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Renekton Build Guide by AyeeeLmaooo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AyeeeLmaooo

Get Renket

AyeeeLmaooo Last updated on February 16, 2016
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Threats to Renekton with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven You're Renekton.
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Pros / Cons

-Strong Early Game
-Large hitbox. Can peel for late game carries
-You're Renekton
-I like snowballs
-Stupid damage
-Falls off late game
-Hard to carry with

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This is my personal combo at level 3
-Get a minimum of half fury bar
-Stun the enemy
-Run away
-Get fed and teleport down to bottom lane

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Titanic Hydra
- I like this item because it makes you tank early game while doing even more damage than you already do
-Make farming/pushing lanes a lot faster
The Black Cleaver
-You're more than likely to fight tanks in your lane so you need to keep up with their armour by destroying it
-Gives cdr, health, and damage. This item is going to piss off your laner
Sterak's Gage
-Gives slightly more damage with a bunch of health
-You get even bigger
Spirit Visage
- Want more annoying healing? There ya go
- You get more tanky, health, and cdr. Yay
Dead Man's Plate
-You're going to move so fast
-Man the enemy team is just going hate you

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Thunderlord's Decree
Most of the masteries are common sense when picking, but it all comes down when picking the keystone mastery. Thunderlord's Decree is the best to pick because when at half fury bar with Ruthless Predator, your attack is considered 3 attacks so it automatically activates. The enemy will be too scared to fight back because they will be dead or near death getting ready to be tower dived.

Fervor of Battle
Recently I have commonly seen some Renektons use this keystone mastery. I have tried experimenting this keystone, but I made the observation that I heavily rely on my skill set/combo early game and it is much more difficult to kill the top laner. However, the big plus on bringing Fervor of Battle is during late game since Thunderlord's Decree will not activate too often where it is comparable to Fervor of Battle

Grasp of the Undying
Sure this keystone mastery gives a stupid amount of sustain even though you already have a powerful healing skill. Unless you're in ranked where you may be counterpicked somehow, this will be the best keystone used in order to sustain in lane and not feed.

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Skill Sequence

Some of your skills can be alternated depending how much tank the top lane has. Cull the Meek is a wise choice to upgrade to the maximum first, but if the top lane cannot poke you down easily, nor has a lot of armor such as Riven, you can level up Ruthless Predator for maximum damage. This is considerable because in my combo, I like to start off with this skill anyways, so it will do even more damage than it should hopefully taking more than half their health since Thunderlord's Decree will be activated and then they will easily be killed just by using the rest of your skills.

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Item Choices

Titanic Hydra
This item is quite OP for Renekton because the more health he has, the more damage he will deal in a cone shape. Not only that it gives a huge amount of health and a decent amount of damage while at it. Since Renekton is quite tanky, and that he does a large amount of damage, this item goes well with Renekton's gameplay.
Sterak's Gage
Well this item gives health and bonus damage. Not only that, it gives a giant shield so Renekton will be extremely tanky while doing a bunch of damage. This item adds on the extra health from your ultimate anyways, so this item goes well with Renekton.
Spirit Visage
There is nothing you can go wrong with this item because it gives a massive amount of magic resist and health. This item gives even more healing to Cull of the Meek so it gives extra sustain. Not only that it gives 10% cool down reduction allowing you to use your skills more often whether it is to catch someone, escape, or perhaps win the duel with somebody.
The Black Cleaver
I really like this item because as a top laner, you will be fighting a lot of tanks during the laning phase. You already do bunch of armour penetration, why not do even more? Not only that it gives 20% cool down reduction which is amazing if you like to spam "qwe". This item also gives a bonus movement speed so it allows you to catch up to even more enemies.
Dead Man's Plate
I really like this item because it can help you escape from enemies who are attempting to chase you, or the other way around when you attempt to chase the enemy, you can begin speeding up when running and give a small slow while at it.

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How to counter Pantheon

I have noticed Pantheon can actually beat Renekton, but I think i found the solution on defeating Pantheon. First solution is getting to level 6 before dying to him because you will die to him. At level 6, your ultimate will give you an edge by doing damage by standing by him, and giving a boost to your life.

The general solution into defeating Pantheon or at least winning the trade off against him is this:
-Wait at least until level 3 when doing this
-Wait until Pantheon does his own combo against you
-Do not fall back
-Basic attack him once to remove his passive
-Do the combo I told you to do except skip part one, because he might kill you at that attempt
-When doing this tatic, make sure you are pushed up so you can heal under the tower and build up a fury bar
-Keep doing this until he has no mana left.
-When he is at low mana, charge at him once and basic attack
-If he stuns you, basic attack him once again and do your combo