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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Duunko

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Duunko

FOR DEMACIA! A guide for a tanky jarvan

Duunko Last updated on August 5, 2011
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4/3/11- Guide Built. This thing made happy to make. Will be adding things soon.

4/4/11- Added a section about Last Whisper. Looked at some numbers on it and it may be better than a Bloodthirster. Categorized under situational, take a look at that. It's also new. As a really minor note, fixed my sig at the end. I'm not Duunkp im Duunko

4/12/11- heart of gold got nerfed. Removed. also, i keep fixing errors in spelling and the like. Have to update some other sections MLAH.


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First things first. I'm no expert. Far from it. I have to say that I make this build because I do believe that it does have some tedium of success. Read the build. Maybe try it a few times. I care not. This is just here as an option.

Ok, I have played Jarvan since the release, and find him a fantastic champ. I hear groans and complaints from people saying that he requires no skill. While I do find that his difficulty level is not quite up to the standards of, say, Anivia or Kassadin, he's no Yi. It takes some tedium of skill to play him, whether it is aiming or even just timing attacks right. This set of builds, one being almost the same as the other but with minor changes, show a set of Tank-Dps Hybrids. I know. Its been done a million times. Bear with one more, seeing as this guide is in-depth.

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Pros / Cons

-Rather hard to kill
-Has a decent shield, which is also an AoE slow
-Dropping a Standard can be an enormous help in teamfights/taking towers/always, really
-Pretty darn good escape mechanisms
-Can, theoretically, take on 2-3 enemies alone.
-Has a passive that makes enemies (especially tanks) sh*t their pants
-Has a knock up of epic proportions

-Kinda squishy 1-3
-His ult can be... disastrous
-Is way melee. All of his abilities really need you close to work. Kinda sucks.
-Shield eats mana at the beginning of the game like nothing else

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Ok, there are two rune builds. The first is:
Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation, because early ArPen really helps
Greater Seal of Evasion, because dodge is very useful all throughout the game. You CAN replace these for health or pretty much anything else, but i recommend dodge.
Greater Glyph of Replenishment Greater Glyph of Replenishment, Because god knows you need mana regen. its kind of helpful early game, but not overly so.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation, because we love early ArPen
The other build replaces the Dodge seals with and Mpr glyphs with for extra magebane.

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21 in offense is a must. However tanky he may seem, Jarvan is a DPS char and needs that ArPen, Crit strike+damage, and so on. After that, you may go to 9 in defense, with improved armor and magic resistance and dodge buffs, or 9 in utility, getting time spend dead, ghost, experience, and MPR. Your choice.

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Summoner Spells

- Ghost, because it's all-around good
- Flash, Just as good as ghost
- Exhaust, great for a lot of things
- Teleport very good for map control and saving turrets and the like.

- Clarity Could help, useless late game
- Fortify Meh helps sometimes
- Heal + Revive Not really needed
- Cleanse if the opponents have lots of cc, then by all means.
- Ignite I prefer this on casters, not Jarvan.

- Clairvoyance You shouldn't be the one with this skill. Period.
- Rally Not much use to anyone ever. No one uses rally, neither should you.
- Smite Good for jungle. Not for you.

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Skill Sequence

Deals 10% of the enemy's health as magic damage. Caps at 400, proc's CD for each target 6 seconds.
This is one of the best passives I have ever seen. Helps in every fight. Tanks get destroyed by this. No joke. It's great.
Hits for 70 damage incrementing by 50 and reduces armor by a %. If used on Demacian Standard, launches Jarvan to the location of the standard, knocking up all enemies in his path. I put one point in this at level 1 and max it last.
Good for the proc with Staandard. Not much more.
Creates a protective shield that slows all nearby enemies and gets stronger for each nearby enemy.
Great defensive/chasing/escaping/disabling ability. I max this second.
Gives Jarvan a passive attack speed and armor boost. When using the active it drops a flag at target location, dealing damage to enemies, buffing his allies, and doubling his own buff.
Best ability on Jarvan in mind. The attack speed buff is not much, but when doubled by dropping the active it can be significant. The active also does a fair amount of damage early game. I max this first.
Jarvan jumps to target champion and deals them damage, creating a ring of impassable terrain around the target.
This can be a game changer used correctly, and devastating to the team if used badly. The damage is quite good, and I sometimes use it to jump on a running champ when i'm on CD. In teamfights, try to use it on the carry to isolate them. When chasing, remember who has ghost/flash. They are a lower priority than ones who do not, because those spells can evade it. Also watch out for enemies like Ezreal who have similar abilities.

