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Soraka Build Guide by Virlym

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Virlym

God in the Rift

Virlym Last updated on February 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone,

I know I'm fairly new and not as great as some guide authors, but I feel like this Soraka build should get some notice. I started testing it after a game where we had really no tank on our team, so I went tank and it worked out surprisingly well. So I looked over the items, runes, and masteries and worked out most issues I was having. I hope you can enjoy playing TankRaka as much as I do. I also included a Carry Support path build just in case you get something like Yasuo mid and are therefore lacking in AP damage on your team.

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As a support, you won't be getting really any cs (especially early game). So to compensate, we grab Gold Income Quints and Seals. These will help us get the more expensive tank items for your build. The flat Ability Power Glyphs allow you to get a little more heal early levels and more poke power with Infuse. Magic Pen Marks help poking at all stages in the game, especially if you decide to go the Carry Support path.

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There are two different build paths that I normally would follow; tank support or carry support. Tank support allows you to be more of a wall and healing icon for your team, while carry support allows you to pick up so AP damage slack if you are missing an APC on your team for some reason.

Starting with the tank path, you want to grab a Stealth Ward, and Warding Totem for vision support, Amulet Coin for extra gold income and regen rates, and finally a Health Pot to spend the last of your money so that you can stay in lane longer and use your heal on our ADC.

Hopefully by the time you have to go back, you've gotten at least 1435 gold so you can grab your Nomad's Medallion and a Sightstone. The Nomad's will bring you up to 5 gold per minion kill around you, and the Sightstone allows for more warding potential. If possible, try to get a Faerie Charm as well on your first back for more mana regen and to help build into the Talisman.

The core items are pretty easy to understand. However, you may need to build some shoes early on if you just keep getting caught. Normally, you can tank most of the damage you would get when running away late game, but it is reasonable to drop something for boots if needed. I leave it up to you to pick what to drop as it would be match dependent. I typically get Rylai's last because the armor and health regen are usually more potent than the slow, but you can grab it before Spirit Visage and Warmog's Armor if it will help your team with the gap closing (Talisman helps rush in - or out if escaping, and you can always flash in the middle of them then Starcall to proc the Rylai's slow so your team can catch up).

For the Carry support build, you want to optimize your AP and your overall usefulness. Because you have to deal damage as well now, you forgo the wards (except the free trinket). The Seraph's Embrace will greatly help you with mana donations as well as mana regen, and lategame it will give more passive AP than a Zhonya's Hourglass. The Lichbane helps your bananas do massive damage in between starcalls, and a Nashor's Tooth can speed up those procs (and give bonus magic damage).

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Skill Sequence

Pretty straightforward. Grab Infuse first if you will be harassing or are paired with an ADC that can use a fair amount of mana (Caitlyn, Kog'Maw, Ezreal). Grab Astral Blessing first if you know you will be harassed a lot early or will be ganked level 1 or 2.

Max Astral Blessing first for tank path. Alternate between Astral Blessing and Infuse for AP path.

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Some base AP in the Offense tree for a slightly better early game, and expose weakness to maximize your harass as a support.

7 leftover points go into the basics of the Defense tree for more sustain.

The main focus as a support is the Utility tree.
Fleet of foot is nice because you will most likely not getting boots, so the extra movement speed really helps. more mana regen is always nice, especially your mana is the sustain for your lane. Scout will allow you a little more vision in river so you have a little more reaction time for those ganks. Alchemist and Culinary Master are just personal preferences. They help with that one health potion you get first to heal for more, but they are also decent if you are behind and need to buy more pots. The main focus was Greed and Scavanger. Greed adds to your passive gold income with your runes, and Scavanger adds to the boost from your Amulet Coin when your ADC does their part in farming.

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Lane Phase

~Coming soon~

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Mid-Late game

~Coming soon~

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~Coming soon~

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Sorry this looks pretty bad. This is my first guide that I started here, and I don't really know all the little things that make it better (such as the quick item links within the text).

I will be updating this when I get more time (school is keeping me rather busy lately), but feedback and helpful advice would be wonderful. I figured the main focus for most people is the items, runes, masteries, and abilities, so I put those up first.