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Gnar Build Guide by Alexanderjj

AD Offtank Gnar the Chihuahua in Summoners Rift

AD Offtank Gnar the Chihuahua in Summoners Rift

Updated on November 2, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexanderjj Build Guide By Alexanderjj 5 1 102,588 Views 6 Comments
5 1 102,588 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexanderjj Gnar Build Guide By Alexanderjj Updated on November 2, 2014
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Gnar is a cute little poke heavy champion. He focuses on poking down enemy champion early game and then later turns into this huge monster with a great all in burst.
Gnar is an AD champion which focuses on building early damage and late game survive-ability.

Remember that Gnar is very squishy in his "Mini Gnar" Form but does alot of sustain damage, While in "Mega Gnar" He is a front line tank who focuses on killing the two main carrys. (the enemy AP and AD carrys.)

Mega Gnar: This form gives Gnar more Health, Armor , Magic Resist, and base Attack Damage.
(You can also use your Ultimate ability in this form.)

Mini Gnar: This form gives Gnar Attack speed, Movement speed, and Attack range.
(Your ultimate ability does not work in this form.)
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Starting Items

Dorans Blade Gives you AD, Health , Life steal. This is realy during the lane Faze since The health gives you abit of extra tanky-ness which is great with Gnars Kit since his "Mega Gnar" Form Is a tank. Also Life steal gives you sustain against poke and AD increases your base damage.

Having a health pot is standard, try having atleast one in your inventory everytime you go to the shop. This will increase your sustain in lane.

This is a must have as a top laner since you always need to ward the brush closest to the lane so you dont get killed when the enemy Jungler is ganking.
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Must Have

This is a great item on Gnar since it gives him a attack speed steroid and in general Attack speed works amazingly with Gnars Life steal is a must on almost every AD champion and the activate on BOTRK makes it great to catch up to your opponent.

Since Gnar is a offtank its realy good to have some magic resist. This is were mercury's boots come in , but the main reason we bought them is because they have tenacity wich is almost over powered. It just gives us so much sticking potentional as "Mega Gnar".

An Amazing Item on Gnar since it gives him Health for tanky-ness and Damage. AD gives Gnar base Damage, and movement speed Gives him sticking potential. Attack speed is amazing for Gnar since his Does so much damage and it gets proced by three stacks. (AS=GG)
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Brutalizer is a must have champion on almost every AD top laner, since its unique, and has armor penetration. Armor penetration makes it easier to shred tanks, which we se alot of in top lane, such as: Nasus, Shen, Renekton and many more. Keep in mind that if your against something squishy such: as Riven, Rumble or Rengar maybe a Brutalizer isnt your best option.

This item is a must if your against an AP laner such as : Vladimir, Rumble or OMG Teemo. This also Gives you a huge shield when below 30% so a quick tip: when you have 50% hp and ur opponent has 60% hp you just ingage since your shield gives you a shield which blocks enough dmg for you to blow his cooldowns.

Obviously we need to consider that we might get stomped in lane. If we are getting destroyed we need to counter build, this is something we need to keep in mind since people in in low elo always forget that when we are behind we need to build defensivly. Dont forget that this is armor, and armor only blocks phisycal damage.
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Farming (Lane Faze)

During lane faze Gnar succedes at poking down a enemy champion (Teemo) and then finnish them off with two suprise stuns and a ignite kill.

Never forgot that CS (Creep Score) is the key to winning your lane. Try to have about 60-70 cs by 10 minutes. and keep it up. Although dont risk getting poked for a minion kill.
This is somewhat easy on Gnar since his abilities costs nothing. He can also do some fancy combos such as last hiting a minion with your and hitting the enemy champion behind the minion. This gives Gnar a cs advantage and free poke Damage.

Also dont be afraid to dive the enemy turret while your enemy is low. Just remember to be in "Mega Gnar" Form when diving since this form gives him more tanky-ness.
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Pros / Cons

Poke Damage
Reliable CC
Hybrid Build
High Mobility
Mechinical plays
Cute / Fun
Suprise Burst
Great Escape

Can only use Ulti in 1 form
Can be cought by suprise
Very short range
Can be hard to play as newbi
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Team Work (WARDS)

Green Spots: Keep Warded.

Orange Spots: Ward If You Can.

Red Spots: Ward if realy necesary.
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Team Work (FIGHTS

In solo Queue

You are the ingage in teamfights, since your passive "Mega Gnar" makes you a tank. Try to peel for the friendly AD carry since they do alot of dmg while they are not being touched.

Also you can ingage from the enemy backdoor and stun the whole enemy team with your or . If you do this try to prioritise the enemy AD carry or enemy AP carry.

If you dont have your "Mega Gnar" Form and your stuck in "Mini Gnar" Form you should play like an AD carry and stay behind the tankies champion in your team. and hit your Q's to poke everyone down until you hit 100 Rage and Jump on the Enemy.

In Ranked Teams

Try to Have another tank in your team since Gnar is an off tank not a full tank, you can still be easily killed if focused by 2-3+ enemies.

You and your friends should add another Off tank in yuor team as a Jungle such: as Jarvan IV, Aatrox, Lee sin and many more.

If your team rather wants a full damage Jungler there are also some tanky supports to be picked such as: Leona, Alistar or Braum.
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Unique Skills

Gnar has loads of different combos which can suprise and kill your oponents in ways which are hard to respond to. For example if you have 100 rage and you are in "Mini Gnar" form You could press your And this will make you still bounce of something and turn into "Mega Gnar".

A great combo which i use atleast twice in every game is that I at 100 rage in to the Dragon or Baron pit and then the enemy team in to the walls, and just before the stun wears off I for another stun. While you are Crowd Controling the enemy team this gives your team a chance to still the Dragon or baron and Ace the enemy team and win.

+ + +

Another Nice combo which I like to is a combo i call poke n dodge. This combo is more seen during the laning faze. What I like to do here is to then
and then finnish of with an Auto Attack to proc the passive from . This Is a great way to do huge damage to your enemy laner and dodge their skill shot.

+ +
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My friend MynameisBlobHead usaly streams us playing League of Legends both of us are going to play Gnar alot. Check it out and leave a follow and type something in stream for us to read and answer.

This Guide Was made by: Alexander AKA Alexanderjj (EUNE)
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