You may have looked at the skills and went, WTF?! WHY SO MUCH DEMACIAN STANDARD?! I have a simple reason: its a buff. The ability has a passive that boosts you up, allowing for easier takedowns of turrets, and the active boosts your teammates. So maybe, even if you arent the main guy killing that turret, than you can buff the guy who is. Win-win. Aegis comes next, because D-Strike is really only good as a proc for knockup and the armor debuff. Shield can be very helpful just generally.

The way things work out in teamfights is something like this: check out what's going on. The first job of jarvan is to take out that dude in the back who's got about 100-500 hp left. Drop a standard at the back and shoot in, knocking up the other enemies in the process. Once that little guy is dead turn your attention to isolating and annihilating their carry. This is another on of your jobs. Try a cataclysm->attack until standard is up->standard->dragon strike-> if their alive aegis for the slow and repeat without ult. Anything you can do to help the team after that is good, like hitting the tank for some hp, or using AoE slow to shut down chase attempts. If you got jumped for the fight, start right off with a slow to let everyone react, then jump in and get rid of the carry. too simple.

If you are 1v1, start with an autoattack. Get them to commit to the fight. Then drop standard->DStrike->autoattack->rinse repeat unless they begin to retreat, in which case you aegis->attack->StDs (im going to use that now. its the dragon strike and standard combo) combo-> attack-> if needed, cataclysm. they will die.
2v2 do much of what you did there except help shield a running ally.
1v2 judge them. If its carries, RUN. If its a tank and a carry, RUN. If its a support char and a carry, it depends. 2 supports, killem. cc and a carry, RUN. This is all negated, however, if you happen to outlevel them by 2-5. if that is the case than dont hesitate. Knockup aegis ult attack. win.

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Ah, items. You see, Jarvan will not die very easily early on if you have any health regen and for this reason I start out with a Regrowth Pendant and 1 Health Potion. He really does need the heath pot. As soon as i go back to base, I get a Philosopher's Stone as my upgrade. It gives me enough mp sustainability to just keep on chugging, more hp regen and gold per 10. Its quite cheap too.

Boots are next, going to Mercury's Treads for almost all situations. Ninja Tabi is Ok if you are fighting a yi or other attack speed + damage enemy. Choice is yours.

Next i rush a Frozen Mallet, starting with Phage. Good health, some damage, and some support slow is great. I always get this item and have never gone wrong.

Randuin's Omen is next, to tank turrets. This item is so fecking awesome. I have killed turrets with nothing but a randuin's and a frozen mallet of my big items. Seriously. It's that good.

Next I either go for Force of Nature or Atma's Impaler. Choose based on what is hurting you the most and what you need. Whatever you start with, get the other one right afterwards.

Next, upgrade that darn Philosopher's stone into a Shurelya's Reverie. Nice support, adds some damage to atma's, and is just all around good.

The last Item is situational. Want more HP and damage? Get a Warmog's Armor. Need more magic resist? Get a Banshee's Veil. need lifesteal or all around overpowered damage? Get a [[B.F. Sword and work your way up from there.

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These are either pictures or videos to compliment the build

My record

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Hey, I hope this goes well. I'm not done with it; I still have to add pictures, scores, videos, and tweak based on patches and things. I'll be updating when I can!