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Fiora Build Guide by Gameboyjsa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gameboyjsa

Fiora: Wut happen?

Gameboyjsa Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fiora is a very high dps champion. In my opinion she is quite OP and with the right skills, she becomes unable to be killed. Her buffs make her chunk health in seconds.

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Just uploaded a video of me playing her. We made them surrender, and it didn't record my voice :(.

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Pros / Cons

High DPS
Untargetable in ultimate
High speed
Lunge blink
no CC
Isn't a turtle like Rammus

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I personally am not yet level 30, so I have yet to fill my rune pages. I also have only certain tier 3 runes, and they seem to work well on her.

Greater Mark of Desolation lets you tear through enemy defenses easily. This bonus makes enemies that build high armor less of a threat

Greater Seal of Armor gives you that armor bonus in the beginning that you need so you aren't instantly killed for that first blood.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist also helps with squishiness.

Greater Quint of Strength will help you build up your already ridiculously high AD.

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The following build is a bit costy, consisting of many b.f. swords. This build though will make you unstoppable. This build will only be useful if you play a little more aggressively so you can actually get that money. Once you stack up those items, you pretty much tear through enemies.

Starting out with
Is good because having that speed can make the difference from life or death, kill or no kill. The extra sustain not only from but from the health bots will make it so you can stay til you get enough for Berserker's Greaves and then you got quite a bit of speed already.

Getting zeal now will allow you to chase and get lots of hits in with Burst of Speed and the early crit chance is good. Getting The Bloodthirster now is key. The life steal and attack damage will overwhelm people. The brutalizer was recommended to me by my friend since it makes you able to hurt people pretty good as well.

Mid Game:

These guys right here are your core. Getting trinity force will help you if you decide to be spamming your more often as well as giving you that phage ability. Infinity edge on your extra damage from which will make you nearly unable to beat in 1v1. 2v1 can be done too, with experience and getting lots of gold.

Late Game:

Getting infinity edge helps with your crit damage since you will be hitting so many times, your crit rate doesn't have to be super high. Guardian Angel is a good finisher allowing you to rush in and get kills not having to worry about dieing right away.

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Situational items

You may decide to build this instead of . Either way you get good bonuses.

you can splash better with this. If you feel like you don't need guardian angel, build this.

or this for enemies with high armor and if you have some extra money lieing around.

Give me more suggestions plz.

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Skill Sequence

This passive is amazing in my opinion. You get crazy sustain if you are pushing lanes. If you decide to jungle, you get easy health regen as well but this isn't a jungling guide.

Lunge is a very important skill, it allows you to get extra hits in and chase down, or gank straight from a bush. Use exhaust right after for extra hits. Also, try to use Burst of Speed so you can get the speed and attack speed bonus on them from your lunge hits. Don't use both right away since you have time to wait. If they attempt to flash away, you can merely just lunge them again.

Riposte is very good. By that, I mean its passive is very good. Getting this first will allow you to get an instant attack damage boost. In the beginning, basic attacks decide first blood if you are aggressive. Blocking that one hit with this can make you the victor.

This ability can be used for many things. Farming minions quickly to get easy gold and to push your lane up so you can go back and buy items. Always use this ability when you are in a fight with an enemy. The reason why you don't build a lot of attack speed on Fiora such as Nashor's Tooth is because this ability gives you plenty. With my build, you are just below 2.5 attack speed when you trigger the ability.

This ultimate is amazing, enemies cannot escape it (with a few exceptions like akali's bubble). You automatically chase enemies down and can't be targeted. This is great in team fights, hit the enemy AD champion with this to quickly kill of their damage output. IF you are fighting another Fiora, use Riposte and you parry the whole ult (i think, thats what it looks like to me correct me if i'm wrong)


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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is a must because there is no cc with Fiora.

I like ghost better than flash simply because i don't put points in utility to give you the bonus. You can really chase hard when your lunge is on cooldown, and you can't hit with to get the movement bonus.


This guy is pretty good on most champions. Having a blink is important for all champions, but you already have lunge which is good enough in my opinion.

This isn't a jungle guide, but jungle fiora is apparently very good. Check out another guide on the site for that.

Heal is garbage in my opinion (unless you are a support). Her passive is good enough for getting health.

I don't see the need for ignite on her, but you may find it lets you clinch a kill. Having exhaust is a 100% must on her. Getting rid of ghost for ignite doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

Bad Spells:
You are looking in the wrong guide...
You aren't a support...
Your is way better, no need for this ever.
This is only helpful for pushing lanes. I have never even bothered to try it.
The other spells are much more helpful on her, I really see no need to put teleport on fiora.
If you really think you need this, there is another problem here. You spam too much.
This isn't a troll guide(only useful use for this spell)
If the enemy team has a lot of CC just get the Quicksilver Sash

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All in all she is pretty good champion that I play regularly now. I am going to upload results soon, when i figure out how to do it.

Remember i am only level 24 so I take all suggestions. This is my first build. Rate and comment.