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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author invazn

FUNorthodox Dominion Builds

invazn Last updated on August 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Top or Bot Lane?


Everyone else

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Sauron's Explanation of Dominion Roles

Tanky DerPS:
Usually melee champions, these guys usually have gap closers and are meant to dive onto someone and cause major problems. Many tanky DPS champs can hold bottom lane fairly well, and while they can initiate a team fight, they usually should wait for a real tank to do it. Tanky DPS champs are typically duelists and the best choices for forcing 1v1's in the jungle. Many tanky DPS champs will go for the Trinity+Atma's route.
Examples: Blitz, Darius, Irelia, Jax, Jarvan, Pantheon, Riven, Wukong

Ranged carry:
More or less built how you would expect them. Ranged carries are dangerous to play in Dominion because of the prevalence of gap closers. Ranged carries will typically go the raw PD+IE route with stacked life steal for sustain, and try to use their abilities for regular defense. Distance is very important to them, and they are difficult to play well. Be cautious in the jungle, and when in doubt take an alternate path.
Examples: Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Ezreal, Graves, Varus, Vayne

Tanky AP:
The prevalence of tanky AP builds over the usual SR builds is something that has come from experimentation. Tanky AP simply just does better throughout the game and scales more in teamfights. Depending on who you pick, you might be focusing on CDR over defense, or defense over actual offense. All caster champions can do at least moderately well if built tanky, so don't feel shoehorned into playing Ryze or something.
Examples: Gragas, Kassadin, Maokai, Poppy, Soraka, Vladimir

AP carry:
Only a few casters can afford to go glass cannon builds. They are usually not seen and are champions that have escape abilities or passives that allow them to build that way and still contribute. AP carries must be exceedingly map-aware and very cautious about brush and jungle.
Examples: Fizz, Leblanc, Master Yi, Nidalee

Some tanks can build AP to remain a threat, while others can do Trinity or Atma's. Your job is pretty simple: protect the carries and be the one to take the brunt of CC in fights. Use pings to tell your team to prepare for initiation into fights.
Examples: Leona, Malphite, Rammus, Shen, Warwick

Most of the successful supports I've seen have gone almost pure tank, only sometimes getting auras. Sona might also consider Trinity. You should have no more than two support champions -- it lessens your team's ability to split up. Garrison is very effective on support champions, as is building flat MPen.
Examples: Janna, Karma, Lulu, Sona, Taric

Bot laner:
The player that focuses on sustain and typically stays bot all game unless they need a swap due to the enemy stacking too much defense of one type. Range, pushing power, and some single-target burst are hallmarks for a solid bot laner champion. Some bot laners also do well top lane, and can be swapped if top needs a change. Map awareness is the #1 skill when being the bottom laner. Builds vary greatly per champion.
Examples: Cassiopeia, Jarvan, Malzahar, Maokai, Ryze, Udyr, Urgot, Yorick

Other team compositions that I've seen work well:
-Four physicals top lane (at least one ranged) that all rush LW and Ghostblade.
-Extremely CC heavy teams using Trinity on all their champs for damage.
-Poke-heavy teams with one tank for sponging CC and to provide vision.
-Global ult teams for their ability to stop captures.
-Trap teams that have lots of vision in the jungle.
-The POOTERSS team (lol).

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Sauron's Tips For Bot Laners

    Push really hard:
    Kill the enemy bottom laner:
    Zone the heck out of the opponent:
    Push really hard so you can safely leave the lane:
    Out-sustain the opponent and wait for early-game to pass:
    Stalemate the lane all game and use global abilities to support your team:
    Call for offensive ganks:

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Sauron's General Item Tips

Trinity Force + All defense items:
This works amazingly well on a lot of champions, most notably ones with *cough*broken*cough* abilities, such as Poppy. It can also work very well on champions like Irelia whose abilities generally don't scale.

