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Fiora Build Guide by AwesomePdudE

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AwesomePdudE

[FR is for French] Fiora Jungle - White Flags for Everyone!

AwesomePdudE Last updated on January 2, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi! I'm Fantabulicious(NA), a silver mid main. I have played a lot of jungle, lately, and thought "Why not Fiora?" I had a lot of success with her in the mid lane, so I decided I'd bring her to the jungle. It worked incredibly well. Played correctly, she has excellent ganks, massive burst, heavy snowballing, high kill and multikill potential, everything you want in a lategame jungler - but she's strong early. This guide shows you how to be a force to be reckoned with, but NOTHING is a substitute for experience - you need to get out there and play a few to get the hang of it.

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Pros / Cons


    Fast, safe clearing
    High mobility
    Lots of true damage (percentage true damage!)
    Dash with low cooldown and high scaling late
    Seriously good multikill potential
    Strong teamfights
    Can 1vX pretty easily
    AoE AD scaling heal that applies to the whole team without a channel
    Huge sustain
    Two strong slows
    A guaranteed crit
    Powerful with devourer
    Versatile building
    Lunge applies on-hit effects (excluding Bladework)
    Pretty easy to pick up

    High skillcap
    Can be countered by multiple sources of heavy CC
    Requires good positioning and premeditation when ganking
    Hard CC is only conditional
    Ultimate can be completely wasted
    CAN 1vX someone, but it gets exponentially harder after 1v3.
    High cooldown, low scaling on Lunge at low levels
    Huge cooldown on Riposte
    Bladework doesn't give a full crit until level 5
    Completing Grand Challenge takes practice
    Some assassins outburst her
    Has been nerfed pretty hard, ult is way weaker than it was before

Overall, the pros FAR outweigh the cons in my opinion. Fiora is, despite weakening a bit, still definitely a powerful pick.

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Let's start with runes. They're listed above, but allow me to share my reasoning.

Glyphs - Split these. The extra magic resist helps more than you think - if your mid lane is against a powerful burst mage like Fizz or Syndra, you'll need to be able to survive. The CDR is strong too - early on, as always, her cooldowns are high, but her Q cooldown lowers from hitting an enemy by a FLAT AMOUNT - this means that you can have your CDR scale by the base cooldowns while the cooldown will usually be 2 seconds lower than that. If your mid laner is facing a slippery assassin like Fizz or Zed, you'll want this to jump around as much as you can.

Seals - Always take flat armor seals in the jungle. There are VERY few exceptions to this rule. Early clears in season 5 are brutal without them.

Marks - I take flat AD because it gives a good boost throughout the game while not making you entirely lean on this magical prospect of 'lategame.' Sometimes, you get pwned so hard that you can't even make it to the lategame. How will your scaling AD help you then?
Also, don't take armor penetration marks, for the same reason - they don't help early.

Quints - This is where I take a little bit of armor pen. It gives a reasonably strong boost throughout the game, combined with 2 AD quints to add to the marks. You deal TONS of damage.

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Masteries this season are really weird, in my opinion. I like to take either 12/18/0, 0/18/12, or 0/12/18. If going 12/18/0, make sure to get Thunderlord's Decree, flat penetration, Dangerous Game, and Runic Affinity. If going 0/12/18, either Grasp of the Undying or Strength of the Ages. An extra 300 flat HP is equivalent to one tier 2 item, which is great for one mastery.

Since early on, there are no mana problems, Meditation is wasted on Fiora, and because you're not in there to get deleted, Double-Edged Sword is not great. I also like 1 point in Vampirism, simply because that tiny bit of lifesteal is far stronger than not having lifesteal at all. With little to no CC in her kit, Oppressor is terrible on her. Unless you want to screw around and go crit build, Warlord's Bloodlust is pretty useless, and Fervor of Battle isn't for someone that you use for bursting. It's valid if you want to go 18/0/12 offtank jungle, but that's a very rare pick, and Strength or Grasp is almost always better. However, as neither Grasp nor Thunderlords work on monsters, that's a problem, but most keystones only work against champions anyway.

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Now, it's time for the ITEM RUNDOWN!

