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Fizz General Guide by c1001

Fizzing exotic assasin Jungle [melts your brain] - A guide f

Fizzing exotic assasin Jungle [melts your brain] - A guide f

Updated on January 19, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author c1001 Build Guide By c1001 3,478 Views 1 Comments
3,478 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author c1001 Fizz Build Guide By c1001 Updated on January 19, 2013
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supporting fisher - read this introduction.

I played about ~350 games with fizz and after the latest patches I wanted to try him jungle.
So on some blindpicks, with no trolls in team, i started trying it.

I must say u should have some experience with fizz first, liking playing him, before starting fizz jungle madness and what u also need are good mates, who dont mess up, and you have to play smart all time.

Ranked games with fizz are hardly seen, so if u really wanna try fizz jungle in ranked, you need premades to pick some champs to fit the combos, like ahri and ez,( nicest combo with shen-when u get stunned at tower-drive in teamfight :)), to be a quick movin' team on map.

Normally I play fizz mid, but if you are just in mood for some expert jungling you shall try it.

In my mid games with fizz he was an op assasin, holding enemy down and I was caring for not getting ended my killing spree to not feed the enemy.
If you are used to this Fizz - forget it!

Your level will raise as the same as bot, my favourite jungler is amumu - i get very fed fast and he is op anyway..he levels faster and is great in teamtactics, but fizz takes advante after level 6 till 11, when he has got his ulti ready.
After 6 u can directly went to the bot tower, throw the shark at adc, hit him jump away, mates do rest.

Your fizz with your supercool ulti cd, what i suggest to instaspell on r, needs to get an assist everytime casted, and if ready, u should already be there, jungle smart.

And dont lose your blue, you will need the first and second blue.
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Creeping / Jungling

1) start wolfes with help
2) next blue, take out with ignite
important! you need a good cover and pull at blue, an invade which disables you at blue messes up the whole thing!. best is having pre mates
3) go to wraiths

4) after wraiths gank mid, in best case jump on the enemy for a slow and contact then attack with w, take stay while some mins die for a lil farm more.(best case have that experience farm while your gank to move on without waiting). mid needs to not push too far.

5) next red, if u have despite ready and enough live, otherways b.

jungle on as u want. I prefer taking out golems when despite ready when blue and red are not spawned.

do it smart, make a second or third gank till 6 fast. the prob is you need to get level 6 and perform the ganks nearly same time.

!!! get spirit stone asap, it makes junglin easier, its torture without it.
so have 500 on your first b. if not - u are already messing up
if u bought it buy a few health positions, after that you will not need em any more
in jungle you decide if u engage the creeps with e by watching your mana
(better have blue buff. dont die at your gank)

next problem is getting shoes and kages lucky pick asap - then sheen asap.
i hope now you understand, that every move you perform needs to be usefull, it's not chilling with fizzin jungle, better order the pizza next game. (:D)
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Unique Skills

please do not try the guide if you are untrained at fizz, he is a fighter, you need to know how to fight a lil tacticly and how to get out to not get killed and fight aslong as possible.

Time your ganks to not waste time waiting in the bushes!!!

when you gank, stay a little in lane and harras him back to tower, you get xp of dying mins what you really need and you weren't really stealing this xp, if mana is available strike him at his tower once then jump back and continue jungle. also, the enemy champ often comes back in range,do some more damage, he wont get in range for q - but for e jump to him and q, to force him b or even get that tard killed! if you are low life he will attack u and your mate may get him if he is smart.

i prefer flash instead of exhaust, because of getting a good position for your ulti or your jump.

so.(before 6)
one of my favs is to run outta jun, when im just out I flash in position, then I jump on the enemy slowin' him and hitting with w acitvated 2 times, at your first mid gank that shall be enough on most champs.

if you are level 6, flash in pos, throw ulti, jump on him or charge in with q and w activated autoattack him once then jump on him, if your enemy is too movable you may jump on him first then charge.

so u trained at fizz? jumped in fights and charged out at an enemy minion? did tower drives at 4? you love playing him? i hope so. otherwise i bet on failure.
because u always have to know the situation you are in, always act different, always know whats possible and also in fight you need to pick a good position.

so choose what you want to reach with your gank: KILL, harass, damage, [farm(keep this in mind last if you are just up to b or get lvl 6)] after 6 all ganks should be kills when ult ready. just use it smart, you slow, stun, jump on him, slow again and do not too less damage, but the most important is your mate needs to (get[ez ahri shaco wukong amumu...])/be in range.
if you have more than 70% live, kill should be the target.
some games i had low hp and just went back one more because i got my ulti ready, often it's enough.

so its better to have your buddies on communication, that they dont missunderstand you.

in a normal fight with fizz, your jump is not the most important, you keep it to get outa battle, but before level 6 it is your slow and required to help an allie getting a hit.

when you are ganking, whatch the minions, maybe you can charge into one and then be in better position for the jump on the enemy.
also your friends may just need your ulti to get to him, then charge the min, jump in position, throw ulti, now one can play safe on expecting that situation all time, cuz in about 2 sec u come out the jungle, strike a min, jump, throw your ulti, no matter how far he was away.

always see how much life the enemy has, decide standard fighting situations:(build flash in there by your own):
1) run to him, q (always with w), strike, jump away
2) run to him, q+w, autoattack, jump on him, autoattack, q, autoattack
3) shaaaaaaarrrkkkkkkk, q+w, autoattack twice, jump on him, finish him(may charge q one more)
4) jump on him, strike with q+w, autoattack till q has cd, flee with minion or strike again.
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Pros / Cons

flash+ strike minion + jump + shark brings in a slow and stun from a width range which is good if the pro enemy stays safe away but can get owned in contact.

flash + shark + q+w + jump isnt just assisting, it also does nice dmg, even though this is the unfed fizz style.

nice tower drives

hard to jungle
tricky tank ganking
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I took the same as a standard fizz, because they aren't fitting this bad and you don't need to buy new runes.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author c1001
c1001 Fizz Guide
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Fizzing exotic assasin Jungle [melts your brain] - A guide f

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