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Fiora Build Guide by letaljc

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League of Legends Build Guide Author letaljc

Fiora - OP Sololaner (MID/TOP)

letaljc Last updated on September 11, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Ability Key W
Ability Key E
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Hey everyone :) This is my first guide here, so don't expect it to be perfect !
I made this guide because I couldn't find any I really liked, so I wanted to share my point of view on how to play Fiora !

Boitata wrote:

BTW, my build isn't based on crits. I'd rather go pure ad (but it can change, depending on how the game is going (= you're fed).

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Pros / Cons


+ Awesome burst
+ Strong gank potential
+ Good survivability overall


- A bit squishy
- Good placement skills are required
- Not enough boobs

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Skill Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Further explanation below

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WHEREVER YOU ARE, YOU HAVE TO FARM ! Fiora has a really strong farming potential, try to get the best of it !


You managed to have the mid lane. We suppose you'll be facing against an AP Carry, otherwise go to the Top section.
At the mid lane, you need to be able to burst the opponent quickly. Therefore, max her Lunge and try to harass as much as possible. Since you have boots, try to avoid getting poked. The goal here is to obtain and maintain Lane dominance, needed if you want to last hit and farm properly.

By level 2, if the opponent has some kind of high damage on auto attack (eg. Ziggs passive, Fizz, ...) take your Riposte once. Max it last. If he doesn't and you feel comfortable at last hitting without the AD Bonus, just wait until level 4 to level it.

Ay level 3, put a point in Burst of Speed. Now you are able to freely harass :
Activate your Burst of Speed to get bonus MS on your first Lunge, use the first Lunge to close the gap between you and him (you can Lunge a creep too, just try not to spam it or it will blow the 2nd charge)
auto attack twice if you can with your Burst of Speed activated, then second gap closer and another auto attack (or more if you can)

With the bonus ms, you'll be able to escape without getting to much damage,


Burst of Speed Start by activating your e since lunge trigger the bonus ms/as, then instant q => Lunge => AA => Lunge => AA as much as you can with your bonus as from Burst of Speed

Level 6 : You now have your ultimate Blade Waltz . A very important rule is to NEVER ENGAGE WITH YOUR ULT ! Remember that you have no escape mechanism, and if you are getting focused you'll regret using it to engage. It can also be used as a "follow" ability if you feel you won't be able to stick on your target.

Same mechanism than before + ult : Start by activating your Burst of Speed since lunge trigger the bonus ms/as, then instant q => Lunge => AA => Lunge => AA as much as you can with your bonus as from Burst of Speed then to finish => Blade Waltz

By this moment, and even before if you are farming the ennemy laner, you can and HAVE to gank other lanes. Fiora has a strong gank potential, but also needs to farm a lot. That's why I consider midlane to be the best if you know you can handle it. Remember this :)
You should be able to kill both ennemies bot, allowing your team to easily win at least bot and mid. You can obviously gank top, even more if he's failing and/or pushing too much.
Try to focus on the lanes which are losing hard and remember that your jungler can't be everywhere.



Here you will likely be facing an AD, so start with Cloth Armor Cloth Armor + 5 pots Health Potion and go for your Riposte first. If you feel like you can dominate him with your Burst of Speed-harass, don't max your Riposte but the Burst of Speed instead !
I also like to harass him the same way I do for midlane, with maxing Lunge, if you're against a ranged champion. It's up to you and how you prefer it really.

Here a wriggle Wriggle's Lantern is a must have, it gives you a ward, armor, sustain and damage, pretty much all you need to harass and farm like a boss.

Try to help your mid if he's failing, or try to counter jungle (trying to check Red/Blue buff by the 9'/7' mark is never something bad !).



Focus the ad/ap carry. As I said before, NEVER ENGAGE WITH YOUR ULT, except for a pentakill...

Use your Lunge to reach the carry and kick the **** out of him. Don't forget that your Burst of Speed cooldown is reset when killing an ennemy, and halved for an assist. If you're getting focused and going down, TIME TO Blade Waltz ! That will totally **** up the ennemy team's organization and allow your carry to do a lot of damage, while you're dealing amazing damage too. You should survive every teamfight if playing like this.

That's also why I love buying a Quicksilver Sash, it allows you to cast your ultimate when you want to.

