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Kassadin Build Guide by Lightmagician60

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lightmagician60

Focusing me won't work..

Lightmagician60 Last updated on April 21, 2012
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i'm one of those people that can't stand people playing a champ wrought, OCD if you will. kass is one of those champs for me, a lot of people don't play kass at all, and people that do.. are not that great... i see scores of around 7/8/4. there not a bad scores, but they can do much better. i get around 10/1/7 with kass, the thing i love the most about kass is his ult, if used correctly kass is almost un-killable, but i rarely see people use kass this way, i hope this build will help people wanting to be good with kass. and just so you know, i play kass mid.

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Pros / Cons

+ Almost Unshakable Chase
+ Almost Impossible to Focus
+ Massive Damage Late Game

- not the easiest to play

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Magic Pen. Marks
magic pen being a primary mark, is the best option here.

Flat AP Seals
kass don't really need HP or armor, all he need is damage so i went with this.

Flat AP Glyphs
his main thing is damage, he is a mage, why not.
(up top, you will see Glyphs of Force, instead of Potency, this is because, for whatever reason the Potency glyphs don't appear on the list when you make a build on here.)

AP per Level Quintessences
i don't think i need to say much here...

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Void Stone (passive)
this passive, makes mages have a harder time laning with kass, because getting hit by magic can help kass get mana back because of his "W", also, the damage reduction can make it hard to damage kass as well.

Null Sphere
i point this at Lv1, cause it's his best poking skill, with 650 range & target homing, it's damage that your lane opponent can't dodge easily, also 80 (+0.7 AP) at lv 1 hurts, and the silence just adds to it cause they now can't counter attack, some times you will trade blows tho.

Nether Blade
i point this at Lv2, cause with it's passive, you can auto-attack to get mana back. i good tactic is to "Q" your oppent, if you trade blows with magic damage, start auto-attacking minions, because of your passive you attack speed is boosted. so you damage them and their damage helps you poke again, it's a gain gain. i max this last tho, i do that to keep the mana cost low, so i can charge my "E" with little mana.

Force Pulse
this is a very good skill. huge damage in a cone, plus it slows, the only down side it you have to charge it first. after i get this i start activating my "W" to charge it, because i keep my "W"'s mana cost low, it's cheep and easy. now you may have noticed my odd skill order. after Lv3 i take turns pointing my "E" then my "Q" then back to my "E", (pointing my ult when possible of course) i do this because of the fact my damage comes from both skills, my "Q" only hits 1 target, while my "E" has to be charged. so maxing one over the order is not blancing you damage, i favor my "E" because it damages more then one target.

Riftwalk (Ult)
this... i'm lost for words on how good the skill is.. it's a 2nd flash, plus it got a longer range, a 7/6/5 sec CD, and it damages, with the right CDR this skill can have a 3-2 sec CD. the only down side is, each use in 6 secs, doubles the mana cost, but really it's not that bad, mainly because it doubles the damage as well. i will cover more about this skill later.

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Summoner Spells

this is a good summoner for most mages or assassins, because they are normally squishy and can't tower dive, with this you can ignite a champ that's about to go under a tower, and finish the kill without risking a dive. also, because kass is a assassin, you want to be able to kill your target quickly, if they are a champ that heals alot like Ren, Hec, Mundo, Sion, ect, ignite nerfs their healing rate so they don't heal as fast and in turn can't tank as much.

this... omg this the best summoner for kass, you may look at it and say "but, he already has a flash built in that is better, why?" that is true, but think about it, you can have 2 flashes... now is it sinking in? there are some cases where a 2nd flash is very useful. i here they are

1) if your about to die, they can easily catch you, and riftwalk can't get your over the nearest wall in time. just flash to the wall, then rift over it.
2) someone is about to get away with low HP, ignite is on CD or they are out of range. you can flash to them blast them with your "Q" & "E", and then flash out if needed.
3) your in the jungle, there's a team fight, someone with low HP is about to get way but their are around their team. rift over the wall on top of the low champ, then flash back over, they won't know what hit them until your gone. (this is hard to do BTW)

and there are many more, but i'm not going to say them all, you get the idea. double flash is good.

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i open boots because, if your playing mid you need to be able to move around effectively, my pot setup is 2 Heal/1 Mana, because with his "W"'s passive he don't really need mana, i do take 1 however, this is because you never know what may happen, you may start getting zoned and it can stop you from auto-attacking so you can't get your mana back. so i take this 1 mana pot as a "just-in-case".

---Early Game Item---
out of his 4 skills 1 can't proc the slow, however it still is a great item for kass, the 500HP and 80AP also help alot. also with this his "W" goes from a 30/35/40/45/50% slow, to a 45/50/55/60/65% slow, and with his "Q" now also slowing for 35%, and not forget his Riftwalk, that now has a 15% slow now.

---Boots Upgrade---

do i really need to say anything here? he's a mage, he deals magic damage....

---Mid Game Items---
again need a say more, he's a mage that focuses on doing damage, need i say more?

finally i get to comment on something. this item is great on kass, the 100AP is great, but what is really good here is the active. the one way to stop kass from flashing, is to stun or silencing him, just pop this active and wait for the CC to wear off, then flash and/or riftwalk away. this item make kass so much harder to kill. and the nice thing is you can use riftwalk and/or flash at anytime while in the active's effect, meaning they won't know when you will try to run, and by the time they notice your already gone.

---Late Game Items---
at this point i'm just staking AP, this gives a **** ton of AP when it gets staked and with you using your "W" alot to charge you "E", it stakes fast.

let the pain begin! by this point i have... about 500 base AP, +3% of 2700 Mana (81AP) = 581AP + 30% of that(174) = 755AP, now my "Q" & "E" have a 0.6 AP rate on them. meaning they do 453 on top of their base witch is 280, that mean they do 733 damage. on a side note my ults has a 0.5 rate. meaning it does 377 plus it's base of 120, so 497 total... on the 1st use, remember the damage doubles after each use. 994 on 2nd use, 1988 on 3rd... and with about 2700Mana i can can pay for it. and with 755AP every auto-attack in 2-3 secs do 755 damage with this item's passive, and let's not forget about all the slows......

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April 21/2012 ---First Published