto the weak ones. If you see a Low Health Champion, don't be afraid to finish him with Lunge and move to the next, because your Burst of Speed is now refreshed.

Mid Game
In Mid Game, You'll start to notice that these attackers will kill you first, so you have to wait and NOT INITIATE ANY FIGHTS. You have to stick to your teams and help them pick off these runaways. If there's any chance of Relic, Pick it up and help your team. Chances are that once you have relic, your team fight win ratio is 3:1

Late Game
Everyone is Scared of you by now, or is wanting to cast everything they got onto you. Keep in mind that when your in late game, start moving around in the FOG, so you can pick off single Champions or use Ghost to join team fights. If you know you can kill them easy... Take the opportunity and start Hunting them so that they feed you and you can then move to your team fight.


*Wait for the Stunners to Stun, and the Nukers To Nuke, Than you move in, because your goal is to KILL, not to be killed.
*Hunt Weak Champions and aim for weak Champions

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Enemies to Fear

AP Casters -
Annie - Her Spells, Stun, and Bear will kill you ASAP i suggest you wait for her to spam.

Fiddlesticks - His fear plus Lifesteal is a killer combo, so watch out for him and mainly his fear.

LeBlanc - She's known to kill you once she spams her spells, and watch for her ult after her normal spells

Malzahar - He's always known to be the trouble maker by making you go one on one with him while his allies beat you up... so watch his ult

Veigar - He's is just full of surprises so don't be chasing him so much if your not ready to be stunned.

Ziggs - His bombs hurt... so be wise when chasing him

Melee/Ranged Fighters

Evelynn - She is very annoying, All she does is wait for you to have low health and surprise you... your Riposte doesn't even work when she cast her spells so be wise when to use your Riposte skill

Fiora - There will always be another one of you, and what do you do? Kill her first before she kills you. Always kill her first.

Fizz - Fizz can get annoying once he jumps around and knocks you back, so don't try to fight him one on one if your not ready to die with him as well

Jax - Tough Champion so Riposte and watching his stuns is a great way to defeat him.

Kog'Maw - He has always been a disaster to go up against. Always kill him first. He's Attack's will shred you into pieces so be carefull

Poppy - She's tough when all she do is use two skills on you and your health goes way down...

Rammus - His thormail skill plus another thormail skill will kill you super fast, i suggest you fight this guy in teams and with TBC item.

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Thank you Guys, Please let me know how this guide went for you :) and some suggestions, This is my First guide :)