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Rek'Sai Build Guide by decemberdrift

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League of Legends Build Guide Author decemberdrift

Get Rek't by the Queen's Wrath (In-depth guide)

decemberdrift Last updated on December 26, 2014
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Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 3

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Introduction: Entering the Void

Hello there! I am decemberdrift. Currently, I am at Platinum IV. Not bad, right? Mobafire cannot verify my account in the Philippines, but you can verify my rank through This is my first build here. I've been playing Rek'Sai for a while. I tried different builds for this gal, but some items just don't fit. Rek'Sai is a champion who is quite dependent on her items. No items, no kills. Or even assists. But abilities-wise, this queen is really fun to play with.

If you ever downvote this guide, please tell me why. :)

Let's get started!

*I'm still editing this guide. Putting images, links, etc. Only finishing touches.

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Advantages and Disadvantages


Tremor Sense
Sees invisible champs with Tremor Sense
Mobility (Burrow)
Reveals units with Prey Seeker
More mobility (Tunnel)
True damage (Furious Bite)
Teleport (Void Rush)
Knock up
can lead to a lot of awesome plays
Cool! (/d /t /l /j)

Wrong tunnel -> deaths
Requires medium to high cap skills
Ultimate must be channeled
Burrow limits your vision
No attacks, no fury
no fury, no health (even true damage)
only one CC
Tremor Sense lets you focus on the first circle you see, ignoring the other areas around you

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Creeping / Jungling


For new junglers

You want to start at the red buff. This is your basic start. You can also start at the two golems, which gives you a stun buff if you smite it.

But first, let's compare the two camps. The red camp gives you, well, the red buff. You'll be able to slow your enemies with that. And plus, the damage over time (burn). For the golems, they are easier to kill. Gives you stun buff if you smite it.

But if you start with the golems, most likely, you'll have trouble clearing the red camp. If you used your smite to gain the stun buff, your smite will still be on cooldown. Therefore, you will have a hard time to clear that camp. As you clear the red camp, you'll run out of potions (I definitely assure you that.), which we don't like to happen. Your fury gives you small amount of health, but not as much as a potion gives you at level 2. That's why even if the golems give you a stun buff, a damage over time and slow is more worth than the stun.

Your choice. You may want to try it for yourself. But I advise you to take red camp at the start. Many would argue that you're an attack speed champ. But remember, your attack speed would come from the passive of your ultimate and from your devourer. At level 2, you don't have access to any.

Remember not to smite immediately. You want to take some damage first. The first smite gives you some health. It is wise to wait and take some damage first.

90 percent of the time, I start with red buff.


If you already know how to maintain your health, have a good experience in the jungle, and a good leash from your teammates, you may want to start at the golems. Then proceed to red camp.


Kill the scuttle crab everytime you can. The scuttle crab gives your team a free ward in the river, which is very crucial at the early phase of the game. Whenever the enemy jungler crosses the river, you'll be able to warn your teammates if you killed the scuttle crab.

Another, this monster doesn't attack; meaning, free fury for Rek'Sai. If you lack some health, kill the scuttle crab and gank the nearest lane. You gained some health, and a ward in the river.


Your jungle route depends on you. Each jungler has his own jungle route. Discover that by your own.

But if you're new to the jungle, I suggest this route:
Red camp ---> Wraiths ---> Blue buff ---> Wolves ---> Gank (if you have enough health), Recall (if you don't have enough health)

After that, decide where you would camp. If your bot lane is having trouble, roam around the bot camp.
If your top lane is having trouble, roam around the top camp.

Remember, your jungle route must fit your ganking. Your jungle route will heavily affect the your ganking pattern.

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So here we are. The main function of the jungler: ganking.

How do you win skirmishes and teamfights? First, know your advantages and disadvantages. Then capitalize on the disadvantages and mistakes of the enemy. That's, how you win.

