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Not Updated For Current Season

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Gnar Build Guide by ninjstep

AD Offtank Gnar general

AD Offtank Gnar general

Updated on January 7, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjstep Build Guide By ninjstep 2,748 Views 0 Comments
2,748 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjstep Gnar Build Guide By ninjstep Updated on January 7, 2015
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DISCLAIMER: This is the play style that works for me. It wont work the same for everyone cuz you arent me and im not you. so keep that in mind! this is my personal preference so there is no need to hate on this if you dont like it!!!
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I like teleport so that i can telegank or tele engage. but if you want ignite for the kill secure, go ahead. that is your play style. i just like beasting it up when i tele in as mega gnar.
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So my runes are very generalized. you can mix and match but i like having my off tanks to have have a decent amount of hp, armor, MR, and dmg... and i feel like this is the best match. If you find something better that works for you, great... this is just my personal preference that goes well with my play style.
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I like to start dorans so that i have that extra dmg and and life steal cuz i like to poke people. but if youre going against some one with a gap closer, like panth, then i suggest to go a bit more tanky and get dorans shield.

I really like merc treads for the tenacity. i dont like being cc'd but if you are going for of a killer build then i suggest zerker grieves.

For his core items. its really standard to get bork on him cuz of the life steal, dmg, and atk speed so that is a really good item for tiny gnar but you also need to keep in mind that you are an off tank when you are mega gnar so that is why i like getting sunfire cape.

late game items. trin force works wonders for gnar is good for him all around and i just love the item (tee hee). Now with randuins i like him to be tanky cuz you are the engager in fights. if youre to squishy, then you cant engage well so you need to build that tankiness for gnar.

now for the situational items. if they have that heavy ap burst, you may need to get banshee, spirit visage, and GA. if that is the case, i suggest dropping trin force and bork so that you can be the main tank. but on the other hand, if you are winning the game tremendously, then i highly suggest Black cleaver or yoummu's ghostblade. i personally like BC cuz its one of my favorite items lol. if you like that pure dmg that gnar can do then i guess you can get a BT.

lastly. if you wanna just be a troll...get hurricane cuz its stacks with your passive and its hilarious as hell how fast you clear lanes and team fights as tiny gnar xD
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Laning phase

most important thing... POKE WITH YOUR BOOMERANG!!! and not only that, but dont forget to catch the dang thing! if all possible, try to get all three stacks to do that extra dmg but dont go ham just for the stacks, its ok to lose them. just play safe and wait for the next opportunity (they come quite often if you are patient). my typical combo to get the 3 stacks is: AA, boomerang, AA. I find this the easiest way for me to land those stacks as quickly as possible... especially if you have Atk Speed. The only time you ever go ham as gnar is when you are about to transform. if you get them low enough to where you can combo and kill them... thats when you go in with the transform bounce. after you bounce, use your w to stun them and boulder right away. if you are level 6, use your ult to stun them to a wall. you shouldve picked up your boulder by now so AA until cd's reset and just go ham.
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Team fights

#1 rule when you are engaging the enemy...tell your team that you are engaging and if they say dont......THEN DONT!!! this is all about teamwork and cooperation. if your team doesnt feel confident enough, then you will lose that teamfight

now for the actual thing. only engage as mega gnar and stun as many people as possible with your w and your r. if you want, if you are far away and you are about to transform, you can have your team drop a ward and you can tele in and engage from there...its beautiful when its successful but its hard to time... so get good at it lol
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quick reminders

1. dont chase
2. agree with what your team
3. stay positive
4 stay fresh
and finally
5. have fun, its a game for crying out loud :P
League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjstep
ninjstep Gnar Guide
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Gnar general

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