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Garen Build Guide by LiquidTM

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LiquidTM

Garen ROCKS like hell SOLO TOP

LiquidTM Last updated on March 25, 2013
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This guide shows you how to play Garen as an Off-Tank!

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Start harassing your enemy with your Q ( Sometimes activate E too)! Look to stand behind the enemies minions so he can´t get last hits. Farm much with your E.After the 1 recall buy wards and set them up in the bush which is nearest to the mid lane!! If you are level 6 you can engage with Q --> W--->E--->(may ignite)---> R , but just if your sure he is alone. You should start the fight near to your tower !

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When your lane is pushed go ganking mid lane , but don't forget to protect your top lane tower :)!

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Late Game

Just that Combo Q-->W-->E-->R-->DEAD :)!In a team fight damage the enemies with your E and kill the carry (should be focused) with your R :)!

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In most cases you can escape with your Q.
When not run with your Q near to a wall ( trees etc.) and flash over it :)!

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Pros / Cons

-Great DMG & HP
-Escape / Chasing with Q
-Never gets focused
-Crowd dmg with E
-No Mana/Energy
-EASY to play
-Many say he is a n00b champ... ( But he isn´t :) )
-Against Tanks no DMG

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This guide is in developing

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Just farm with your E , it´s very easy!