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Galio Build Guide by Omega Hamedo

Tank Galio Corkistopper

Tank Galio Corkistopper

Updated on April 2, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omega Hamedo Build Guide By Omega Hamedo 17,410 Views 0 Comments
17,410 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Omega Hamedo Galio Build Guide By Omega Hamedo Updated on April 2, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Ban recommendations

: if you miss her, she can save the Support and turnback the teamfight;
: very strong pick agains Galio.
: very strong pick agains Galio.
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First of all, you need force Corki to go in the middle (showing Lucian, Sivir or Caitlyn after Corki pick) and try to get Gragas before your enemy. The best option is when you are in the Blue Side, because you can do a strong safe pick (Gragas) and you know the return of Corki in the enemy red team (e.g. Corki and Suport/Jungler).

After see the Corki pick, you need be safe. First, you never can show Galio pick. It's suicide because the high majority of champions can stop them. Galio is always the LAST PICK.

With that in your mind, you need a "double lane pick", like Lissandra to bait middle Corki and show your ADC to block then in bottom lane. She is a very strong Top Laner with consistent damage and can play safely.

With Lissandra (or Support, if you want counterpick) and the counter AD Carry (e.g. Lucian) in your blue side, the Red Team gonna show the AD and Suport/Jungler, avoiding the Lucian x Corki lane.

Now, with your last picks, you can show the Middle Galio and the Support (or Top, if you don't like Lissandra).

The same can be performed when you are in the red side.

- Save the strong pick (e.g. Gragas);
- Force Corki in the enemy middle lane picking one strong counter AD Carry (e.g. Lucian, Caitlyn and Sivir);
- Only show Galio in the last pick;
- Use safe Top Laners with AP damage (e.g. Lissandra or Lulu);
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You need survive. Yeah, Galio don't make lane pressure, but have a decent clear wave with "Q". Galio need farm and hug the tower to bypass ganks.

Against Corki, use "W" to recover some HP if you're near to recive some poke. Galio is very mana hunger, and need the blue from the jungler to quick clear waves.

Don't be angry if your team can loss one dragon or you middle tower fall.

If your tower fall, go to another lane and start split push ("E" skill can hel with moviment speed to run)

- Don't stop the farm;
- Don't force early teamfights (bypass the first dragon);
- Don't lose the blue buff;
- Use Cinder/Sunfire passive to split push;
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Do you remember Hecarim? Yeah, Galio is similar. Galio can't start the fight in front engage, he need some flank positions with "Ward + Teleport + E" or "Territorial Buff + Ward + Teleport + E" to use a Good Ultimate (Good Ultimate = ADC + Support + Mid taunted). While you're using ultimate, cast "W" for get some healing if you are less 40% HP.

Use Flash only if you need taunt the AD Carry, but, while you're taunting the enemy, your team need follow, otherwise you die. If you have Flash availible, you can use to repair your position.

- Flank and Teleport is the key!
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Ok, but why Galio?

Galio's passive is the strongest cause. 50% form him MR are convert into AP (the half of Corki damage resource) and he can make some Armor items and still strong in the game.

At level 1, Galio start with 32(+1.25) MR (16 AP) and 26 Armor. If you build the Runes, Mastery and Items listed here, in game Galio have:

Lvl 1 with Runes:
650 HP
34.6 MR
26 Armor
17.3 AP
11.63 Magic Pen.
340 Moviment Speed

Lvl 1 with Doran's:
710 HP
34.6 MR
26 Armor
42,2 AP
7.83 Magic Pen.
340 Moviment Speed

Lvl 18 with items and runes (Listed in "FULL BUILD" without elixir and masteries):
3495 HP
185 MR
236 Armor
272,4 AP
7.83 Magic Pen + Abyssal "-20 MR Reduction"
385 Moviment Speed

Base Q Damage = 463 + Penetration and slow;
Base W Healing = 249 (First Healing without 20% redution in subsequent hits) + 90 MR and Armor buff (scale with passive and you recive more AP and healing)
Base E Damage = 376 + Penetration and speed buff zone;
Base R Damage = Maximum 677 + Penetration and enemies has been taunted;

Galio Taunt can be removed, but he channel another taunt wave and the enemy need some pro reflex to survive (e.g. similar to Malphite Cleanse + Flash while you're in air).

- High armor and MR;
- High AP damage with BEST PASSIVE EVER;
- Effective Crowd control;
- Strong flank position;
- Strong teleport fights;
- Abyssal is a good high power point in the game for the middle game (95 Ap + 50 MR and passive that boost ultimate *AoE);

*AoE Area of Effect.
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- High cost item (need a good farming/participation);
- High cost items;
- You need make a super safe lane (hug your towa'!);
- You can loss some early objectives (1st Dragon);
- You roaming in the botton lane is not very effective compared with Corki;

- Efficient tank;
- Ultimate can turnback teamfights;
- Strong splitpush with "Q" + Sunfire;
- "W" healing can save you many times;
- Great flank positions;
- Your ultimate can protect you team and the AD Carry for some free hits;
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Go play!!

Galio is very hard to play, you need train a little before enter in ranked games. Use this like a guide to start. This is my build, you can make your own build, customize and change the skills order.

Use this guide to start and discover his potential!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omega Hamedo
Omega Hamedo Galio Guide
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Galio Corkistopper

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