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Fizz Build Guide by xXxEnigmaxXx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXxEnigmaxXx

Fizz the Killer Fish

xXxEnigmaxXx Last updated on February 25, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


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Hello! this is my second guide, Fizz is very fun to play so i made a guide for him :)
Here is some tricks with Fizz E. Im not the maker of the video

If u jungle as fizz. U can smite like this.
U aint taking any damage, u can as example jump over wall near baron, smite it and use ur second jump to escape

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Skill Sequence

In a fight, do this

Insta Kill
I found another video to show how OP Fizz can be.
BE CAREFUL! turn ur volume down. Not my video again

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Pros / Cons

>Amazing damage, whether you go burst or dps
>High Mobility
>So much fun!
>Many viable builds

He's melee.
Hard to master.
Doesn't have any sustain.
His ultimate( Chum the Waters) is a skill-shot.
Needs a lot of farm (or early kills) in order to do well.
Easily dies if focused. And gets usually focused.

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Offensive Tree
[*] Summoner's Wrath - Since we take Ignite we would want to put 1 point in here for the 5 AP and AD(will greatly help in farming) while it is on cooldown.
[*] Sorcery - It's cooldown reduction. We want it. We need it. As early as possible.
[*] Blast - More Ability Power? Yes please.
[*] Arcane Knowledge - Magic penetration is big help early on.
Havoc - Increases the damage we deal.
[*] Mental Force - We put three points here since we would want a lot of AP as early as possible.
[*] Spellblade - This coupled up with Seastone Trident we will be able to deal loads of damage even only with just auto attacks, this will also help us in last hitting.
[*] Archmage - it will increase our Ability Power, which means, more Ability Power, the greater the increase.
[*] Executioner - This will help us kill our opponent in lane. We will be able to deal more damage to enemies below 40% health by 6% more.

Defensive Tree
[*] Durability - As the game progresses, we will be able to benefit more from this.
[*] Hardiness - The armor we get from this coupled up with our passive, we will be able to take reduced damage from auto attacks(from minions, champions and creeps).
[*] Resistance - The Magic Resist will help us survive more in lane since we are against another AP champ anyway.
[*] Veteran's Scars - We need the health early on. We need the health to survive those pesky burst champions.

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[*] Urchin Strike procs on-hit effects.
[*] Urchin Strike pops Spell Shield.
[*] Urchin Strike Black Shield but Fizz will still dash to his target.
[*] Urchin Strike will damage procs spell vamp and Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slow similarly with all abilities that convert the entire attack damage in magic damage.
It is possible for Fizz to dash past his target if [*] Urchin Strike is used when the target is close to Fizz.
[*] Urchin Strike can be used to dash through walls, provided that Fizz has vision of his target on the opposite side.
Once he has hit the target of Urchin Strike Fizz can no longer dash through walls, even if he has not traveled the full distance.
[*] Urchin Strike will proc and apply effects from items like Sheen and Lich Bane.
[*] Urchin Strike will NOT apply a Sheen proc if Urchin Strike itself activated the Sheen passive. However, it WILL do so on a Lich Bane proc

[*] Seastone Trident does not proc on-hit effects.
[*] Seastone Trident does not pop Spell Shield.
[*] Seastone Trident will damage Black Shield.
[*] Seastone Trident does not proc spell vamp or Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slow for neither the damage over time nor the on-hit damage component.
[*] Seastone Trident does not affect turrets or other structures.
[*] Seastone Trident does not stack. Subsequent applications will refresh the duration of the DoT (and [*] Grievous Wounds if the ability is activated).

[*] Playful / Trickster does not proc on-hit effects.
[*] Playful / Trickster procs spell vamp and Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
[*] Playful / Trickster pops Spell Shield.
[*] Playful / Trickster will damage Black Shield and the slow will be negated.
[*] Playful / Trickster does not break tethers like [*] Fiddlesticks's [*] Drain or [*] Swain's [*] Decrepify.
[*] Playful/Trickster can be used to jump through walls.
[*] Playful / Trickster makes [*] Fizz untargetable by spells or effects such as [*] Karthus's [*] Requiem or [*] Caitlyn's [*] Ace in the Hole.
[*] Trickster does not slow enemies hit, unlike[*] Playful's secondary effect.

[*] Chum the Waters procs spell vamp and [*] Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
[*] Chum the Waters pops Spell Shield.
[*] Chum the Waters will damage Black Shield.
[*] Chum the Waters interacts with spell shield in a particular way:
-If the fish is thrown onto a target with an active spell shield, it will pop the spell shield but the fish will drop to the ground. The shark will still appear and deal damage around the fish after the normal delay.
-If the fish is thrown onto a target without an active spell shield, the target will be slowed. If the spell shield activates while the fish is already latched on, the slow will remain but the shark's damage and knockup will be negated, consuming the shield.
[*] Chum the Waters's initial slow can be removed by [*] Cleanse and [*] Remove Scurvy.
Using [*] Quicksilver Sash will remove the slow and will drop the fish to the ground.
Both of the effects can hit stealthed units, but they will not reveal them.
[*] Chum the Waters deals 6 true damage over 1.5 seconds as a countdown before the knockup.
[*] Chum the Waters's secondary effect will activate immediately if the main target dies.
The fish will stay latched on and travel with its target, even if they use [*] Flash or [*] Teleport.

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