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Gangplank Build Guide by ArchangelArgos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArchangelArgos

Gangplank: The guide of Critplank

ArchangelArgos Last updated on May 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This Gangplank build page covers the basics of playing Gangplank effectively.

Gangplank is a powerful AD champion with strong burst damage, sustain and a map wide ultimate. He is capable of fighting from range using Parley or getting into the action as a melee champion with crit based items. Gangplank provides his team withsupport through his Raise Morale Buff and area of effect ultimate. Gangplank also has the ability to heal himself, while removing crowd control effects.

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This Gangplank Build focuses of high critical chance, and damage. Once you have played Gangplank this way, you will never go back. We take 9 Marks for Critical damage, 6 Seals of Critical Damage and 3 Seals of Critical Chance. Then we finish the Runes off with 9 Glyphs of critical damage and 3 Critical Chance Quintessences. This allows you to be VERY dangerous early game which is a critical time for GP.

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Since this build focuses on bursting down your enemy in under 5 seconds, I suggest a 21-9 Mastery just for the fact that you need to build armor penetration late game to continuously get kills. That is why the Last Whisper is so important to your build. Remember to farm minions early game to get your creep score up. Creep Score is a HUGE part of gangplank and you need it early game to get good quick. Remember to save your mana and use parlay to hit minions, not poke champions until level 6-8.

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The beginning part of the build focuses on critical damage and chance so you get lots of kills and rocket in terms of level. Later on in this build you will find that you build more health based and armor penetration based items, for you will be facing players with higher hp. Snagging the Infinity Edge is very important early game because it gives you a huge step up in terms of damage and gives your q ability, Parlay a significant boost in damage. If you buy Atma's Impaler, you will want to rush to get Frozen mallet because of the synergy between the two items.

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Skill Sequence

For skill sequence you want to max q, Parlay first. this allows Gangplank to not only be melee but ranged as well. Since the critical applies to Parlay this is a great choice for the poking and harassing ability through the game.Try to max Raise Morale his e ability second since this will be useful in team fights and when pursuing or retreating from and enemy champion. Remember not to spam w or Remove Scurvy because it will eat up your mana and leave you helpless to lots of attacks

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Pros / Cons

Great Poke Ability
- Able to win every time at one on one at the same level
- Unreal Critical Damage
- Being able to laugh in delight as you look at your K:D ration and you see you have 24 kills.
- Very susceptible to attack speed based champs like varus
- Needs a big creep score to do well early game

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