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Fiora Build Guide by ZombieCripple

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZombieCripple

Fiora, Pretty Pictures

ZombieCripple Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Fiora, The Grand Duelist jungle guide. first id like to say is this is probably my favorite AD champ to be released. Shes a great pick and in my own opinion not op. Also this is my first guide on MOBAfire to take serious so i hope to continuously keep up to date to the best of my ability. Thank you :)

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Pros / Cons

Pros +
Amazing burst damage
great parry ability
amazing gap closer
and her ult makes her hard to keep track of
amazing passive good for any 1v1
a sexy french accent(still need more?)

Cons -
can be a bit squishy
thornmail still hurts her
lacks any means of CC

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The Mastery choices i have chosen are to provide Fiora with a great amount of damage from the start to the end of the game,

selecting points into was to provide a slight speed increase to my jungle and because a choice in wasnt really a viable choice

along with getting any extra AD i can pull from my masteries mixed with Fioras E provide her with in my opinion very strong early game ganks.

with the 9 points i spent in the defense tree getting more armor from , The extra gold using smite from , and more health from , instead of going down the utility tree for the buff increase by getting , I've provided Fiore with a more stable and more sustainable jungle clear along with more protection against any form of counter jungle from the opposing team.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells of my Choice:

i chose to use and because smite is (i don't care what anyone says otherwise) a must to be a productive jungler and flash is amazing for gap closing for ganking just flash in and q to dash in and gank them.

Some other choices you might consider but i believe to not be as useful as what I've chosen:

you could use ghost if you prefer it to flash but i believe flash to be a better gap closer for this champ

this is a more risky jungler spell if you ask me, its leaving you with nothing but Q or E to use as an escape and that isn't quite reliable enough for me but some peoples play style are completely different from mine and i can accept that

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Greater Mark of Desolation

for runes i go with marks of desolation for the greatly needed armor pen, Seals of resilience to give more survive ability in both jungling and ganking, i get glyphs of shielding to give the ability to 1v1 any mage with ease, i use quintessences of strength to provide stronger jungling.

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The items i choose in the order i choose to buy them rarely changes it generally provides a very strong early to late game purchase:

Starting the game off with a and moving it into ASAP providing a great start of armor, life steal, and not to mention a way faster jungle speed to provide more opportunity to gank your lanes.

Then moving on i grab either OR i get depending on the team im up against or more so depending the lane im ganking most and also take in consideration what the other jungler is to help prevail in counter jungling.

Third i get Blood Thirster getting this early on pretty much sets the field for a good game this mixed with gives you amazing life steal for such an early level and the damage is a nice addition on top of that.

After that i move on to the attack speed items that fiora is amazing with i get both and a Providing all the attack speed you could possibly need with enough armor pen to do some serious damage.

Finally i prefer to get an being the perfect and final piece of the puzzle to this guide providing damage and stronger crits making Fiora pretty much unstoppable if played right

Some item changes you might consider to maybe bend to the game or maybe just your play style:

maybe instead of getting an you could possibly consider maybe a cheaper yet more defensive route such as getting (credit for this choice goes out to Razmaze)

in other options I've considered the change of out for maybe a but i personally prefer the armor and life steal so this one is maybe just something you, yourself would prefer but i don't recommend it myself.

an Item i've found to be greatly picked instead of a black cleaver would be it's armor pen and attack speed boost, not to mention movement boost make this a great pick for any ad carry in my opinion but as for fiora, the active on this item mixed with its passive armor pen and her E you should be able to shred through your target in a matter of seconds (credit to choosing this item goes out to Kartoon1st)

In most cases being that this game is a tanks game now a days you might consider and item like in my personal opinion this item is way to costly for most games but if i can grab it due to being overly fed or the game has lasted long enough i would trade out and highly consider this item to be a higher profit.

Items to be considered in any build:

an item that i had completely looked over before making any attempt at testing, it was brought to my attention that this item deserved its shot to shine.(credit goes to Pintash) this item provides not only more CDR a decent amount of MR it provides her with an impressive buff to her passive mixing this items healing buff with your 43% life steal you get with Blood thirster and Wriggle's Latern you get an amazing sustainability in almost any fight. though this item i do believe is situational it is more likely to come to mind when fighting a fed ap carry or a team with multiple ap champions. this item is a great buy in my opinion for a great price.

this item provides Fiora with armor, crit chance, and providing more damage at a more tanky direction. this item is great for when you are carrying your team with kills and you are being focused it provides you with more defense and offense and its not to badly priced definitely not an item to be over looked

While Fiora lacks in CC this item is a great one to bring to any build it provides Fiora's amazing attack speed with a slow, making it more difficult to escape a gank, a 1v1, or any fight for that fact. it gives you a good chunk of hp along with its slight CC and it has a slight damage increase. this item is great alone but it is VERY well placed with a build containing Atma's

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FARM FARM FARM can not say that enough FARM FARM FARM she needs it just like any other ad carry needs their farm it is more important than kills should be to you.


when your covering for a team mate for any number of reasons maybe they died, needed to recall, disconnected, whatever it may be make sure not to push their lane too far just worry about last hitting and getting the farm that you can while they are away. in my opinion you dont have to worry too much about harassing being you are not trying to kill at this time you are only covering for your team mate in their absence. once they return be sure to move on to check for a gank else where or return to jungling.

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Creeping / Jungling

for my jungle route i do the generic Blue to Red path just ask for a leash and be on your way.

or you can choose to go for red first and go for a level 2 gank if you trust your mid enough to help you out.


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Builds in Progress Section Explanation

This section of builds has been added as a section for me to take in suggestions and ideas of other peoples prefered builds and mix them into my own play style and my build.

(first build in progress is a mix of mine and Pintash's suggestions be sure to test it out and give you opinions on it)

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My build earning a penta kill for a summoner by the name Spoita! good job!

Build two working wonders for Summoner by the name Xaecr! congrats!

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To Those Down Voting Please Read!

To those who have found problems in my guide and or item selections i feel that you are commenting on my guide with reasons that are not very legit. You say jungling is bad then why are you not downing on other jungle guides? for me jungling has worked beyond well ive had 2 out of like 20 games go bad as jungling and that is purely because my team fed. so i understand that jungling may not be your thing so if that is the cause with all due respect then dont jungle i have other summoner spell options and my build works in any lane what so ever. As for those Downing because you believe i should have more defensive items? then read my items section and/or look at my "builds in progress" build its my testing of a more tanky fiora. shes a carry in title if you think she should be tanky that is your opinion for my opinion she is meant to be offensive and a massive damage dealer. As for you few trolling out there i give you no respect and wish you a happy life and that you mature someday in the near future.

final thing to say is that this build is for my type of play style im trying to put my guide in a more understandable method to mix into your very own play style but this is my first guide and i am proud of it so if you have a serious reason to down vote then i wont get angry i will try my best to solve the issue but give me time to fix it before you just start down voting thank you for your time.

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that summarizes my guide to Fiora, The Grand Duelist. my build may not be the prettiest but im still new to guide building so give me time and ill add more to it to make it more helpful thank you and hope to hear positive feed back from anyone and everyone :)