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Rumble Build Guide by TheBarnaby

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBarnaby

GG Rumble

TheBarnaby Last updated on August 31, 2011
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**READ ME**: Introduction

First let me note, that this build / guide should NOT preclude common sense - every game requires a slightly different approach and build, and you will simply learn what to do as you gain experience with Rumble and develop a play style. This guide is NOT meant for high ELO players or ranked games, nor is it meant for brand new players (to the game). This guide IS meant for players well familiar with league of legends to get a good first idea of how you might want to build rumble, or is beneficial to medium level skill players.

Let me also start by saying that this build mainly only works with certain team compositions. In the case of this build, it is important to note that rumble will be *relatively* squishy compared to how he could be (and still be effective). I have found that laning with someone a little less squishy and going all out proves to be rather effective use of rumble however.

All in All, I am not a pro, nor am I that high ELO, but almost every game I play as rumble I have *at least* twice as many kills and assists as deaths, so I believe I know the Yordel fairly well.

I'm also sure that people will look at the build, will see that it succeeds reasonably in Coop vs. AI and will build exactly the same way EVERY time.. and not read what's down here anyways. If you see someone building this verbatim - please guide them in the right direction.

Oh and yes this has a lot of text; however, if you wanted an in-depth guide you got what you wanted.

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- (Q) Flamespitter - One of Rumble's great way to pump out damage. It shoots out a short range stream of fire over a decent period of time that is dependent on which way your champion is facing.

It is a good ability to harass: run into the brawl and at the end of it pull back out of the brawl as Rumble does little damage with his auto attack.

It is a good ability to run down an enemy with. If you save the CD just till they're quite low on health you can come out guns a blazin'.

Fairly straight forward ability that mainly requires good practice with harassing enemies.

- (W) Scrap Shield - is a great ability. It allows Rumble to harass or tower dive with great ease than many of the other AP damage dealers.

It also happens to both be a great chase down ability and a great flight ability when you are getting chased.

Can be treated in use like a regular shield or popped right as an enemy is starting to get away to just get close enough for Rumble's...

- (E) Electro-Harpoon - simply put, is a skill shot nuke with CC. Excellent harassing spell (allows him decent distance but also has slowing perks and deals a decent amount of damage with high amounts of AP) and good for picking up last hits (of both minions and champions).

A must have for chasing down enemies due to it's slow.

You also have 2 casts within a short amount of time of the ability. Small Cooldown=CD is in between each shot. After not casting your second shot, it will eventually expire. The CD for the entire ability doesn't go on till you fire the second shot, or the shot expires.

- (R) The Equalizer, Rumble's Ultimate. The ability is a skill shot that can be aimed with a start point and an end point (with decent distance also). The ability does initial damage, but also slows and does damage over time.

Great for teamfights and in coordination with other slows and stuns to melt down an entire teams health.

Rumble's ultimate also happens to be decently effective at zoning enemies out (don't cross the burning trail or you'll get hurt kind of stuff).

Your best bet for effective use is to get as many people down low in health before using to ensure quick death and no escape and make effective use of the spell.

Alternatively, you can bait (lets say you have 150 hp left and cho gath is chasing you with 500) you can let him chase you, then cast the ability facing towards you, so he runs onto the ability, then dropping your E, and finishing with flamespitter.

A few things to keep in mind are:
-If enemies have flash it is best to go after them when their flash is on CD or get them to use their flash first. Also coordination with a stun on your team will help avoid that (flash heavy teams can be brutal).

- Junkyard Titan, Rumble's Passive Ability. As you may (or may not know by now) - Rumble's abilities do NOT use mana. Instead, the abilities add "heat", with a max allowed heat of 100. As time passes the heat will slowly go down back towards zero.

At 50% or more heat you gain bonuses to each of your abilities (except your ultimate). These bonuses are great and are a great reason to stay above 50% (aka the "Danger Zone").

At 100% heat Rumble can no longer cast abilities (except his E if he has recently used only one of the shots), till his heat goes all the way to zero. This can be helpful in that rumble gains a (somewhat decent actually) attack damage bonus. Beneficial for pushing towers, but you want to stay out of the danger zone unless you're about to kill an enemy.

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Summoner Spells

Here's each of the summoner spells, and what I think of them as to how they jive with rumble:

Best Choices

- Flash = OP (over powered)

- Overall great for Rumble. Sometimes teleport seems underrepresented, and even if someone else on your team already has tele, I'd say it's great for rumble to have. It's great for a lot of champs in my opinion, but as a solo laner it is a must. Not solo laning it's still great to have for teamfights (see: Rumble's ult), and being able to be more aggressive with rumble.

Decent Choices

- Good for offensive capability and can sometimes make it easier to run away than with flash.

- Many people love ignite with rumble or in general. Consider that one of Rumble's specialties happens to be his ability to proficiently chase down enemies. Also keep in mind that Rumble already deal a large amount of damage. I'd mainly only get those over teleport if my team had a small amount of range and preferably no one that might lane with me having it.

- Once again, Rumble has a natural ability to chase down enemies. Boots, Rylais Crystal Scepter, his shield (remember the speed buff), and his nuke E that slows - you don't need much more slow. While exhaust also reduces enemy damage, I think that if you're chasing them down, you should already have the fight in a good position at that point. With Rumble it's only main uses are to counter fast champs that not even your regular CC can take easily, and to beat AD heavy teams or AD carries (which are not always a guarantee in a game).

Poor to Bad Choices

- Cleanse can be beneficial, and is helpful against CC heavy teams, but all in all can generally get lost in the wake of things. If they're a CC heavy team you can alternatively invest in tenacity.

- Clairvoyance? Leave it to the support characters. Rumble would work better with other things in it's place, and you would simply be better off purchasing wards.

- Fortify? Leave it to the support characters. If you will be solo laning it might be a pick, but teleport would work better.

- Heal is helpful at the beginning, becomes useless end game. Don't get it.


- Smite: even with a skin named "Rumble in the Jungle" he doesn't necessarily "Jungle". He's just good at chasing down CHAMPIONS (not monsters / minions) in the Jungle. Don't try Jungling with him. Really... don't.

- Revive? Don't. Not even if you're new. Trust me.

- Rally is underpowered in general (like heal, only useful at beginning). Don't use it. If you want it to help you push towers, then your team must have bad composition or organization.

- Clarity is just as bad as revive with Rumble. Actually I'd rather pick Revive almost. Rumble doesn't use mana so it would only help nearby teammates.. and Rumble is NOT a support character by any means.

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Work in Progress.. just chillax.