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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Akali Build Guide by xXxEnigmaxXx

May the Shadow be with You

May the Shadow be with You

Updated on April 20, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXxEnigmaxXx Build Guide By xXxEnigmaxXx 5 2 8,643 Views 10 Comments
5 2 8,643 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xXxEnigmaxXx Akali Build Guide By xXxEnigmaxXx Updated on April 20, 2013
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Enchant on Boots: [Enchantment: Alacrity] OR [Enchantment: Homeguard] (Homeguard for TP,Backdoor or Gank)
You can get instead of if enemy carries got < 70 MR
With Movement Speed runes you can get:
Don't forget:
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Akali is one of the best anti-carries in the game, she's considered a noobkiller or pubstomber in low ranked game. Her strength comes from her high mobility, and epicly high burst damage which can kill the enemy carry in a sec. However she's not that good against tanky that's why you shouldnt first pick her.
She is very strong in SoloQ, but not that great in ranked 5x5 (depends on the enemy comp).
This guide will deal with Akali top and mid on Summoner's Rift.


Base Stats :

Damage 53 (+3.2 / per level)
Health 445 (+85 / per level)
Energy 200 (+0 / per level)
Move Speed 350
Armor 16.5 (+3.5 / per level)
Magic Resist 30 (+1.25 / per level)
Health Regen 7.25 (+0.65 / per level)
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Pros / Cons

Pros :
High Burst Damage
Can chase
Snowball very hard
High Sustain
Can farm really easily
Energy instead of mana
She's a ninja!!!

Cons :
Melee AP
Hard laning phase until level 6
Need runes to be effective
Can be countered in many ways
May fall off very late game
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In mid u will be able to almost oneshot ranged minions by Q then hit it. Makes Akali a great farmer due that she doesnt needs mana. And she also has a good AoE:)
Teamfight. In teamfight go for the ADC first then the weakest after adc. Akali lives on killing weak champions. ADC is Always weak.
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Offensive tree :
1 point in Summoner's Wrath to get improved ignite, +5 AD, +5 AP can make a difference early game.
4 points in Sorcery to unlock Arcane Knowledge, 4% CDR is fine but you don't put 4 points in Sorcery for the CDR.
4 points in Blast for mid-late game.
2 points in Brute Force or in Butcher as you want.
1 point in Arcane knowledge, 8% Spell penetration is really good.
1 point in Spellsword which synergies well with your passive.
4 points in Archmage which is a HUGE mastery, useful throughout the game.
Finally 1 point in Executioner to take down low hp enemies.

Defensive tree :
4 points in Durability, HP/lvl yellow free stacking with your runes, really good to hold your lane and extending your hp pool.
1 points in Hardiness and 3 points in Resistance to get more sustain against AD and AP.
1 point Veteran's Scar : Free Flat HP Quint.
I take these two masteries instead of Vigor because Akali heals herself with spellvamp and extend your hp pool early game is really good against AP burst.

Masteries give you (21/9/0) :
3 AD
8% Magic Pen
1 AP/lvl
AP increased by 5%

You have at level 1 : + 3 AD, + 1 AP at level 1 (getting 1 more AP each level).
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Skill Sequence

Burst at Level 6 (RAW Damage)
+ + +
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Summoner Spells

: I don't think that you can pass flash with , you need it to escape, run away from a bad fight, jump in your , get 4 charges to catch up an enemy, to proc a Mark early game if your enemy is low hp.
: Improved ignite is highly recommended. is a hybrid champ +5AD,+5AP adds a good amount of damage to your burst, this also let you to finish off an enemy. If the enemy is really low hp you can + + , check if he has or not before doing this.
It helps against high lifesteal/spellvamp champ to reduce healing and kill them.
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Hidden Passive

Hidden Passive : Law of Inverse Ninja Strength

Ninjas are more effective when they work alone. -1 health for each other allied ninja. This applies only to the ninja characters : and
But if the Ninjas. Take on their nurse/doctor skins they will regain the health (Nurse Akali, Surgeon Shen and Kennen M.D)
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General Counter Information:
Hard CC, Reveal Stealth, Stun, Silence and Build HP.
If they have hard CC. U should consider to have a to remove
OR puncturing taunt
Or u can even ask ur support to buy

So. Who counters Akali? that does AND AND U cant do that much to any of them because they will get very tanky and Akali CANT kill tanks when alone.
Counter Items/Summoner Spells:

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This is the end! let me hear what u think about it! Feel free to comment ur suggestions/questions!
Tell me why u upvoted, downvoted or didnt vote! :)
Have a nice day
League of Legends Build Guide Author xXxEnigmaxXx
xXxEnigmaxXx Akali Guide
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May the Shadow be with You

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