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Wukong Build Guide by AyeeeLmaooo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AyeeeLmaooo


AyeeeLmaooo Last updated on February 11, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 18

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Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Wukong with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Teemo You can kill him quickly once you hit 6 because you can just use your ultimate once he blinds you
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Why play this champion?

Wukong is an awesome champion. He has pretty great burst of damage and very important in team fights due to his damage, and kmock-up CC in general where the enemy team will take damage without dealing damage themselves, or setting up for the Yasuo+Wukong combo. This champion has a decent amount of tank when building Attack Damage.

Wukong is also a champion when you can make plays with by using your Decoy (scroll down to make plays with this skill). Wukong is a whole lot of fun and he is great champion to play in general.

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Top lane battle

Depending on the top lane, your item build is going to change, along with your skill sequence. This discussion will split into 3 item recommendations

If your champion lane is winning lane, build this item so you can continue doing a large amount of damage against them, and split push your lane faster especially once you built Ravenous Hydra. Also a good time to build this item is when you are occasionally pushed up because if you are losing lane, you can clear enemy minions waves faster so your turrent will die slower. Not only that, if you build Ravenous Hydra, your life steal will sustain you allowing you to win the top lane battle.

I recommend building this item into The Black Cleaver when they are tanky. Crushing Blow will reduce the enemy armour along with the cleaver so you can kill them a lot easier and do early teamfights for your AD Carry. Bringing teleport with this item will support your bottom lane so much for that armour reduction. Another reason to build this item is if the enemy champion runs away fast and you cannont catch them because phage gives a short movement speed boost when fighting an enemy champion or creep.

Caulfield's Warhammer
This item is really great and can build into many different items. IT gives a small cooldown reduction so you can spam your skills more often than the other so you can surprise them and kill them even faster. You can also build this item into Ghostblade if you like to move down to midlane or teleporting to bottom lane so you snowball other lanes incase you cannot win your lane or cannot kill the enemy champion because they are pushed up and scared and you are afraid of tower diving. This item can also build into the The Black Cleaver, and I explained this item plenty of times so I will not repeat it.

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Ravenous Hydra
This item has a lot of split pushing potential, and keep a great sustain during duels with other champions. This gives a lot of attack damage for win any match off because of your incredible burst. During teamfights with this weapon will give you a lot of damage and if you build tank, you will be dangerous due to your ultimate, damage, and the amount of sustain you will have

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Honestly I really do not know why this item is so great for Wukong, but it is. This item gives a nice amount of damage and cooldown reduction. Not only that, during team fights, use the active of this item while being decoyed so you can run in using Nimbus Strike and Cyclone because you will move faster targeting whoever you need to. This item helps with your burst damage because it gives a lot of attack damage.

Randuin's Omen
I personally like this item because the slow it gives when you engage in a battle, it makes it impossible for enemies to escape, and slow down their attack speed when they are fighting you. This item gives a decent amount of armour and health to you giving the extra tank that you really need.

The Black Cleaver
I really love this item due to its passive. You gain extra movement speed for 2 seconds when dealing damage to enemy targets. This will go great with your ultimate to speed through and knock-up the opponents, along with ghostblade. Not only that, you can reduce the armour of the tank on their team allowing your AD Carry to burst down the enemy champions even faster than before. Not only that, this item gives 20% cooldownb reduction allowing you to use your skills even faster such as your Decoy when you get low and need to escape, or your dash skill to finish enemies who manage to live after your ultimate.

Banshee's Veil
I really like this item because its gives a huge amount of magic resist incase of an AP Carry on their team. Not only that, its gives a large bonus health to look forward to. An alternative item is Spirit Visage which is also a great item, but Veil gives a shield where no you will not take any magic damage for one skill shot.

Maw of Malmortius
This weapon is also excellent because it gives a passive shield that shields against a lot of magic damage while giving a decent amount of magic resist. This is really great against AP Carries as well, and on the plus side, it gives a decent amount of attack damage too. This item just gives Wukong a lot of bonuses because of it's great stats.

Sterak's Gage
I really like this item because it gives Wukong health and bonus damage. Damage to Wukong is extremely important because without damage, he is just an annoying blockade. Personally I like grabbing size for my tank champions because of my hitbox blocking the AD Carry or AP Carry on our team so they can just go ham on the enemy champions.

Mercurial Scimitar
This item is quite lovely due to its incredible attack damage and its magic resit against champions. It also gives bonus life steal which is also a nice plus. The real special part of this item is ignoring CC incase someone stuns you when you charge at them with your ultimate. If you are stunned while ulting, you cannot do much else, so this item is great for Wukong.

Death's Dance
This item's purpose is just to go full attack damage. It has the maximum attack damage an item can have, and since your awfully squishy as AD Wukong, you need to have a little more sustain. You take damage as bleeding, so you won't die as quickly making yourself a little more dangerous.

