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Anivia Build Guide by AyeeeLmaooo

How to play Anivia

By AyeeeLmaooo | Updated on March 13, 2016

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NOTE: Make sure you understand how to use your skills.

At level 6, your best combo that will get the enemy champion from full to 1/3 of their life. This combo will change depending on whoever you're fighting. This combo is the most common with long-ranged champions.

First of all, engage with Glacial Storm because it will cause the enemy to be slowed. Next use your empowered Frostbite. When using Glacial Storm, it is best to center it on the champion and try to use Frostbite as soon as possible. Afterwards use Crystallize to block their passage way so they take even more damage from Glacial Storm and wait until they move left or right when attempting to escape because this where it may kill them. Flash Frost them, and if you manage to land it, you may be able to kill them because your Frostbite should be up again and ready to use. More than likely they will die, and if not, use Ignite to give the finishing blow.

If they manage to dodge your skills or waste their flash, just fall back until everything is up and ready again, and wait for another engagement because they will be scared you will attempt to do it again where you should successfully kill them because even if you miss Flash Frost, more than 1/4 of their life will be gone and since their flash is gone, its going to be difficult for them to escape the second time.
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Skill usage

Flash Frost
Laning phase: During this time, you most likely want to use this skill when doing your combo. If you want to you it as a poke make sure you can land the stun. If you manage to miss your stun, run away as soon as possible. Do not even try to use your "e" because it will do no damage anyways and you will just wasting precious mana. Also, more than likely the enemy champion would want to re-engage the fight. Since this skill will only be the skill that will empower your Frostbite you could never win the trade off from any champion. This skill is very long ranged, but you can activate this skill early. This skill is very slow moving, but has a large hitbox so its rather you use it whenever the enemy champion is close to you, unless you are doing your combo which is easier to land.

When fighting long-ranged champions, you are less than likely to land this skill shot. Unless you are confident you can land this skill shot because you believe you have good prediction skills, then you want to try to get close to them, but not too close where you might get ganked. The best way to use Flash Frost is when a gank is happening for you, or using your combo at level 6.

When fighting close-ranged champions use this skill when they charge at you. For example Yauso has to dash through minions and back to you, he will land behind you unless there is an upcoming minion wave, or you are in the middle of all of them. You must calculate where is going to be, but he is more than likely going to attempt to run forward back to his safe zone. Remember you're Anivia, you have long-ranged basic attacks. You can just poke the other champion just with your basic attacks. This will enrage them and attempt to fight you, but it will benefit you by using your combo.

Everyone knows this skill can either save, kill, or troll a life. This skill is best used closing little gaps through the jungle. This skill is also an escape when getting ganked by the enemy jungler. This skill is best used right behind you if the enemy jungle can dash to you, or from a distance where you will just waste their time. If you are escaping in the jungle, run through tiny gaps so it forces an impassable pathway where you have an extra 5 second head start. Make sure if their gap closer skills are used, or their flash, unless you are desperately trying to escape. I like to use this skill with Flash if I am ever low because if they will flash and try getting close, but the wall will save your life.

Literally the most important skill in your hand when fighting another champion. However, this skill is very useless if you do not empower it by using Glacial Storm or Flash Frost. Do not use this skill to poke the other champion unless it is empowered because this skill is quite spammable, and the mana cost will add up if you keep using it. This skill during your endgame will assassiante any squishy characters on their team.

This skill is a health killer unless then enemy team is building magic resist against you. I like to build a minimum of a Void Staff or an Abyssal Mask. This can pierce through their MR like nothing, especially if you get both items. Maw of Malmortius if going to be your worse nightmare when killing people. You have to be patient when using combos with Flash Frost and Glacial Storm.

Glacial Storm
The goal when using this skill is to keep the enemy as long as possible while using Frostbite. Unless they are killing you, trap them in the circle. Building Rylai's Crystal Scepter with Anivia would be the best because of Glacial Storm giving a huge amount of slow and being able to use Frostbite twice before they leave the ultimate if you still manage to miss Flash Frost.

During team fights, try to place this ultimate in the middle of the team fight because it will contribute a lot of damage over time. If you are directly being targeted because the enemy team is charging at you, place Glacial Storm on top of you and use Crystallize to keep as much sustain as possible while using the empowered Frostbite. As this is also going on, try to fall back as much as possible. As soon as 1 person gets close to you, use Flash Frost unless it is the tank from the enemy team because the carry will attempt to delete you first because you deal a substantial amount of damage to everybody regardless of tank or not. Lastly this skill has an amazing wave clear, so if you were to lose lane and fall behind in CS, just push up lanes to enemy towers and repeat until you can make it to late game where the you begin to become extremely relevant to teamfights instead of dying all the time.
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Rod of Ages
This item is excellent for most AP character. This item gives a large amount of health, mana, and ability power. Anivia is always heavily targeted due to her insane burst damage allowing her to delete one opponent from the enemy team, contribution to her team fights in general, and her passive allowing her have a second life. Rod of Ages allows her bird form and egg form become stronger making it difficult to kill her twice. Although her egg form decrease her armour and magic resist, she will have high amounts of health.

Rabadon's Deathcap
In general, this item is excellent any AP character. If you need early burst in a game, this item is the way to go. Usually I would like to build this item third or fourth, because the game will near to be over by the time you get this item, or end in stalemate. With the deatchap, this allows much more burst killing the enemy champions faster because the time in the game, the carry on the enemy team will build magic resit.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Rylai's is a beautiful item for Anivia considering her ultimate already slows the enemy by a small portion. This will help either killing the enemy and chase. If you manage to not kill them first, Flash Frost will slow down the enemy as it travels to them letting you know it is hitting them while slowing them. Frostbite should also be up and it is either death or they are just one tanky mudda a-hole.

I love recommending this item for AP characters because it gives 20% cool down reduction, gives 80 ability power, and inflicts grievous wounds. Some people bring heal sometimes, or perhaps you're fighting Swain who has incredible sustain with his ultimate. Ignite will not always be up to use against him, but that is why we build this beautiful item. This item will be very useful when in teamfights fighting tanks or AD Carries building lifesteal for sustain.

Void Staff
This item can never go wrong when fighting a tank team because 35% magic penetration is incredible. Even fighting squishy people this item will be great because no matter the MR they build. Although some items may be better because if they build no MR, you will do maximum damage and you will be missing out at least 20 AP. I personally like this item because this will destroy tanks.

Mejai's Soulstealer
If I were to replace Void Staff, it would be this item. Although this item is risky, as Anivia you are difficult to kill, but if anyone charges at you, just fall back and kill them, because once you build Rod of Ages or Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you will have enough health to blow out your combo which will kill them first before they kill you.

Zhonya's Hourglass
This item is pretty nice if most of their damage is attack damage because this item gives 45 armour, which is a pretty decent amount of armour with a large amount of 100 AP. Not only that, the active from this item is nice if your "Q" or "R" is down and you need a little time to use it, or when you're about to die and your team might be able to save you in the short time this is active. Many combos from this item has been created and in many scenario's can save your life ending up you to kill someone or escape death.
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Late Game

Anivia's late game is extremely important and it is significant you make it this far you do not manage to win lane and snowball other lanes. Depending on your team, lets say you have a Vayne on your team or Riven that are having trouble in their lanes, try stalling for time by split pushing. This is an excellent method because it forces enemy champions to come back to lane and push them back to allies side. You will accelerate to your late game where you hopefully can start destroying their team.
League of Legends Build Guide Author AyeeeLmaooo
AyeeeLmaooo Anivia Guide

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How to play Anivia