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Sejuani Build Guide by rafa57133

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rafa57133

Glacial Queen

rafa57133 Last updated on March 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Runes, Mastery, Items, oh my!

My rune page should be considered cookie cutter and gives all the early defense, utility, and damage that she needs to make it to mid game. Lets review over each!

1. Glyphs - Magic resist: Defensive stat. No explanation needed.
2. Seals - Base Armor: Defensive stat. No explanation needed.
3. Mark - Magic penetration: Provides the needed early game damage for her entire skill set and scales into late game with the item build listed.
4. Quints - Move speed: Faster jungle clears, easier ganks, Close the gap when you slow someone.

I have updated my Masteries from when I first posted this guide based on recommendations from the community and also allowing for another unique item swap I will discuss later on.

The Item Build! You can check the item section for further details on switching out the build order for situational play. The exact build order listed is intended for providing early game survivability while scaling her AOE damage output into the late game to become more than just a dead beat tank. I am going to go into detail as to the pros and cons of each item selected and how they synergize with each other.

I know many of you are starting to see guides pop up with the addition of Liandry's torment to the item roster. I want you all to know from the start, I am a firm supporter of this item on Sejuani and its value to her is limitless. So you may ask why I have it so late in the build. I first off want to say that as we all know, Sejuani is a tank and a darn good 1 at that. With that said I feel that it is important to get her core tank stats and utility at its max before we start to delve too deep into boosting her damage output and again I will go into more detail on that shortly. So lets move our way down the build order and get into the start of the mid game.

Ninja Tabi Is by far the best Boot option for Sejuani. The core armor makes you more durable in the jungle early game and the passive damage reduction scales well with some of the new masteries we have now. It will give you enough durability to finish building your Spirit of the Ancient Golem. You no longer need Tenacity from boots on Sejuani thanks to Spirit of the Ancient Golem.

Boots of Swiftness Is another solid choice. The extra 15 move speed can help move around the map faster and also chase fleeing enemies to help secure a kill. The slow reduction built into the boots paired with the same from your masteries means you will be able to shake off your foes easier and have more mobility than them. With the tenacity affects you have paired with these 2 move speed reductions can make you a near unstoppable force ready to chase down your enemies and shrug there disables off with ease.

You can add on Enchantment: Alacrity to increase your mobility or Enchantment: Captain To assist your team in catching up to you as you are slowing the enemy.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem Is a new item that jungles can obtain to not only provide enhanced jungle sustain but great core stats to further increase Sejuani's durability and presence. I suggest rushing this as your first major item purchase,

Banshee's Veil Is to me Sejuani's core magic resist item. You can build it situational depending on how the game is going and the core components all tho fairly expensive early game, can greatly increase her durability and presence. I suggest starting with the Negatron Cloak and finish it later if you feel the spell shield is needed early. The shield itself is important as you are the tank and your initial engagement is your core strength. Being able to block a disable can be fight changing at the start.

So lets start with the 1 choice that people ask me about the most. Iceborn Gauntlet vs Frozen Heart.

As with most players, I always chose frozen heart as my core armor item. It provides great armor, cool down reduction, manna, and attack speed reduction against your enemies. It is truly an amazing and remarkable item on Sejuani and many other champs. but with the refresh in items, we now have a separate build path we can chose for glacial shroud. Iceborn Gauntlets.

Iceborn Gauntlet: Built from Glacial Shroud and Sheen, This is a item that brings more utility to the table and also provides a new means of damage output not seen on Sejuani before. This item is only an alternative to Frozen Heart if you wish to follow the Liandry's Torment build order.

Lets take a closer look at this new item and how I ended up choosing it as my core early to mid-game armor item.

Just like Frozen Heart, it provides a slightly watered down amount of cool down reduction and armor. We also lose the AS reduction aura. In return we pick up a new updated Sheen effect. This is where things start to get interesting. Lets review how this sheen effect plays a unique roll on Sejuani and how it scales with her skill set and other item selections.

Unique effect: Spell Blade. This new version of the sheen effect makes your next basic attack after activating an ability do bonus 125% attack damage as aoe splash damage. Yes you read that right. It does not sound like much as Sejuani has such low base attack damage but when you pair this will all her other AOE damage sources, It is a case of the more the better!

But the buck does not stop there! We have also gained a new upgrade to the classic sheen effect and this 1 seems to be the most controversial reason for buying this item on Sejuani but I will of course break down the details and explain why it is indeed core to her late game utility and damage.