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Skill Usage

Crushing Blow
I like to max out this kill first because it is a great poking skill. This item deals a decent amount of damage. You gain increased range when attacking so the enemy champion cannot attack back, unless they have great mobility or are long-ranged them selves. If you are running Thunderlord's Decree I always try to combo by using Nimbus Strike, AA, and this skill so it will active and just clone away. This skill also reduces the armour of a champion, so when fighting tanks, you can use this skill to hurt them even more while adding a basic attack here and there.

In my experience, I ran Thunderlord's Decree with Wukong and it was very stupid. I did my E+Q+W combo, but didn't active Thunderlord's so I was sad because I wasted a lot of mana for nothing, but numerous times, I use this skill to run without activating Thunderlords, and they gave up the chase, but end up getting hurt by the clone, also activating Thunderlord's which made them lose a lot of life. I thought this was stupid an hilarious. This will only probably work at low elo. I love this skill because you can juke people around when you are in a pickle. When using this skill you can run into a bush or back to the turrent when trying to poke down other champions. Also whenever this skill is down, you can trick people by holding "s" on your keyboard making them think you use decoy, and when they either chase too far, you can walk past them and attempt to make more escape routes. Using this tatic, you can only do it once (unless you're in bronze), and if the chase continues, and they stop you in your tracks, you can actually decoy and escape because they might think you are juking them again around with the previous tatic and perhaps escape. When using this as an offensive tatic, you can decoy in, without the enemy champion knowing, and use Nimbus Stike and Cyclone them to death.

Nimbus Strike
This skill is excellent for Wukong because this skill is a gap closure along with Cyclone making this skill very useful. You can this skill to help split push lanes because of the bonus attack speed once used on minions, so split pushing lanes can go quicker. This also support creep farming because it also attacks 2 other minions allowing faster split pushing, or champion targeting.

Be very wise when using this skill because this is what makes you so useful in the game. This skill does a large amount of damage per second, and has a knock-up that leads to amazing synergy. Synergies with Wukong goes amazing. Orianna, Malphite, Yasuo, Kennen, Darius(?), Ashe(?), Ezreal, Gnar, and a whole list more. With Orianna, you can ult into all the champions while Orianna use her ultimate to mix them all together, or she ults and you use yours to hit all 5 of them killing them in an instant. Yasuo is self-explanatory because of his own ultimate. Kennen is a great synergy because you can knock them all up while Kennen use his own ultiamte to stun them all so you your ultimate continues to do large damage to them while they are unable to move. Darius is a questionable on, because if you can get any of them low, Darius can dunk one, pull them all in together, effectively use his passive, and having dunk city. Gnar is a great synergy because he can knock all of them into one direction while you knock them all up as your team destroys them all as well.

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This part of Wukong is very difficult to talk about because there are great ways to use the Keystone Masteries

Fervor of Battle
I like to use this Keystone Mastery because it falls in best into late game. In late game, stacks from this keystone is high. You gain about 14x8= 112 bonus damage to champions. Building stacks with this is also very easy since you are crucial to teamfights when playing Wukong which means you build these stacks immediately and it effects all champions around Wukong. Cyclone allows this keystone be used at its maximum potential.

Thunderlord's Decree
This keystone is also very good when fighting in lane which is very important for Wukong. If he loses lane, he is just useful for the tank he provides and Cyclone However I dislike this keystone because it only activates only to 1 person every couple of seconds or so. It does a lot of damage, but it does not use as much potential as Fervor of Battle does. The big minus is if it activates on a tank instead of the AP/AD Carry in the game. This is why I prefer the other keystone mastery instead of this.

Grasp of the Undying
Alright sure this mastery is pretty great. The only problem I have with this Keystone is that I never really build full tank on Wukong so this is not all to effective. Sure it is great for early game Wukong if he is fighting a tough opponent in the top lane, but that is why I prefer building Ravenous Hydra first so I would not have a problem with sustaining in battle. If you like building tank or love living so much go for this mastery because it is not too bad on Wukong.

Strength of Ages
The time you will ever only bring this keystone mastery is if you go Wukong jungle. Wukong jungle is pretty great and this will be extremely beneficial for late game purpose for the extra permanent bonus health. This will keep him extremely tanky and building Attack Damage will be very effective. His jungling is very good too because you can use Decoy to gank along with Nimbus Strike. There will be a jungle guide on the other option.

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Jungle play

Preferably, start at the top lane so you can gank him early because of your decent burst and you Decoy allowing you to gank easily. At level 6, it would be great to tank them because your ultimate will be great because neither side will be 6 except you hopefully and you do insane damage so you can get the bottom lane ahead in the game and hopefully carry, or you do it yourself.