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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Godplank is God-Like!

Khornes Avatar Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 3

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Do you like to nuke stuff? Well so do I, and that is exactly what Godplank does! From Mid-Game to Late game, and hell, sometimes even Early game, you will definitely be a force to reckon on the Fields of Justice!

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In my rune build I utilize a lot of Crit for early game. This is what gets me some "Lucky" first bloods. Because your crit percentage will still be pretty low, don't expect to rush in like an idiot and get a kill. For my Blue Runes, I like to use Magic Resist to counter any early game hard hitting mages.

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I like to start off with Brawler's Gloves first and I usually end up with a total of 23% crit at game start. After about 3-4 minutes you should have enough gold to finish it up and build an Avarice Blade. When building you always want to keep crit pieces a priority. Brawler's Gloves and Cloak of Agility are always the first items to be bought, upgrade them as quickly as possible. The higher your crit, the better! Also, most people like to build Sheen! While this is highly viable, I find that it takes me too long to get to where I want to be. With just an Avarice Blade and a Phantom Dancer, you can do wonders! Also make sure to get your Boots of Swiftness! These combined with Phantom Dancers and your E passive gets you up to a 500+ movespeed. Perfect for ganking! Work on your Infinity Edge right after, farming for it shouldn't even be a concern. Remember to last hit minions with Parrley. After that I like to build one more Phantom Dancer and then The Bloodthirsterx2. These last three items are great but they can be switched out as well. The reason for the two BT's is to counter any Thornmail users with Lifesteal. Also Keep in mind that Thornmails do magic damage so a Spirit Visage or even just a Negatron Cloak will help greatly! If the enemy has an AD carry, grab a Thornmail as well. Sometimes that is the only thing that saves you!

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Pros / Cons

With this build, Parrley will have you hitting up to 1k+ and your auto-attacks hit anywhere from 700-900!
Global Ult (perfect for ganking other lanes without even moving from your own!)
Global Ult is also good for farming whole creep waves (If your whole team is at base and a turret is in trouble)
Global Ult is also great for slowing enemies and saving any other carries from certain death!
W move dispells any CC (Ashe's Ult, Exhaust, Slow,etc.)
Fast as Hell
Great Nuke

Easily caught if your W move is used incorrectly (Used as a heal in non-life threatening situations)
Constantly focused (You should be joining team fights 4-5 seconds after they start to wreck havock!)

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Farming is so easy with GP! His Parrrley grants extra gold if it kills anything. So Last hit dem minions! Also, his Auto-Attacks and his Parrley drop a small dot on anything it hits. This dot stacks up to three times! so auto hit those minions as well if you are low on mana! Don't underestimate the dot! There have been many times when Parrley has hit an enemy right before they got into their turret zone, and they died from the poison Dot!

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Tips & Tricks!

I use Raise Morale (E) right at base after I heal up or respawn to get an extra speed boost to my destination. If you do it right before you get off of the healing pad, your mana will regen.

Be on the lookout for easy kills! Your ult is global! Meaning you can drop it anywhere on the map! If an almost dead champ wants to turret hug, drop a Cannon Barrage on them! Be warned, your ult is inaccurate sometimes. There was an instance where I didnt hit a 1hp Irelia, who just stood there and then laughed because she didn't die. She was smack dab in the middle of my ult too!

Your(E) in combination with your Ghost Summoner spell can save your life, especially if you have a Vayne on your tail!

After you finish your Infinity Edge, most tanks are free game too! Try to kite them, punish them if they dont have a Thornmail! Your auto-attacks can chip big chunks off of them and if the other enemies are nowhere around you should be able to kill them. The Dot from your Parrrley and your auto-attacks should slow your target as well.

When joining a team fight wait until both sides have engaged! Drop your ult if you can to add more stress on the enemy team, then flank and nuke their carry. For enemies like Trynn who have undying rage, catching them off guard from the side will usually result in a kill.

Whenever you are stunned use your (W) Heal+Cleanse. Don't use (W) as just another heal because it has a 15 second CD times, and you don't want to be anywhere near a stun/CC when its on cooldown. Can you say feed?

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Summoner Spells

Ghost Because Raise Morale + Phantom Dancerx2 + Boots of Swiftness = EPIC SPEED (Catch that backdooring moron on the other side of the map and still make it back before dinner)

Exhaust We specced into it right? XD This is more for early game and mid ganks! Sometimes you may be slowed while your enemy runs! Exhaust them if they are in range and your (W) Remove Scurvy is on CD

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Core Build

Avarice Blade, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge

If someone gets smart and buys Thornmail then I get (4th/5th/6th) item:
Phantom Dancer, The Bloodthirster, The Bloodthirster

If there is an AD Carry who kills me more than once (4th,5th,6th):
Phantom Dancer, Frozen Mallet, Thornmail

If there is an AP carry (4th,5th,6th):
Phantom Dancer, Spirit Visage, Banshee's Veil

If I get bored I switch out (4th,5th,6th):
Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster, Warmog's Armor (For sh*ts and giggles) =)

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Well, If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know! This is my first build and if you master it, you may never look the same at some of the other champs again. Also, I can not say how well this works in ranked, because GP is the first one to be banned.

I wish I knew how to post pictures of my scores up here! My best game was one that I joined halfway in. My router had been acting up and by the time I reconnected I was 7 levels behind. I got ganked four times in a row because its easy to 1 hit a level 1 glass cannon. Needless to say, I got my core build Avarice Blade, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge and then proceeded to rape face!

GP+OP=IP remember that kiddies! Godplank is God-Like!

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Just finished this game after I wrote this build. It was a 4v5, our xin left at level 7!

The two matches prior to the top 2 were ones that I utilized a sheen. It was still a good game but the game ended before I could become a real threat. Pretty much had a good team for the bottom 2 wins, whereas I carried the top 2. Questions? Comments? Please ask me below and I'll be sure to help!

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Ok, so in my last game I was up against some great players. In fact, it seemed as if my build was barely going to cut it. Yaarrrghh! So, I replaced Boots of Swiftness with Trinity Force and then everything was so much better! My auto-attacks crit for 1,000! and my Parrrley for 1,200! However, this should be done ONLY after you complete your build and have nothing left to switch out except for your boots! Getting a Trinity Force earlier could result in a longer farming requirement. So far, I have beaten every other GP I have come across, simply because I beat them to the gear!