This new spell blade effect causes your next basic attack upon activating to also blanket the ground with an AOE slow effect. Yea I know.... But Sejuani already has a built in slow...... She can also provide AOE slow for a short duration. So why would I even consider this as being needed as a core effect much less even being viable? Yes I have heard all the complaints already. The slow effect does not stack with the slow from frost or perma frost. I repeat. I know this. THE SLOWS DO NOT STACK! You will not gain any extra slow duration or increase in the strength of the slow by stacking these 2 slows. But you do gain something very valuable from this. Sustained AOE slow. Sejuani only has 1 way to apply her frost or perma frost as AOE and that is with the impact of her Q and the impact radius of her ulti. Neither provides a long term sustain of AOE slowing. You may ask why this is even important at all. But it is.

As we all know. Sejuani's W gains bonus damage based on the application of Frost or perma frost. The more targets effected by it, The more damage they all take. Yes I said by frost and perma frost. This does not apply with the slow effect from Iceborn gauntlets. Now lets take a deeper look at Liandry's torment and how it directly affects the use of Iceborn gauntlets, Sejuani's Q (Northern winds) and her total damage output.

Liandry's Torment provides 3 methods of boosting Sejuani's damage and is by far the greatest damage per gold spent upgrade ever conceived on her.

1. Life: Scales with her W to increases its damage.
2. Magic penetration: Scales with all of her abilities
3. Ability power: Small Damage gain for all skills
4. Magic burn: Burns targets for a % of their current health. Doubled if the targets movement is reduced but halved for AOE damage.

The 4th is what brings Iceborn Gauntlets onto the scene in all of its glory. Almost all of Sejuani's magic damage is considered AOE so all bonus from the magic burn of Liandry's is cut in half. But we all know Sejuani is the master of slow so the damage is in return bumped right back up. The end result is almost a constant 5% burn of there current health ontop of the shredding caused by northern winds. But sejuani cannot keep Frost or perma frost up on all targets in a team fight for long. On average you can wing about 6-10 seconds of AOE frost + Perma frost during a team fight as long as you space her skills out saving her E for that moment when the initial application of frost (Via her Q or her ulti) is about to fade. After that point the Magic burn from Liandry's will be cut in half on all targets other than who you are auto attacking. Thats where the iceborn gauntlets come into the picture. Every time you activate your W or any other skill (given 2 sec delay for sheen proc) You will double the Liandry's Magic burn on every target your W makes contact with.

Yea I know.... That is a lot to chew on and I know I did not do a very organized explanation of the end result but I will be stream lining this guide in time.

The Late game items. Where do they fit into all this madness?

By now you are starting to understand the devastating effects of unleashing Iceborn Gauntlets and Liandry's torment upon your foes in team fights. It is almost as if your team has to do nothing but clean up the mess you leave in your wake. From the squishy carry to their most stalwart tank, You start to see the enemy team melt in a horrid storm of fire and ice. But what can we do to even further increase the madness while providing you with more sustain to unleash your full furry. 2 late game items does it all and then some!

Sunfire Cape. We all know this item and many Sejuani players have chosen it as a core item in the past. Great life, armor, and YAY!!!! MORE AOE MAGIC DAMAGE!!!! You do not need me to explain any more than that do you?

Abyssal Scepter. Magic resist!!!! A solid boost to AP increases all spell damage a little more. And that lovely aura! Another 15 magic penetration to every enemy around you. At this point you now have 35 magic pen from items + around 8 from runes and 8% from masteries.

Other notable items:

Warmog's Armor has been and always will be a solid Item on Sejuani. If you wish to gain a huge chunk of life for more durability while help scaling her Northern winds damage, This item can provide this.

Runic Bulwark Provides great defensive stats and health while providing an aura of protection on your team mates. This is a good option on Sejuani as you are more durable than your teams support and will be in the middle of the action. I would only suggest getting this item if your teams support opts not to. There are far better items that take gold priority.

Ruby Sightstone Provides increased early game durability and slight damage increase to Northern winds damage. It will also give you a few wards to scout the enemies jungle or help assist lanes with vision. Just because you are a Jungler does not mean you are not responsible for map awareness.

Shurelya's Reverie is another great option. Building down this path early game is good if you are falling behind in the jungle. The passive GP5 from Philosopher's Stone Can help offset your losses early while Shurelya's Reverie will provide you much needed CDR and another gap closer mid and late game.

Yea..... I know. That is a scary combination of items on a champion that many said before the patch was arguably 1 of the worse picks in the game.


(ye, I know.. It's wrong to copy. But my english sucks, I would take a long time to type some guide like this, and this explanation to runes, masteries and items is perfect!)

So that's my itemization build, hope you like it. If I have to remove it, it´s ok, I understand (=