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Not Updated For Current Season

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Leona Build Guide by SessionS

Support Flea-on-yea

Support Flea-on-yea

Updated on April 10, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SessionS Build Guide By SessionS 1 9 4,847 Views 8 Comments
1 9 4,847 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SessionS Leona Build Guide By SessionS Updated on April 10, 2013
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Initiate, Initiate, Initiate ! Leona is all about starting the Battle. She also has a natural tanky-ness to her, meaning she can take a few hits to protect teammates, as well as Crowd Control for DAYS !! Be careful as she does not have ANY poke,also she has NO sustain.

Leona's shining quality comes largely in part from her Passive:
Using Leona's skills on an enemy, puts a sunlight mark on them, causing the enemies affected to take more damage (20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140 additional magic damage based on Leona's level) from Allied Champions in the form of Magic Damage. Leona CAN NOT activate this bonus herself.

Sunlight is what defines Leona's role as support, and makes it difficult for her to be anywhere without a partner. There is an incredible amount of damage within Leona's passive. Utilized correctly, you and a teammate can do much more damage together than you could separately. The proper way to utilize this is to space out your attacks, giving your laning partner (or teammates in teamfights) time to attack between each skill you use of Leona's. With strong communication between you and your ADC, you should be able to seriously hurt the enemy ADC.

If you and your ADC can set it up, your partner will get a lot of extra damage by spacing apart your abilities properly:
Zenith - (ADC Auto Attack or skill) - Q - (ADC Auto Attack or skill) - W pops - (ADC Auto Attack or skill)

When playing Leona, its best to keep hidden in brush to keep the enemy from knowing exactly where you are. You have no sustain so avoiding any poke from the enemy team should be of the utmost importance. Poke against Leona is pretty much free damage because she cant poke back. She instead is forced to engage all in if she wants to retaliate, and if you have been poked two or three times already, you may not have to health to survive a hard engage like that. This is why she is tough to play against poke heavy Champions such as LuLu or Sona.
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Item Build

-Start off with the famous Rejuvenation Bead, 4 Green Wards, 2 or 1 Red Pots. In game sustain
- 1st back - 950 gold to purchase Sight Stone. Health AND free wards always equal winning.
- 2nd back - 700 gold to purchase Philosophers stone OR 350 to purchase BASIC boots (depending how much you have)
- 3rd back - Ruby Sightstone AND Mercury Treads (CC and AP comp enemy team) or Ninja Tabi (AD comp enemy team)

Final Items
- Sunfire Cape and Frozen Heart will both reward you for playing aggressive and being in the middle of the fight.
- Abyssal Scepter is incredibly potent with Leona due to her passive. An aura that lowers peoples Magic Resist will apply to everyone that can pop her passive abilities. Sunlight damage is calculated on the person who pops it, not you. So by reducing the enemies Magic resist, it doesn't matter who activates the sunlight passive, it will now do more damage.
-Shurelya's Reverie will give you a little bit of health/mana regen, more hp, and give you an active to increase teammates movement speed by 40%. This item is incredibly important, because it lets your teammates close a gap for a kill, or increase a gap to avoid being killed.
-Runic Bulwark is great because it gives everyone on the team a little bit extra. +10 Armor, +30 Magic Resist, +10 HP Regen
per 5 sec. This is going to give your team a little bit of longevity in team fights.
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If the enemy places a ward beside you auto attack it with your ADC immediately you will get off two hits on the ward, leaving it with one third health, then activate Shield of Daybreak to quickly allow a third attack on the ward. this will destroy the enemies ward, deny vision, and waste the enemies resources slightly. Very effective against vision hungry opponents.
Troll enemy supports with pink wards lmao.. WAIT until you see the enemy go to drop a ward, a support walking to top brush without going in is a dead giveaway, then swiftly move in and deny the enemy vision. This will set your lane for an easy gank from your jungler.
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Leona's Counter Champions

Be careful when using Leona against:

Alistar - His pulverize is one of the hardest counters to Leona's engage because it has the ability to knock up enemies around him, Zenith blade will result in being knocked up making you vulnerable to enemy ADC. If you engage the ADC, he will Headbutt you away. At level 6 Alistar's ultimate prevents him from being CC'd. Most importantly though, his Triumphant Roar will heal the enemy ADC and keep them in lane longer than you and yours stay in lane.

Janna - She is a great counter to Leona because she can use her 'Eye of the Storm' (shield) to protect her ADC from burst damage using a shield. Preventing her ADC from getting nuked before level 5 will make your burst damage irrelevant. Also her 'Monsoon'' can act as an AOE knockback that will keep the enemy ADC safe, while pushing Leona into a turret for a free kill for the enemy team. Finally 'Howling Gale and Zephyr' make kiting incredibly easy. Janna can use 'Howling Gale' to knock Leona up first and ruin her engage, then prevent her from running with 'Zephyr' and secure an easy kill for enemy ADC.

LuLu - Beware of LuLu's 'Glitter Lance' poke//cc ability. She will slow you and prevent an effective engage, with Leona having no sustain, LuLu can use 'Glitter Lance' to bully you and your ADC out of lane easily. LuLu can use 'Whimsy' to help her disengage, or can use 'Whimsy' on her enemies to polymorph your ADC and prevent them from landing Auto Attacks. 'Pix, Help!' can be used as a shield on LuLu's teammates to prevent incoming damage, or on an enemy to provide vision for 6 seconds. Lastly, her ultimate can be used to protect a teammate from incoming Burst Damage, as well as knock enemies around her up in the air, where they can be easily killed.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SessionS
SessionS Leona Guide
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