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I would like to give a special thanks to Boitata for his comments, and for pointing out some tips that are really useful, i hadn't so much time yet to give mine, so here are Boitata's tips !

Boitata wrote:

By playing I got some tips (if ppl has not figured that out already) that can be nice if I share.

Fiora's ult makes her untargetable, but you can still target your enemies (pretty much like Pantheon's ult), you can, for example, Ignite/ exahust your enemy during your ultimate for a secured kill. It works exactly like Fizz's playful trickster, so you CAN dodge that Karthus Requiem, one only have to time this ult correctly.

Another thing, your ult wont cancel DoT, so if you got ignited or ganked by Twitch or Teemo and ults barely alive, if you dont have enough lifesteal you will die and the ultimate will be canceled, IMO if you know you wont steal life enough to make it, its better let it go and save your ult, for the cooldowns is painful as hell.

Always pop Burst of Speed before ult. This combo makes Fiora one of the best tower divers of the game; you can ult get double kill and 4 stacks of your passive plus some good move speed buff, which will make you go out of towers range in time, or finish the job if the enemy manages to survive.

Now what I believe be a bug: Riposte's active cancels the damage of auto-attacks but do not cancel added effects to them. Wukong's Q will still shred your armor, Garen's Q will get you silenced, Teemo's and Twitch's poison will trigger even if you parry their attack as well as Red Buff slowing effect. Keep that in mind. Riposte is an awesome skill, but it's kinda limited right now.

Now a hard one to master: try to use smart cast on her Lunge. It will allow you to do better use of its mobility capacity, this makes Fiora a nice juker, and must take you out of some nasty situations. But be careful to not screw up your double Lunge by double hitting Q twice on the same enemy/minion. Also, I dont know why but Fiora get kited very easly in lane (maybe a hidden passive, like Teemo's global taunt), if you put your Lunge at smart cast it can make your response time much faster, which may make harder to kite you. Another solution is the alternative start with boots and 3 potions. Just tested and boots kinda made me twice deadly.
Well that's all for now :D

I have to say that i've always, since her release, played her in smartcast, play with ALL your skills in smartcast (not needed for Riposte and Burst of Speed though), at least try to have Lunge, Blade Waltz and Ignite in smartcast. I'm sorry for not pointing that out earlier, since i pretty much always play my char in smartcast.

TL;DR : Smarcast IS a thing you HAVE TO master with Fiora, at least following this guide !

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First of all, remember that the main part of this guide is playing mid lane

Therefore i go for burst damage since a classic midlaner won't let you auto attack him !

Pelikins wrote:
of all the abilities to level, lunge is the lowest dps one.

Lunge :
Cooldown: 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 seconds
Physical Damage: 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage)[/color]

At lvl 1 you should have around 70 ad (picking lunge first) => 40+42=82 * 2 = 164 damage lvl 1
For a classic midlaner, it'll get to 124 with his basic armor
BUT you also add at least one auto attack on each gap closer => 124+(70-20)*2= 224 damage by level 1
So yes, fiora as a great burst potential, and since you're mid, you won't auto attack that much => e doesn't need to be maxed first

Pelikins wrote:
On top of that, you rush life steal and the one ability that has ZERO synergy with life steal.

Each time you harrass with your lunge, you deals significant damage, deals at least 2 auto attacks and trigger 4 stacks of your passive. Imo there's enough synergy here to sustain yourself through harrasing.
Moreover, a Wriggle's Lantern at mid lane helps your team cleans the drake faster + free ward + enough sustain to counter any pokes.
And i'd like to say that if you auto attack with your Burst of Speed, you will keep on pushing your lane => that can be nice, giving you the chance to gank, put also to be ganked and lose a lot of farm.

Pelikins wrote:
Your build takes a great auto attack champion and tries to turn it into some sort of a caster by rushing lunge.

Imo Fiora as a strong burst potential : with my build,

you are able to take down a squishy enemy simply by Lunge->aa-> Lunge->aa-> Blade Waltz-> Ignite

Killing the carry is your job, and this is the right way to do it before he deals significant damage (for example with my build i os a kog maw, with yours i'm not sure that you'll win an 1v1 against him just by auto attackin)

But once you killed the carry, the items i give allow you to deal significant damage with your aa, since you have enough sustain and as with a Wriggle's Lantern and your Burst of Speed, even at lvl 1 (60% as + The Black Cleaver is strong enough)

Pelikins wrote:
It's a terrible idea...

