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Fizz Build Guide by Warped Deity

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warped Deity

Fizz :: A Fisherman's Folly

Warped Deity Last updated on February 18, 2013
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My name in game is Warped Deity, and my real life name is Cody. I seem to main mid in all of my games, and I have taken a love for Fizz. This is going to be my first guide, so feel free to make suggestions or comments if need be. Thanks in advance, and hope you enjoy.

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Pros / Cons

Late Game
Amazing Burst
Ultimate initiate
Easy to play

Hard laning phase until 6
Ult can be blocked by many champions due to the time it takes for the fish to come up

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Playstyle/When to play

Please note, that even though this may be the build that I would suggest, it does NOT mean you have to follow it piece by piece. There are many different ways to build a champion, my build(s) don't have to be the way you play.

I feel as if Fizz is a very underplayed champion, compared to something such as Ryze or Lux. However, in all essence, Fizz is quite hard to counter. His mobility with his q + e also make him hard to gank, especially if he has wards available to use. So the question then comes, "When should I play Fizz?"

In all honesty, it's hard to say whether a summoner should play Fizz, or someone else. Fizz has an amazing late game, combined with TONS of burst damage. his e + ult late game are amazing, especially because of slows. So my suggestion - play him all the time.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite. Easy choices. Ignite helps when you're diving with your billions of burst, as well as nerfing those tanky healing champions late without having to auto them early w/ your W. Flash, as always, to help escape. It might be beneficial to take exhaust over flash, depending if you get good with Fizz and have wards to use all game. Your "e" is better than a flash, but it's an ability all on it's own with a CD, so be aware.

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As Fizz, remember you ARE a melee champion, like Akali or Morde. Farming can be tough, that's why I almost always start off with wards + potions, rather than the usual boots and potions. Once you hit 6, however, you can easily zone out anyone in lane because of your significant burst damage + ult/ignite. You can generally push anyone out of lane after level 2 just because of your q + e combo as well, it just depends on the champion. Anyone with a snare/stun such as TF, Ryze, or Morgana are a threat to your combo early game, so just be aware. Generally just use your q to last hit out of range minions, and sometimes your w to push faster. However, focus more on harassing enemy champions more than anything.

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Overall, Fizz is a very underutilized champion, and WE NEED MORE FIZZ PLAYERS. Although he might be considered hard to play at first because his ultimate is a skillshot partly along with his e, he gets very easy, very quickly. Overall a fun champion to play, and I highly suggest starting to play this champion. Thanks for reading this short guide, and I hope your fish always hits its target!

Cody/Warped Deity