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Garen Build Guide by GunslingerK

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GunslingerK

Garen Demacia's Beast

GunslingerK Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Defense: 21

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Utility: 0

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Introduction to the Guide

Hi, I'm GunslingerKush and I love playing Garen. He is just a beast through and through. He can take a lot of damage pull back to and wait for Perseverance to heal then be back in the fight before you know it. To top all of that he has no mana, just cooldowns. When playing Garen its constant harassment and prodding and once you know you can move in for the kill its easy. Demacian Justice is one of the best finishing moves, hands down. Decisive Strike gives you a speed boost (to catch those who will TRY to run) and silence target on hit. For the enemy champs that want to slow you down, HA! just use Judgment and you'll just keep cruising. Then Courage just makes you that much harder to stop. Garen is a simple champ to learn but hard to master.

I've played Garen on and off for a long time messing with builds and figuring out what worked best for me. He truly is a HP regen Beast. This is my first build and a work in progress but positive input would be great.

Thank you for feedback. Keep it coming.

Noob Tips

-Ping the softest champ in team fights so your team knows who to target.
-Use Q W E R for spells, D & F for you summoner spells and G to ping.
-Call MIA and warn team mates if you see an enemy champ heading for their lane.
- Sight Ward are never a bad thing and I buy them if I have a little extra gold. Also helpful when you can tell the other team will be trying to gank a lot.
-Try not to feed. Sometimes its better to be safe then dinner.

/d makes you dance
/t says a taunt
/j tells joke
/l laugh

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Pros / Cons of the Beast

Pros +
-He is like the gingerbread man, no one can catch him. (Most of the time)
-Can stay in lane for a long time
-Amazing health Regen
-No mana just cooldowns
-Can be a good deterrent

Cons -
-Not a whole lot of DPS
-No taunt or stun, cant protect people
-Cooldowns suck (but at least its not mana)

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I hate to say it but I am not level 30 yet so I cant truly test this out.
Having said that I am level 25+ so I have 21 points in Def tree and the rest where I thinks best till I have all 9 for the Off tree. Once again work in progress.

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Laning as a Regen Beast

I always start with Regrowth Pendent, so if I get a little too beat up I can just pull back enough to still get exp but not be threatened by enemy Champs. Try not to get hurt so your Perseverance can kick in when your HP is low. When trying to stay safe and regen stay around center of the bush always ready to Decisive Strike or Judgment for a quick get away back to the safety of your tower or to lay waste when possible.

Try to get with a ranged team mate to help keep enemy champs off you early game. If your going against 2 ranged enemies then its hard to do a whole lot of anything with Garen at first. He has no ranged attacks so just try to keep your health up and soak up exp so you can jump them when you have a better chance.

While in lane, try to float (just keep moving) behind the melee minions and just last hit enemy minions when you can. If a champ with a ranged spell starts coming at you either step back or charge after them, hopefully with help from an ally, using courage to soak up the damage they are going to throw your way. Once again be smart. Dont charge into a tower for just a chance. When you build some HP you can but dont push it.

Dont be afraid to gank another lane if your lane is doing well, your on a team so act like it.

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Items: My Guide to Lasting Longer

  • I want this item because it helps Perseverance, which helps you stay in lane early game. Then is used for [warmog's armor] later on.
  • I need this to truly be an escape artist. With Decisive Strike speed boost and Judgment reduces slows by 50%.
  • This is Garen's bread and butter. I need this for the added DPS which also helps my Judgment do more damage. On top of that the armor is great.
  • I get this for the HP boost and to slow my enemies.
  • warmong's armor I this item was made for Garen. I love the huge health boost and health regen which both make Perseverance work faster once it kicks in.
  • I decided on this item for the speed boost to attack and movement. The crit isnt bad either. This item also makes Frozen Mallet more useful.
  • Well after all that health this item just seems to make sense. I like it so it give me that boost of extra damage near end game.
Great Def Items
  • I love this item for Garen I pick it up when I am going against magic users. Its just awesome item for Garen all together though.
  • I like this for so many reasons. Its great to help you survive and the active is pretty helpful is used correctly.
  • I like to get this if I have a feeling its going to be a quick game and my team is going to win. Its not bad to pick up either way though.
  • This isnt bad but if you are trying to be the tank on the team then this will make enemies not want to attack you as much. If thats what you want then this is perfect. Works well since Garen can escape fairly often.

Great Off Items
Coming Soon.

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Skills: A Little Bit of a Blade Master

  • This is what makes Garen a regen beast in the first place. When Garen doesnt take damage for 7 seconds he will get a health regen boost that is 0.5% of his max health.
  • I love this for the speed boost and the silence. This spell can help you quickly disable the damage dealer on the enemy team for a short time and gets you in their face. It can also be used to flee, if need be.
  • I like this spell because it makes you that much harder to kill and it doesn't go away when you die. The Active is great to help you soak up some damage without feeling it as much.
  • The move Garen is know for. This is the spell I level up first. It makes it easier to farm and also helps you deal out some damage. It can be used to help escape too is an enemy tries to slow you.
  • One of the best finishers in the game. Hands down. This should be used for just that though. Finishing someone off.

You need to be mindful of who is on the other team and if you keep getting your a** handed to you maybe get Courage sooner. If you feel like you need more speed to run from/catch champs then put more into Decisive Strike. I try to keep Judgment at the highest level possible though so the cooldown it quicker and more DPS.

When using Judgment if you notice you become a taget for the other team throw Courage up asap. Its hard to see that you have used Courage because your already spinning. If you are taking too much damage then use Decisive Strike to turn tail and regen.

Use Decisive Strike to get on top of a champ and silence them and then use Judgment and finish them with Demacian Justice if possible.

Demacian Justice should be used as a finishing move and dont just KS. People will hate you if you do that.


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Summoner Spells: What Pleases You?

I think Summoner Spells just have to fit your play style. I like Flash because it can be a quick get away or be used to jump into a battle. Its just so useful to me.

Teleport on the other hand can be changed to what you like to use. Garen is already pretty quick with his Decisive Strike speed gain. I like being able to jump from one battle to the next on the other side of the map.

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Farming: If Only They Made that Sword a Sythe

This is where Judgment is your friend. If you have Sunfire Cape on top of that, then you should be able to farm pretty quickly. Garen is a great farmer he just need some levels first.

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Team Work: Always.

This is vital.
I shouldnt even have to tell you that, I mean its a team sport :P.
With Garen I try to bait people by starting with Judgment and then if someone bites 180 towards your team and use Courage. Save Decisive Strike for the power player on the enemy team so they dont nuke anyone. Try to over lap the weakest person on your team after the main fight while you retreat or if you feel safe enough use Judgment and Courage to just curve back and discourage the enemy champs from chasing. If you know its going to be a little while before a next fight even use Demacian Justice to scare them off. Seeing the big sword shocks people some times.

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Well I would love to hear from people so I can make this build better and make my play style better. Please constructive comments only.

PS I will be adding more over time and thank you for your time reading this :)

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GENERAL- Added code through out.
Added more detail to Items and Skills sections.

GENERAL-Fixed spelling and grammer errors. :P
Added some more detail here and there.
ITEMS- Removed Force of Nature and replaced it with Frozen Mallet. Ill give it a try and give an update soon.