I TOTALLY disagree : i never lost a mid or a top playing this way (and i never max Burst of Speed first, either Lunge or [[riposte]) !

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Summoner Spells

Strongest :

My favorite. Reduces healing, dot, securing a kill. Can be cast during ultimate !
Another strong choice. Can be use offensively and defensively, really strong against ad.
Allows you to dive/escape/chase and much more. No further explaination needed

Other viable choice

Can be a good choice if you're not going for sustain and want to win 1v1 or survive a dive.
You have your E. But can be used as a great escape tool or to chase a faster ennemy.
Can be replaced by a Quicksilver Sash. But still a decent choice.

The others are useless for you (except smite, but there are other chars who are better jungler with stronger ganks)

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The part everyone is waiting for !
Since Fiora has a strong basic AS thanks to her Burst of Speed, I would go for a lot of AD and a bit of AS. Some items can give us both, so they are, imo, must have !





One of the best item on Fiora. Gives you AD, AS and Armor Reduction. A must have ! Also, your ultimate stacks this.
Strong item, gives you what you need and more. The proc on Phage is great since you'll have more AS with your E and Zeal part. Sheen's helps with your Q-burst.
Another awesome item, gives you ad,as,arpen, CDR and an amazing active.

Defensive items :

This can save your *** if you failed somewhere in a teamfight

I love it. Allows you to clean all the cc and launch your ult

Banshee veil Another good option, but require better placement skills

Against an heavy ad team, but i'd rather go for a

For Sustain and Lifesteal

If you're facing an AD, or an AP with a strong poke, go for Wriggle. It also gives a free ward, so it's also great at midlane.

If you want a bonus attack damage and can easily farm, buy a BT

If you're pretty much fed, go for both :D


If you're facing an heavy ad team, must have. Buy a quicksilver slash if too much cc

Great item for middle lane. Gives you tenacity and magic res.

If you feel like you can kill everyone w/o problem. A qss will be useful with this


Facing a team with low magic res and high hp, you have to buy it.

I gave it a try, and i gotta say that this is quite good, giving you as + mr / since you're facing an ap that's great

Gives you the control you want, and can be combined with

: Since you'll have around 30% crit chance, you can buy it, though i only recommand it to replace your wriggle

Atmog : If you want to play w/o a brain, go for it

Being denied

Although I never lost a lane with Fiora since her release, forget BT and Wriggle and buy two dorans blade. Then buy the cleaver and you should be able to deal tons of damage

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Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Quintessences :

Since you're playing an ad char, it seems quite appropriate to go for ArPen here. Moreover, I chose to pick ad marks, to mix arPen and attack damage here

Greater Quint of Swiftness can also be a good choice, so you can stay w/o upgrading boots and give you nice ms to gank/avoid ganks/harrass more with AA

Usually, go for either :
3 * Greater Quintessence of Desolation + 9 * Greater Mark of Attack Damage
3 * Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage + 9 * Greater Mark of Desolation

Seals :

Go for armor, to have much resistance against the ennemies ad, and strong early game
9 * Greater Seal of Armor
You can also pick hp seals, either flat or per level, as you want if you think it'll improve your survivability

Glyph :

Since i love playing fiora mid, picking magic resist is quite obvious. It's also useful for tf, even if not playing mid
9 * Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

If you have any suggestions for other glyph, you can comment to post them !

As you can see it, i go for flat runes : in my opinion, fiora is a snowball char => if you can grab some kills early game, you will literally roll over the ennemy team.
Win early game and you will own late.

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Classic 21/9/0

Go for the 4 points in Sorcery to grab some cool cdr, which will synergize well with a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Take one point in Deadliness , and one in Summoner's Wrath for improving your ignite/exhaust. I don't pick the bonus damage on crits, because my build isn't based on it. I'd rather go pure ad (it can change though, depending on how the game is going).

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This guide is far from being finished, but I think the essential is here.

Give Fiora mid a try, and let me now how was your game ! Ask questions if you want to, and try to bring constructives objections !

Thanks to jhoijhoi for his "how to make a guide", and kOrtiah for helping me redacting it !

My best game :