First item you want to rush is Devourer. FARM HARD, take as many Scuttles as you can for that sweet, sweet double stacking, until you finally get your Sated Devourer. Then, it's time to tear stuff to shreds with your E. If you have done it well, you will also have Trinity Force. When you use E to reset autoattacks, it'll double-apply Trinity Force. If it's on the opposite count, it'll double crit. It's incredibly powerful overall. Devourer is, overall, a very good item on Fiora that doesn't count much on her AD scaling.

Next is Ionian Boots of Lucidity. I like as high CDR as I can get without exclusively going for CDR, so I like these and The Black Cleaver. This is because her Q has a flat reduction if it hits an enemy, but your CDR applies on the initial, rather high cooldown. You can dash once every 1-3 seconds if it's level 5 and you have both of these items. Cleaver is also great for ripping apart armor with sustained attacks on a single enemy (if you hadn't already guessed). Armor doesn't matter if you hit Vitals and shred. Please note that after the nerf to Lucidity, it may be better to get 40% CDR by other means.

After this, Ravenous Hydra (If going Cinderhulk, Titanic - I'll cover this later) is a MUST-BUY. With your Devourer, it applies twice, and the AoE and active are both powerful for burst and farming. The sustain and AD also make it a very desirable item.

Trinity Force is also a big one because of how much Fiora benefits from its variable power. Hitting more attacks is great, the Spellblade active makes her Q devastating, and the AD/HP/speed boost are excellent for everything. It provides massive burst at any point in the game.

Bloodthirster is also powerful, but conditional. It has massive AD and lifesteal, and that shield is great. This item gives Fiora great potential in brawls, but leaves her vulnerable to burst. Only take this if your KDA so far is above 3.

Last Whisper is just good for the boost in AD and armor ignoring. If the enemy is very heavily building armor, then *MAYBE.* It's not optimal on Fiora at all. After the changes, it's become a ****-tier item unless you're fighting Mundo. Then you're doing something real damn wrong and need to rethink every choice in your life that has led you to this moment. Really?

Blade of the Ruined King is good for the speed boost/slow and the passive damage. It gives as much DPS as Bloodthirster, plus an active that lets you catch up or escape. It's great on Fiora if you combine it with Black Cleaver, so you can quickly apply 5 stacks of shred.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is strong for the speed boost. You literally need to be running circles around your enemy, and it's easy to do just that with Youmuu's. The armor pen is nice too. You now don't have the wasted crit stat when you aren't going for crit, and the boosted AD is noice.

RIP occult

Guinsoo's is great as an offensive item in a defensive build. It's for those times you want to beat the hell out of an entire team but not do it instantly.


If you want to be practically impossible to kill, take Cinderhulk, Titanic Hydra, Frozen Mallet, Bloodthirster, and Spirit Visage. You'll heal more than they can hurt you, and Titanic Hydra + Bloodthister will pull all the damage you need to be relevant. Not quite as impactful as the build I detailed above, but not even close to bad. It's a great bruiser build, and Fiora has surprising synergy with Frozen Mallet.

Mercurial Scimitar is for those not practiced in reflexes for Riposte. It's also great on top of the Riposte - if you mess one up, you can still escape a predicament. The MR and AD are both high values too.

Dead Man's Plate is far more common now, and for good reason.

Spirit Visage is good in any Fiora build, as it will make your lifesteal more... lifesteal-y. You heal more from it, you get tankier, it's overall great for being in the middle of the action.

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Passive - Duelist's Dance - In layman's terms, Fiora targets weak spots on an enemy champion on one of four sides - up, down, left, or right. If you hit this weak spot while it's there, a new one will form and the breaking of one will reveal a really satisfying sound and deal a ****ton of true damage that scales with AD. It's percentage true damage! It takes good positioning to get this right all the time, but when you do, it's really powerful. Take this last, and max it first.

Q - Lunge - Fiora dashes, and deals damage to the lowest minion or closest Champion's targetable vitals. This scales with bonus AD, and the ratio raises by 0.5 over the course of the leveling, so this spell scales HARD. It deals serious damage by mid-late after being less than an autoattack early. I don't approve of taking it first because it's so weak early.