You wanna know what kind of enemy champ you would gank. Does he have any escape? Is his flash available? Are there any wards around that area? You should always ask your teammates for these information. Communication is the key. Tell them to let their enemies push the lane. If they are overextending, you cannot gank. That's a basic concept in ganking. If your teammates want ganks, then tell them not to overextend.

Now, for example, you are level 3 and you wanna gank the mid lane. You have Katarina as your mage/assassin in the mid lane. Your enemy is Azir. This is a difficult lane for Katarina. Azir would harass her everytime she tries to cs. Now, we let Azir overextend. You would come from any side of the bush. What do you do now? Azir has one escape ability. You want to approach Azir borrowed. You don't want to Tunnel to him to close the gap. Why? He would just escape. Gank failed. You want to approach him, and then knock him up. Katarina will use her Shumpo, and do her thing. Azir, as we expect, would dash. But, you have your tunnel available. Tunnel to him, and finish him off. Smite him if you already have your Stalker's.

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Rek'Sai also specializes on counterjungling. But there's a common misconception here. You don't want to counterjungle when you're just level 2. Finishing your red buff, then proceeding to the enemy blue camp is just a risky move. The enemy jungler would also proceed to his camp. Chances are, you wouldn't be able to finish that camp. Remember, your smite is still on cooldown because we don't want to use the smite immediately at the red camp. But if you used your smite immediately on the first camp, then you can now use smite (but you're not taking advantage of the health benefit of the smite on the first camp, which is bad). Another, the new jungle doesn't permit it. The new jungle is more difficult now, in my opinion.

If you have Tunnel, that's when you want to start some counterjungling. The key to counterjungling is using your Tremor Sense. Most often, you would want to take the golems at the top part of the map. Go to the bush nearest to the enemy red camp, and fire your Prey Seeker. If there's no enemy jungler, tunnel your way to the golems. Smite it for the stun buff. As you finish, you're allowed to use the tunnel a while ago. Right click it, then burrow. Use your Tremor Sense.

The golems and the wraiths are the camps you would want to counterjungle on. Why? They are the safest. If you want to clear the frog camp (the **********ing frog), there's a chance that you would be ****ed up the top and mid lane, or the bottom lane if they ever see you.

If you're clearing the wraiths, put a ward on the bush so you would see if the ememy jungler is coming.

If you want to clear the frog, be stealthy. First, you need to know where the enemy jungler is. If he is in the top camp, then go for the frog. Fire your Prey Seeker, just to be sure if the enemy jungler is there or not. Tunnel through the wall between the blue camp and the frog camp. Clear it. As you finish, the tunnel would be available again for underground travel. REMEMBER THIS. If the enemy mid champ and the their bot lane goes missing as you approach or kill the frog, RETREAT IMMEDIATELY. Chances are, they are approaching you. Why? Maybe the enemy jungler has killed the scuttle crab. Be wary of the wards. BE STEALTHY.

IF YOU EVER ENCOUNTER THE ENEMY JUNGLER, DON'T INITIATE. Rek'Sai excels in counterjungling, not in skirmishes.

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Sunfire Cape: Gives you some health and armor. Plus, damage per second for enemies. "Why is this included in the core? It is not even in the recommended items." Because compared to randuin, this is cheaper. Plus, the passive of randuin depends on the enemies. If their marksman is not the only autoattack champ in their team, then you wouldn't get the most of this item. However, if they have Master Yi, Jax, or Fiora, it is wise to have the passive Cold Steel.
But why do we build Sunfire first? Sunfire gives you an easy way to pick up assists. You hit them with its passive, that's an assists. Second, you don't need randuin that early. Randuin is best for mid game, but not for early game. Sunfire is really good for the early phase. Plus, it gives you an edge to every skirmish you encounter.

Spirit Visage: This **********ing item gives you all you want. Magic resist to counter your enemy mage. Cooldown reduction. And increase healing from your fury. A must-buy.

