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Brand Build Guide by Lugignaf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lugignaf

Flaming everyone!

Lugignaf Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, I've been playing brand for...almost a week now. He's a huge burst and then, nothing. True to fire's nature through and through. This build gives him some survivability to get past the smoldering phase of his fighting and back into the blaze that he is meant to be while also giving nice damage output. On that note, let's get fired up!

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Looking at the runes, you may be thinking, "Why would you take GP5 Quints? They're worthless!" Well, hear me out. This is my preference. I can't last hit like a boss so, I use these to compensate. If you can last hit amazingly, these will gave you a nice cash bonus. Otherwise, take something else. I would not recommend taking AP Quints because most of his AP scaling is fairly bad. Take either MP5, Armor or, MR Quints if you don't want the extra cash.

Taking MagPen Marks to get some early MagPen. Not much more to it. Most people don't put any more MR into their build even if they see a ton of casters so, close to 30 MagPen will make it through most of their MR.

Taking CDR Glyphs help speed up your recovery and if you evolve your Kage's Lucky Pick into a Deathfire Grasp you will be able to really chain your stuns and get the achievement, "Stun-locked".

Take defensive Seals. You can have a close to 50/50 split between MR and Arm Seals but, it's not really recommended.

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Brand's skills

Passive: Blaze!

Your best skill... sort of. It nets you a ton of unexpected kills and is a great way to bring down armor stackers. It's the "skill" that drives all your other skills. Dealing 2% of their max HP per second for 4 seconds. You basically have a Madred's Bloodrazor attached to all your skills.

His Q: Sear!

HADOUKEN! Sorry about that. A straight like shot that hits for some nice damage. If they have been hit by one of your skills in the last 4 seconds, or aren't Gangplank (His Remove Scurvy removes the Blaze de-buff) it will stun them for 2 seconds. Late game, with some CDR, this gets on a small enough cool down that you can spam-stun single targets.

His W: Pillar of Flame!

After a small delay, shoots flames up from the ground. If they are ablaze, the flames deal 25% more damage. It's on a long cool down so, harassing with it early is an O.K. idea. Using it in conjunction with Conflagration makes for a really great farming tool.

His E: Conflagration

His only targeted skill other than his Ultimate, Pyroclasm. It does instant damage and, if they're ablaze, hits in an AoE. I'm not sure if the AoE effect of it will continue if the other targets hit are ablaze.

His Ultimate: Pyroclasm!

Targeted spell that bounces up to 5 times between enemies. It has deceptively long range off the bounce and can get sneaky kills while people QQ about you being OP. It stars off moving really slow. This can be seen as an advantage if they are running away at the edge of your range. You fire it at them, they run to their team, it bounces and deals damage for a kill. If they are ablaze, it speeds up. The speed bonus occurs every time it bounces off something that's ablaze.

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Skill order

You want you skill priority to be like this:
Pyroclasm> Pillar of Flame> Sear> Conflagration

If you are seriously sucking at skill shots:
Pyroclasm> Pillar of Flame> Conflagration> Sear

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Starting with an Amplifying Tome ,and health potions if you want, head to lane. Get some cash and go back for Kage's Lucky Pick.

Rushing a Catalyst the Protector after your pick is the only way to go. if you don't you will find yourself running out of mana way too fast. Catalyst the Protector is only a source of mana and should not be upgraded too soon.

Sorcerer's Shoes should be your next priority, as you are lacking speed generally speaking.

Depending on how hard you are getting focused, you either want to rush a Rylai's Crystal Scepter taking the Giant's Belt over everything or, Hextech Revolver if you're not being focused hard. Then get the other one and upgrade your Hextech Revolver into a Will of the Ancients.

By this time, you should be close to level 18 and you may now feel free to upgrade your Catalyst the Protector into a Banshee's Veil.

You should now build a Deathfire Grasp and use your remaining space for a defensive item or an Archangel's Staff if you think you need it.

If you don't want either of those, build some CDR with Morello's Evil Tome (Jebus suggested it) and then do whatever you want with your last spot.

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Other things

Once you get your spell vamp, you should not be recalling except for items or when people are MIA. Just jungle around using Pillar of Flame and Conflagration on jungle creeps and maybe go for red buff if nobody else on your team needs it, just for the irony.