Stacking life steal:
Sometimes, stacking life steal is the best form of defense. The bonus here is that while vampiric scepters have many upgrades, they also sell back for 70% of their cost should you acquire more gold for better defensive items. Stacking life steal works very well on ranged champions and is in particular an excellent counter to Yorick and other champions that harass at range, lack gap closers, or rely on out-sustain to win. Protip: Executioner's Calling is a great item for its price, and not much of value is lost if you stack them.

Frozen Heart vs other armors:
I'll be frank, you want FH on at least one person on the team. The attack speed debuff applies to total AS, not additive AS, meaning it is very effective. The 20% CDR is an excellent boost, and if you specced 9-21-0 as a mage with CDR runes, it's the ONLY item you need to hit the cap. I'm not saying the other defense items are bad, but Frozen Heart is REALLY good. Also, Glacial Shroud is really nice.

Stacking flat MPen:
This works wonders for burst champions that frequently target carries, as well as magic damage champions with bad ratios (such as Mordekaiser). By penetrating their resists down to effectively zero, you do what is usually a fed burst mage's damage that went straight AP, except that you are tankier but only do this type of damage to squishies. I do not recommend this build for most bottom lane matchups, but it works very well for top lane.

Piecemeal Crit:
This build is any combination of the items: Trinity, Atma's, Ghostblade, and at least one Executioner's. Rather than going hardcore crit with PD and IE, you can slowly stack it up with items that also have other purposes. It is effective on many melee champions, as it is cheaper and supplies you with actives and leaves room for QSS should you need a hard counter. This is one of my favorite builds.

Last Whisper and hybrid defense items:
For champions like Darius that deal a lot of base damage of the physical variety, forgoing the conventional Ghostblade route can be the right thing to do against some matchups (such as vs Malphite). Hexdrinker, Atma's, Phage, and Glacial are all good choices on these champions as they come cheap, have some defensive stats, and have upgrades. Some of these champions can also add Trinity to the mix. By forgoing flat ArPen you get the opportunity to do something new with your runes and masteries, as percentage ArPen will no longer be reducing the effectiveness of anything.

Warden's Mail:
I feel this item deserves its own section. For a cheap item that provides armor, regen, and has an upgrade, its proc makes it insanely good. The proc will debuff AS additively and MS multiplicatively, and while this means the AS debuff stacks with FH, it's nowhere near as strong. The upgrade to Randuin's is optional because Randuin's is generally a situational item and is costly.

Health/Mana Potions:
You're probably thinking WTF am I putting these in here, but I've noticed something in my last hundred or so games: I seem to be the only person buying Health Potions beyond the 10 minute mark. Obviously not the reason I win games, but really, what else are you going to spend 105 leftover gold on? Just remember to use them liberally. Also, Mana Potions are generally a waste of money (Even in SR) and should only be gotten on a few top lane casters at the start of the game.

Berserker's vs Ionian:
Unless you're truly an autoattack champion, you're better off paying 130 more gold for 15% CDR on your skills than you are paying for 25% AS. Attack speed is easy and cheap to come by, and only pays off if you're attacking non-stop -- something that's not likely to happen in many early and midgame situations. If you want offensive boots, get Ionian over Berserker's on almost everyone.

Merc Treads vs Ninja Tabi:
Chances are the enemy team is going to have both physical and magic damage, and in the case of someone like Jax they might have both, as well as CC. The answer is that unless they have a lot of non-knockup CC or you're playing the poke game heavily with their casters, you should be getting Ninja's Tabi if you want defense. It can be gotten earlier and the autoattack damage reduction (multiplicative) adds up really fast.

Swiftness vs Mobility:
The answer is always Mobility unless you're bottom lane, in which case you should be going for different boots entirely.

Mobility + Ninja's Tabi / Sorc's:
This actually isn't a bad strategy for those that want to roam. You can get enhanced movement 5 while out of combat and still get the benefits of DR or stacked flat MPen. That said, building double boots is a situational matchup and you shouldn't be doing it without reason.