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Nami Build Guide by willchung1024

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League of Legends Build Guide Author willchung1024

Getting out of Bronze with Fishies - Part 1

willchung1024 Last updated on August 28, 2015
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This is the build to get out of bronze by using fishies - Part 1. This guide is a the first part of a series of guides of how to get out of bronze with different characters. This guide will focus on the champion Nami.

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Laning Phase

Make sure you put pressure on the enemy laners. Make sure you ward properly so you can see a gank happening and back off. When you land a nami bubble, make sure you E your adc and go in. If they decide to engage also, use your W on the enemy so if possible you can do Enemy-Ally-Enemy for maximum damage. However do the opposite if they are a heavy engage team. Make sure to land your q whenever you adc is in PROPER position or else it is a big waste of mana. Make sure to use your e for movement speed AND extra attack AND slow if needed. Usually, your combo will be Q W E. Stun them, deal damage while giving your ally health and movement speed. Then with your e, your adc will do extra damage, burst of movement speed, and slow for three autos. if botlane is doing badly, go mid and try to get 1-2 kills for them or try to catch their jungler off with your adc/junglers help. Nami will fall behind if she is losing early game. She is not tanky, gives adc huge buffs/peels or deals massive damage, making her an easy target to kill over and over again from a hard engage team. Without her ult, she is really easy to engage on when you dodge her q.

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Ward Placement

I like to buy a sightstone not too early but early. I usually buy 1-3 wards, depending on how behind the lane is. 1 for the start, 1 more if I don't have enough money for sightstone during first back(lane is tied, no kills or 1-2 kills). 2 more if im losing lane(behind 2-5 kills) I like to place them in tribush or the other bush. I usually buy a pink ward and place it where the other ward is not. With sightstone, if place a pink(if the original one is killed) on the river bush. place the three wards on tribush, other bush, then enemy jungler path OR dragon pit.

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ADC - partnering

I personally like to lane with a vayne, lucian, or jinx. Vayne deals a lot of early game damage while able to go a little bit more crazier with a support that can stun both of them if they are clumped, gives health and movement speed, deals damage, gives vayne a slow and more damage. with the Q from nami, vayne should be able to land an easy condemn. Lucian is a mid game adc who dominates IF they get an early game lead or they tie laning phase. He is WEAK if they lose lane unlike maybe a vayne/twitch. However if he wins early game, the enemy team lost the game 70% of the time. Lucian does insane amounts of damage with nami. Just like vayne BUT instead of the condemn, he slows quicker with his passive, uses nami's E with one auto + e + passive. dealing insane amounts of early level 2-3 damage. Jinx is just like vayne but with flame chompers. Not the best match but is decent and late game nami gives the peel, engage, disengage, cc that jinx needs to hyper carry.

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Late Game

to be honest, nami can do whatever she wants late game. If you build full tank, make your adc go ham and protect her with your cc and tank any damage possible. If you build full ap, then stick to the backline and deal damage whenever possible and keep your adc alive. Hybrid ap/tank allows you to do both at the same price with a cost of not being able to do them as efficiently as other champions.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide! Make sure to follow me and check for part 2!