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Fiora Build Guide by EndGameVayne

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EndGameVayne

Fiora will 1v5 enemy team with AAs

EndGameVayne Last updated on July 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Helllooooo everyone, This is EndGameVayne's guide to Fiora !
Fiora is my second champion that i bought for 6300 Influence points. I really enjoy playing Fiora in normal games, where I always end up like 23-5-7.
Yes, Fiora is a "noobish" champ, You will just run towards your enemy, press E, then Q then few basics then Q again and first blood is yours. Her base AD is one of the best in the game.

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- Marks of attack damage. Well, with those and a Longsword, Your attack damage at level one will be like 90 at level one, and almost every champions health at level 1 is about 500. Nuff' said.

- Seals of armor. I think this is the best choice for Fiora, and for almost every single champion. Armor is needed at all times of the game, and mostly important at early game, when enemy will usually only AA you.

- Glyphs of scaling magic resist. Late game all of the APCs shine, so this will be best choice if You dont want to get killed in a flash.

- Quintessences of lifesteal. These runes + Fiora's passive + early = ALOT of lane sustain at early game. I just enjoy lifesteal quints, but armor penetration is good too, so it's pretty much Your choice.

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5 AD while ignite is on cooldown, nuff' said. And improved exhaust, which is situational summoner spell on Fiora.

Attack speed never hurts.

Same as Fury, CDR never hurts :D

Easier to last hit the minions.


Well, pushing is what League of Legends is about. But if You want to push Your turret, dont forget wards, or You will be a treat for enemy jungler.

To dont give a fudge about enemy armor.

Increases all the damage dealt by 2%. Stronk stronk stronk stronk STRONK

5% Crit strike damage + IE + Havoc + Executioner = DAMN BASIC HIT

+3 AD is like a free AD Quint.

Even more attack speed with Fiora

Give me all of the a. pen!!!

Wow. Just wow. Easier to lasthit the minions, ALOT more damage overall.

Well flash improve duuuh.

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Starting items: I ALWAYS start with longsword, so I can get my early Vamp scept. and upgrade it to Hydra.
RUSH: RUSH Ravenous Hydra and Mercury treads/Berserker greaves.
Offensive: I REALLY enjoy statikk shiv on Fiora. Attack speed, Crit strike and the Passive of it combined with Infinity edge and hydra is just really fun, You can 1 hit the whole minion wave ^^
Infinity edge - I always get it with Fiora. 80 AD, improved crit damage and crit chance, just an epic item overall.
Black cleaver Shred the armor with AAs and ult, some of hp, and nice AD bonus is enough reasons to buy this item.
BOTRK is situational item, but I dont really buy it on Fiora. I prefer Bloodthirster on Fiora more then BOTRK, but that's Your choice, i mean that BOTRK is a viable item.
DEFENSIVE: Frozen mallet is a godlike item on Fiora. Slow the enemy, get a MS boost from Your E, HP, Damage. It's an item that i like getting on Fiora.
Bonus Armor, magic resist and revive is good, but I prefer Frozen mallet more.
Merc. Scimitar. Tbh, I never bought it on Fiora, but i think that it's a good choice againt hard cc/AP team.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1-18:Lunge - For early poke (literally) and pretty nice damage. Take it and leave it here until level 14.
Level 2-9: Burst of speed - Fiora's main damaging ability, just max it for bigger AS boots and lower cooldown.
Level 3-13: Riposte - It passively gives You alot of AD, which is nice, and You can block AA or AA w/ on hit ( Like Nasus's )
Level 6,11,16: Blade waltz - It's obvious that You should level up Your ultimate at 6,11 and 16.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is neccesary summoner spell on Fiora.

I like ignite on all of offensive champs/adcs.

Exhaust is situational, but I dont really take it with Fiora.

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One of highest damage in the game
2 gap closers with low cd
Beast in teamfights and in 1v1's too
Natural AS steroid that's pretty much unlimited in teamfights.

Squishy if build damage
Weak early game
Blinded Fiora = Dead Fiora
Hard CC is her worst enemy
Heal reduction late game kills her
Underfarmed = Underpowered
All AD Damage so wont deal damage threw armor.

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Countering items/Summoners

Frozen heart is Fiora's worst enemy. Armor and attack speed reduction is just so strong against her.

Randuin's omein is same story as Frozen heart. And same with Exhaust.

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Fiora is weak against:

Jax I played Fiora against Jax top. He has dodge/stun and literally ignored my E which is my main damage. Mid game I ulted Jax once. ONCE. 'I long for a worthy opponent', but Jax is too worthy for You, BABY!

Malphite One Malphite vs. Fiora player said: "Very funny lane. Start cloth 5, rush Ninja Tabi + Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart + Warden's Mail, then press W/E combo and she can't even get through your passive... with her ult. LMAO. U mad Fiora?" And what could I say, Malphite is Auto-Attackers worst enemy, so don't take her against him. Well, but in rankeds, he's usually banned so You wont have this problem.

Teemo Blind and useless Ripostes. Nuff' said.

Pantheon You Q on Panth to engage him? HE WILL STUN YOU, SPEAR YOUR FACE AND E TILL YOU DIE.

Singed There is no way Fiora can damage Singed without Fiora having to take damage from Singed's poison.

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Fiora is strong against:

Gangplank Max W against him and his main damage (PARLEYYY) will hurt him more then it hurts You.

Aatrox He's a tough guy with weak early game. Your ulti destroys him, cuz he doesnt have a way to reheal, and if You manage to W his third AA... Well, he's pretty much screwed.

Jayce Your ult messes up his combo really hard.

Rengar Try to W his Q as much as You can, then he wont get AS and wont deal damage

Nasus Same story as Rengar's.

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This was EndGameVayne's Fiora guide. It's not really big, but i hope it will help YOU out :)
Fiora and Jax are my main solo tops. Maybe I will create a Solo top Jax guide soon, who knows :)