W - Riposte - RANGED PASSTHROUGH SLOW/STUN AUTOATTACK IMMUNITY SPELL IMMUNITY WITH 100% AP RATIO. Need I say more? It's a skillshot with a huge width that stops at the first champion. If you block any hard CC with the ability, the Champion it hits is stunned instead of slowed. You can potentially use the enemy support's CC to target their own ADC. Take it second, max it last.

E - Bladework - Two-autoattack burst. The first ones is a pretty big slow, the second is a crit for 140% at level 1 and 200% at level 5. It resets autoattacks and also gives 50% attack speed for those two attacks. It's a strong tool for ganks and farming alike. Take it first, max it second.

R - Grand Challenge - Your passive marks the target on all 4 sides, and it's up to you to run circles around the enemy to hit all 4. This gives a massive boost to DPS and it's hard to hit you with skillshots while you're being Scout. After all 4 are activated, or at least one passive mark is procced and they die, a massive AoE heal that applies to your whole team and scales with AD appears and stays there for a few seconds. This is what makes you own a teamfight. I recommend putting it onto a squishy like an ADC or mage and just activating one and bursting them down. As with most all ultimates, take it at 6/11/16. Sadly, after nerfs, you need to do a lot better. Try to aim for the middle of the enemy team instead - not the squishy who will die too fast, but not a tank who will ignore you and **** on your team either way. You want as many out of 4 procs as you can, but obviously, that isn't always possible.

These abilities fit together very well, but you need to have fast hands. Especially your right hand. And yes, you're still on a League of Legends guide.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling will usually be done with one route, unless you want to counterjungle, or try for an early countergank. The standard route is Krugs into Red into Blue. Pop potions when needed. Don't smite blue, go over to either Gromp or Wolves depending on your health and smite and kill them. If low, go back. if at 45% or higher HP, find an enemy without an execute or point-and-click heavy burst and gank them. Keep making your presence known and feared throughout the map like this. I usually camp two lanes - bot and mid. If on the red side, this is very easy. Just ignore Gromp and Wolves on first clear and head down to the bottom tribrush. Wards in tribrush before first back are very rare.

If you want to counterjungle, start krugs and red, and then head to the enemy jungle and smite their wolves. Don't kill wolves, though, that's a waste of HP. This is simply so you know where the enemy jungler is and they don't know where you are. Usually you can kill their jungler at this level, but if it's someone like Udyr, be careful. Beyond this, Fiora is pretty nice for counterjungling, since she can 1v2 or 1v3 pretty easily, and has a dash + CC immunity + zone control + fast clearing.

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Team Work

Teamwork? Hah! What's that?

In ganking, if you're confident in your hands and keyboard, then Lunge, autoattack, Bladwork, and Riposte anything they want to use on you. You can follow them and jump around them easily, but don't towerdive before 6, and when you do, always Grand Challenge the target.

In fights alone against multiple people, your skills shine. When someone uses hard CC, respond to it with Riposte, and make sure to dash to dodge skillshots. Jump around the enemies and hit their Vitals, but focus on the squishiest one, get that one low, and Grand Challenge. Just proc one and kill them, you get the full-effect heal, and you'll heal faster than most DPS.

In teamfights, you are the initiator. If you're fed enough, then cast your ultimate on a back line squishy, dive into the whole team, immediately riposte as they're casting all of their CC on you, and burst the enemy down. They don't have time to move away, and you have a huge healing field for your whole team to use as they win the teamfight.

If not as fed, just do the same thing on their assassin or a bruiser. True damage will help your damage and your team can probably still burst them down.

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Overall, this guide isn't going to make you a good Fiora. It's like using a stool to get up a mountain. Sure, that first step will take you so much higher, but carrying the stool with you is impractical and won't help you. You need to find your own playstyle and build. Play around with it and it'll be easy to find.

Fiora is a strong AD champion - not an AD caster, but with similar burst and massive sustained damage as well. Her low cooldowns late make her an absolute monster even when she loses lane.

That's all for now! Good luck in solo queue.