Ravenous Hydra: Now, here's the magical item. Gives you a lot of ad, some lifesteal, and a cleaving effect. But, here's the misconception: a lot of people build this first. This is a bad move. A very risky move. Why? For one, you are not some kind of champion like Fiora. Rek'Sai was made to thrive in the battle, not to assassinate champions. Second, you're squishy. Remember, you are dependent on your items. Without armor and magic resist, you will not last. You'll not be able to get the most out of your Hydra. I suggest building this after Sunfire and Visage. If you're snowballing, you can build Hydra first, but I still prefer to build Sunfire first. You'll get your damage from the Hydra, and that's enough.

Randuin's Omen: Armor and health. Plus, a slow. That's another CC for you, which you really need to stick to your opponents or to escape from them. You lack CC, remember that. I highly suggest you build this after Sunfire Cape.

Stalker's Blade - Devourer: Gives you attack speed. Faster attack speed lets you proc your Queen's Wrath faster, which means you will be able to use this more often in teamfights.


Thornmail: If their marksman is fed or their AD champ, get this.

Frozen Mallet: Gives you health and damage. Plus, lets you stick to your opponents.

BRK: If you want to try something new, try Ruined King. (Just for fun, you know.)

Trinity Force: A lot of people build this item. But this is not just for Rek'Sai. Sheen is good for spammable skills like Ezeal's Q and Nasus' Q. Your Queen's Wrath doesn't work like that. The movement speed boost from zeal is good, but you don't need it. One quint of movement speed, Mercury Treads, and Burrow gives you already a lot of movement speed. Phage...well, there are other ways to stick to your opponents, and autoattacking them with Phage is not a good one. Overall, not a good item for Rek'Sai, but still somehow good.

Black Cleaver: Better get Hydra for damage. You'll get health from randuin and sunfire.

Maw of Malmortius: If you want to go aggressive, you can buy this. But I'd still prefer SV over this.

Last Whisper: Like Black Cleaver, you can take this if you think you don't need some health and armor anymore.

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You're a fighter. Remember that. Your job is to kill or zone out the carries. Use your Tunnel to initiate the teamfight. Focus your damage on the carries. Together with your top lane, you must be able to:
a.) kill the carries or,
b.)zone them out

If you're able to deal enough damage to them, they will try to escape. If you can't keep up, go back to your carries and protect them. If you can't kill their carries, zone them out. That's your job in teamfights.

Another, knock up as many enemies as you can. It's fun seeing a lot of your enemies in the air.

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Tips and Tricks!

Your Tremor Sense still sees invisible champs. Use this to your advantage!

Having a homeguard enchantment is good. Use your ult to teleport from your base. You will still receive the speed boost from your base.

Never let one circle/tremor catch your whole attention when you're using the Tremor Sense. Putting all of your attention to that tremor will prevent you from looking at the opposite side of the range of your Tremor Sense. You might not see that an enemy is already following you.

Remember, Tremor Sense only senses moving units. That's why you have your Prey Seeker, to reveal still units.

Be creative on your tunnels. The efficiency of your tunnels will decide whether you are a bad Rek'Sai or a good one.

Don't Tunnel when you're unsure. Just don't.

If there will be an incoming teamfight, prepare some tunnels before it happens. Tunnels let you make amazing plays.

Entering a tunnel and using your Tunnel covers a lot of distance, almost equal to the distance of the two towers in any lanes.

Remember, entering a tunnel and burrowing doesn't make you invulnerable. This is a common misconception.

If there's an enemy approaching one of your tunnels, approach the other end of it. As they step on it to destroy your tunnel, enter the tunnel and use Unburrow. The effect is almost like the ultimate of Malphite, the Unstoppable Force. This is an amazing trick to use as you will leave your enemies surprised.

Your tunnels have little to no vision at all, but your teammates can teleport on it. Tunneling while you're being chased allows your teammates to teleport and counter the situation.

Remember, you won't be able to master Rek'Sai in two or three games. It really takes some skill.

The key to mastering Rek'Sai is to master the Tremor Sense and the mechanics of your tunnels. This separates the good from the bad Rek'Sai.